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QuranTracker - Revision Planner


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How to use the Revision Planner

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QuranTracker - Revision Planner

  1. 1. Revision PlannerHow to use the Revision Planner Quran Memorisation (Hifdh) and Revision Software
  2. 2. The Revision Planner lets you plan which surahs you will revise onwhich days. Initially all your revision surahs are shown at the top,not assigned to any day.
  3. 3. Just click and drag a surah and drop it onto the day that you want to reviseit. You can move surahs around just by dragging and dropping. Surahs thatyou dont need to schedule (e.g. Surah Fatiha) just leave them in the topbox.
  4. 4. You can even move a whole days surahs around by just clicking and draggingon the days title and moving the day to another days position and droppingit there ...
  5. 5. And the days surahs will be swapped.
  6. 6. To select the start date of your revision click on the Select Start Datebutton and select the date that you want to start your revision ...
  7. 7. ... and the schedule will start from the selected date. Click on the SaveSchedule button to save your revision plan. Once you save your revision planyour Revision Tracker will now ...
  8. 8. ordered according to your revision plan and todays surahs arehighlighted for you to easily see what you are suppose to revise today.
  9. 9. Your unscheduled surahs are always shown at the bottom for you to be ableto just tick them off as you revise them, maybe in your salah or in a morecasual way.
  10. 10. Once youve set up your revision plan, when you restart your revision (byclicking on the Restart Revision button), your plan will be updated with thestart day set to today so that you can just start your revision againaccording to the same plan from today.
  11. 11. You can restart your scheduled surah revision separately to yourunscheduled surah revision to keep following a regular day by day revisionplan for some surahs while following a more casual approach for surahs youknow well.
  12. 12. If you need to make any adjustments to your revision plan then you can justgo back to the revision planner and make any adjustments just by draggingand dropping surahs/days around, selecting a new start date and saving theschedule.