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  1. 1. Event RecapEvent Recap Quon C. Wilson Promotions Director
  2. 2. Hello and welcome to the WKYS Single Ladies party. Please read the Directions below for the evening. Men: You will receive one “ring pop” ring for the evening. As you walk around throughout the evening search for any woman of your choice that you would “put a ring on.” When you find her give her your “ring pop”. Women: Sit back, relax and collect your rings! The woman with the most ring pops at 9:30p.m. will win a diamond ring courtesy of Gold-N-Diamond Jeweler and 93.9 WKYS. “Put a Ring On It” Contest Directions
  3. 3. 6:00 p.m. Contest Begins 9:00 p.m. The Beyonce Experience Performance 9:30 p.m. Ring Counting Begins 10:00 p.m. Announcement of the Grand Prize Winner Event TimelineEvent Timeline
  4. 4. Event OverviewEvent Overview The WKYS “Single Ladies Party” was held at The Sidelines Restaurant, located at 800 Capital Centre Boulevard in Largo, Maryland. The event was held on Friday November 14th , and was attended by over 500 guests. The event was free to the public and attracted women ages 18-35, and men ages 18-50 from all over the Washington DC, and Maryland metropolitan areas. The event included a “ring pop” challenge, performances by Musiq Souldchild; and a local dance troop, who performed the Beyonce music video “Single Ladies”. Upon entering the venue, all men were given a ring pop ring to “put a ring” on any woman of their choice inside of the venue. Women were instructed to sit back relax and collect their ring pop rings in the hopes of winning the grand prize. At the end of the night a 2-carat diamond ring was awarded to one lucky lady, who was able to collect the most “ring pop rings.”
  5. 5. WKYS listeners lined up hours in advance in anticipation for the big event! Listeners were greeted by radio personality Angie Ange broadcasting live and Dj Joe mixing!
  6. 6. WKYS “Single Ladies” Welcome Table! Upon entering, all men were given a ring pop ring; to put a ring on any woman of their choice for the evening.
  7. 7. Guest were able to watch the diva herself Beyonce, performing her greatest hits as they waited for the festivities to begin! …Let the mingling begin
  8. 8. WKYS “Single Ladies” wait at their table for a special someone to put a “ring on it”! WKYS radio personality Jeannie Jones “The Kitty of the City” and her lovely black kitties;our hostess for the evening!
  9. 9. WKYS guest excited after collecting eight rings! The race is on to collect the most rings !
  10. 10. …Umm I wonder who is in the lead ??? “..I am going home with a new diamond ring”
  11. 11. WKYS Antonio the Cuban Cigar Smoker, and Jeannie Jones get the crowd hype for the Beyonce Experience performance! ..Alright well we couldn’t get Beyonce here, but we did manage to snag some lovely ladies to perform Beyonce’s smash hit “Single Ladies”!
  12. 12. “The race is on and I am going to win”! …”No I am going to win” !
  13. 13. And now its time to count the rings of the top contenders… …And the winner is…
  14. 14. And the winner is… Crystal Brooks !!! Jeannie Jones teaching Crystal how to wave to the haters with her brand new diamond ring! WKYS Jeannie Jones stops to pose with our grand prize winner !!!
  15. 15. And what’s a WKYS party without a few surprise guests… (from left to right) Nicole of Def Jam Records, Ace Hood, Dionne Burkett, Assistant Program Director, Antonio, Promotions, Quon Wilson, Promotions Director …Musiq Soulchild
  16. 16. ..And that’s not all…lucky partygoers even received a surprise performance from Musiq Souldchild!
  17. 17. Thank you for joining us !