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How did you attract or address your audience for your media product


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How did you attract or address your audience for your media product

  2. 2. LANGUAGE I have chosen to use informal language to address my targeted demographic as it is the best way to grab their attention. I have used a chatting language in the magazine because they will relate to the magazine and can understand it better than if I used formal or frozen language in the media product, and this makes the text more interesting for the demographic and less boring. I have also added slang in the language I have used, this makes the text more recognisable to the demographic. Using different forms of slang to attract the demographic to the text, by adding slang it has made the target demographic want to read it as they may think a hip or cool person like them has written the text. The register of language in the media product would be causal, this helps the reader understand a lot about the text. This will help the media product to grab the audience. IMAGE The images I have used in my media product should engage the audience as I have used a young adult as my models, which is the age as the targeted demographic, there are two people in the main image and they are both looking into the camera addressing the audience (Direct Mode of Address). This technique is very popular and is used in a lot of magazines like NME, Q and Mojo. I have also included images around the media products, images of other artists I have included in the magazine so this should make them want to read it as they would already have a clue from the images what the content could be about. The images on the front cover and the contents page gives an indication what the magazine is or could be about, as this will attract the audience to the magazine and make them want to read it. The main image is very big and should stand out to the audience above other magazines.
  3. 3. FONT The font I have used in my media product is very unique and different from other magazine out targeting the same demographic. As I have not used the same old boring style of font, which a lot of other magazines tend to use. My fonts are bright, bold and big to make it stand out above other magazines in the same genre or targeted at the same demographic. Contents The contents in the media product reflects the results I got from the questionnaire I gave out. I have added exclusive interviews with artists I have made up for the media product, and I have also added important information such as dates for festivals around the UK. I have also added a subscription box in the contents page to engage the audience into the magazine and get more exclusive things through that. This should defiantly attract the target audience to my magazine as it came from them in the first place when filling out my questionnaire. CHOICE OF REPRESENTATION I choice to add important information and adverts to represent the target audience I am aiming my media product at. The adverts I have chosen to include in the magazine reflects to what my target audience would buy and look for in a magazine. The casual language used in the text and direct mode of address also represent my target audience and other social groups in the UK. The images also represent my target audience by the mise en scene and the poses of the model.
  4. 4. LAYOUT The layout of my magazine will also attract the audience in different ways such as the strapline at the top of front cover as readers usually read from the top of the magazine to the bottom so the little information at the top of the front cover should draw the readers in first. The large image in the front will also attract the audience to the magazine as the image is in their face. My audience research helped me decide on how and what kind of method I should be using to attract the audience to the media product I have produced. The questionnaire showed me what I needed in the magazine what methods I should use to get the audience into the magazine. People on the internet answered questions on the questionnaire and I pout them into a graph to show me what the audience wanted with the magazine. I compared the answers I got from the questionnaire to each other to get a final answer in the end. I wanted to see what kind of genre I should make the music magazine towards and the answers I got back showed I should go towards indie music, this was important to me because I wanted to get the genre right the audience. For the contents, I looked at the most popular answer to produce the content I have got for the magazine. I have tried to keep the focus of the unisex magazine very consistent throughout my product so that I get the attention of both male and female gender. The colours I have used in the magazine red, white, black and yellow are very unisex colours as they appeal to both genders and it fits the indie house style. I chose both female and males for the target audience because of wide audience got back for the magazine. Appealing to both helps the magazine to be popular in the media industry. I think that I have been very, very successful at targeting my audience as I have took on board there feedback from my questionnaire and have applied everything from the answers to the final product of the magazine. For example I have used large masthead, flowed conventions for a magazine, have cover line on the magazine, a main image which attracts the audience straight away. Most effective of the media product will be the adverting of because of IPC Media. As they are the leading company in the UK for my media product right now.