Football quiz prelims


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football quiz @ Entwirft 2010

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Football quiz prelims

  1. 1.  Welcome to the football quiz.
  2. 2.  27 Questions  $ marked questions to resolve ties  Quizmaster’s decision is final
  3. 3.  1.Who did Sir Alex Ferguson succeed as the manager of Manchester United?
  4. 4.  2.X are an English football club founded in 1887 from the Lancashire seaside town of ______.They hold the record for being the first club in English football to be promoted through all four divisions via the play-offs.Their main nicknames are the Seasiders and the Tangerines,the latter in reference to the color of their home kit,which is often mistaken for orange.X's most notable achievement is winning the 1953 FA Cup Final in which they beat Bolton Wanderers 4–3,overturning a 1–3 deficit in the closing stages of the game.They also supplied the national teams with many players,notably for England in 1953 when four of its men lined up at Wembley,causing the Daily Mirror to declare that “X are playing Hungary today“. X?
  5. 5.  3.2007-08: Dempo Sports Club 2008-09: Churchill Brothers 2009-10: Dempo Sports Club What are we talking about?
  6. 6.  $$5.Which rather infamous stadium in the world of football was renamed after the man in the pic in 1995?
  7. 7.  6.Put funda.
  8. 8.  7. X was founded on following a "schism" from Y. A group of Italians and Swiss were unhappy about the domination of the locals in the Y team, and broke away from them, leading to the creation of X. From the beginning, the club was open to foreign players and thus lived up to its founding name. X and Y?
  9. 9.  9.What is Abel Lafleur’s contribution to the world of football?
  10. 10.  $$10. X is a semi-professional English football club based in Bury near Manchester who currently play in the Northern Premier League Premier Division, the 7th tier of league football. The club was formed in 2005 by supporters following a controversial takeover which led to hundreds of supporters defecting from the club. X's first three seasons were successful, winning promotion each time. The team is managed by the former Macclesfield Town player Karl Marginson. X share their ground with Bury F.C., using their Gigg Lane ground. X?
  11. 11.  11.Julio Cesar : “It’s a supermarket _______” Gigi Buffon : “It is very sad that a competition so important as the world championship will be played with this.” Robinho : ““For sure the guy who designed this never played football. But there is nothing we can do.” Maradona : “"We won't see any long passes in this world cup.” Put funda.
  12. 12.  12. His nickname is pronounced as it is spelled, with stress on the second syllable, and is a common term of endearment of “Ricardo”. In X's case, it was born from younger brother Digao due to his inability to pronounce Ricardo when they were young. It eventually evolved into X. X?
  13. 13.  13. In English football, "The Invincibles" has been used to refer to either the X team of the 1880s or the Arsenal team of the 2003-04 season. In both cases, the teams won the top division of English football unbeaten, the only two times this has occurred in English football history. The term invincible was first applied to X in 1883 by a correspondent from Blackburn as a 'sneer' in relation to their Scottish professionals. In addition, X's achievement of winning the League unbeaten in 1888-89 was further enhanced by winning the FA Cup without conceding a goal, making them the first team to achieve the Double. X's final record in the league was 18 wins, 4 draws and 0 losses, out of 22 games total. X?
  14. 14.  14.X,born in 1983, was a Spanish footballer, who played as a central defender. He played his entire career with RCD Espanyol, and was named team captain one month before his death from a heart attack, at the age of 26. During the 2010 World Cup final on 11 July 2010, X's close friend Andres Iniesta celebrated his 116th minute match-winner by removing his jersey to reveal an undershirt with the sentence “X siempre con nosotros" (“X, always with us"). X?
  15. 15.  $$15. "Gloryland“ "La Copa de la Vida“ “Boom“ “The Time of Our Lives” “_____________________” Fill in the blank.
  16. 16.  16.X is well known as the first black football player to represent England in a full international match. In 1987 he became Alex Ferguson's first signing since taking over as manager of Manchester United. X?
  17. 17.  17.What was unique about the 1994 FIFA World Cup game played b/w U.S.A and Switzerland at the Pontiac Silverdrome?
  18. 18.  18.Id.
  19. 19.  19. Tweet from X: "So many Mumbai voices lamenting our pullback from professional soccer. Never heard them when we needed their attendance & support at our matches.“ This was the reaction from the owner of one of the top football clubs in India. Which club are we talking about?
  20. 20.  $$20.X,born in France, was the first foreign born player to win the African Footballer Of The Year. X has been practicing Islam since he was around the age of 20. He refused to wear a club shirt bearing the name of club sponsor, due to the fact the website is used for gambling, which is against the principles of Islam; this meant that the club had to give him a brand-free jersey every match. X?
  21. 21.  21.Which country, under the name Dutch East Indies, was the first Asian country to take part in a FIFA World Cup?
  22. 22.  22.In the 44 year history of the Ballon d’Or, only once have the 1st,2nd and 3rd placed players been from the same country and the same club. Name both.
  23. 23.  23.Connect
  24. 24. 24. X was compared, by the Brazilian fans, with Brazilian great Pelé, being called "Pelé with skirts". Even Pelé himself agreed with the comparison. The imprint of her feet was recorded in cement at The Maracana, making her the first woman to be so honoured. She has been four times awarded FIFA Women's World Player of the Year. X?
  25. 25.  $$25. “Substitute” is a film by French former footballer X. Filmed before and during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, X recorded his thoughts and feelings throughout the tournament, resulting in a "deeply unconventional sporting film". In the trailer, the song Substitute from the band “The Who” was used. The film was released in France on 14 February 2007, with a selected UK release on 9 May 2008. X?
  26. 26.  26. “"Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball...for example, tighter shorts". “There are gay footballers, but they don't declare it because it will not be accepted in these macho organisations. Look at women's football - homosexuality is more popular there.” Also proposed to extend the width of the goal by half a metre, and add 25cm of height to the frame and held talks with the Hockey President about the effect of scrapping the offside rule. The ‘genius’ of who at work?
  27. 27.  27. Mummy has bought lots of new underwear & is definitely wearing more make-up. Not sure she understands these "Daddy out, Torres in" rumours. Text from daddy: On our way to the stadium. Rio is explaining to Kevin Davies what Wembley is. Nice touch at the Ryder Cup Closing Ceremony to have all the other halves on stage. Thanks to Tiger, there are 612 seats on the USA's side. Mummy has bought me an octopus called Asif. Not only does he predict results, he then fixes the ones he gets wrong. Today I won £23,600. Who is this twitter celeb?