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another quiz 29/11/12

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Brain strome

  1. 1. Organized By
  2. 2. 1Id the ad?
  3. 3. @
  4. 4. 2 N.R.P: eyes have Navigational & Radiation Projector. HART: (Hertz Advanced Resonance Transmitter) is heart. R.O.A.D.M: Accessorising is his power belt in the form of the Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer I.R.C.G: in the abs region is the Impact Resistance Circuit Grid . P.T.C.S: Photon Torepedo Charge Station is near shoulder so that the power is generatedS.P.S: Power shoes are equipped with Suction and Propulsion System. T.S.R: right shoulder features the Transgalactic Signal Responder A.M.P.F: his right arm comes equipped with the Active-Matrix Power Force. I.C.N.M: The Intensity Control Nova Module enables power pulse. A.N.D.C: In the back, suit comes fitted with Amoled Nano Droid Convertor.D.E.C: the Digital Electrolytic Capacitor also exist in the back of his suit. S.W.C: Selenion Wave Control. WHERE YOU FOUND THIS?
  5. 5. @Powers of G One
  6. 6. 3Easy the young lady?
  7. 7. @Mamata Banerjee CM of West Bengal
  8. 8. 4What’s happening here ??
  9. 9. @Narendra Modi has tied up a volley ball net in front of his dais, during the election rallies, to prevent any hurled shoe from reaching him
  10. 10. 5Why recently in News?
  11. 11. @Inspired behind Jab Tak Hai Jaan
  12. 12. 6CONNECT
  13. 13. @ Mario1.Nintendo owner company2.Shigeru Miyamoto creator3.Donkey Kong first realese game
  14. 14. 7This Japanese city noted in 06 that a certain person had become very well known and decided to use their common name for publicity. It sent that person a set of the city’s famous lacquer chopsticks, a DVD about the city and a letter wishing him the best. As the person became even more popular in early 08, it began to organize parties, posters and T-shirts in support. Name the town
  15. 15. @Obama
  16. 16. 8Connect the fruit with world of tecnology?
  17. 17. @Mcintosh
  18. 18. 9A few from an exhaustive list of 370. What are these:zzzzzz,yamaha,topgun,131313,arsenal ,barney,bigdaddy,blonde,gandalf,lon don,hardcore,iloveyou
  19. 19. @Banned passwords on Twitter
  20. 20. 10X — which involves tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting — has been named the most dangerous of all sports. Even though through the years safety efforts have led to fewer mishaps, a new report suggests that the sport still continues to cause more serious and deadly injuries than other sports. The researchers behind this study have found from records between 1982 and 2007, that there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female athletes, with the vast majority (67) occurring in X. The next most dangerous sports: gymnastics (nine such injuries) and track (seven).The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill released its 26th annual report on the topic. Id X.
  21. 21. @Cheerleading
  22. 22. 11What does this picture represent?
  23. 23. @Democrats against Republicans Or US Presidential Elections
  24. 24. 12
  25. 25. @Jesus
  26. 26. 13first Indian actress to get into a bikini for a magazine cover in 1966. id?
  27. 27. @
  28. 28. 14Near Chotila village, around 20 km away from Pali en route to Jodhpur,Rajasthan,is a shrine on the highway.Every day nearby villagers and travellers stop and pray to the "deity" and to Om Singh Rathore fondly known as Om Banna.It is said that a person who does not stop to pray at the shrine is in for a dangerous journey.So who is the “deity”?Clue :only deity in this world
  29. 29. @
  30. 30. • A Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorbike!• The story goes that in 1991 Om Bana was returning from Pali to his native Chotila on his Bullet 350 when it skidded and hit a tree, killing him on the spot.• Villagers say after Om Bana’s death, the motorbike was taken to a local police station. But the next morning, it was found at the same accident spot.• Police initially thought it was a prank and after emptying the fuel tank they brought the bike back to the station. However, the motorcycle was again at the accident spot the next day.As soon as the story spread, people in the nearby village built a platform on the spot where the death occurred and started offering prayers.
  31. 31. 15Morgan Robertson is a famous American author of short stories and novels, and the first person to apply a patent for the periscope. He is best known for his short novel Futility, whose main plot is said to have striking similarities to a disaster X that happened fourteen years after the book was written, thus being the subject of discussion for many supernatural theorists and the like.Id X?
  32. 32. @
  33. 33. • crashing into an iceberg and sinking, the fictional "Titan" and the real-life "Titanic" had other bizarre similarities:• They were both over 800 feet long.• They both were known as "unsinkable".• They both sunk in the North Atlantic.• They both didnt have enough lifeboats.• They both had 3000 passengers
  34. 34. 16What could this be?
  35. 35. @Wardrobe of Mario
  36. 36. 17Identify this Dominican-origin actress Zoe Saldana. In which 2009 film did you see and not actually see her?
  37. 37. @
  38. 38. 18Name the cartoonist.
  39. 39. @Aseem Trivedi
  40. 40. 19What‟s been blanked?
  41. 41. @
  42. 42. 20x is an official holiday in India,[2] Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.Id x?
  43. 43. @Diwali
  44. 44. 21To his surprise, this English footballer found his likeness on the backs of cigarette packs in India, as part of a new set of mandatory warnings against smoking (it showed a man with blackened lungs). After his lawyers threatened to sue, the Indian health ministry withdrew the image, though they insisted "the picture could be of any man".This only adds to the personal and professional turbulence faced by the footballer in the last twelve months.Which footballer?
  45. 45. @John Terry
  46. 46. 22An -------------------- is a robotor synthetic organism designed to look andact like a human and with a body having a flesh like resemblancealthough the term is used almost universally to refer to both sexes andthose of no particular sex, it technically refers to the male form.Untilrecently it have largly remained within the domain of science fiction.what
  47. 47. @Android
  48. 48. 23Id the book?
  49. 49. @
  50. 50. 24Identify the famous bollywood term?
  51. 51. @
  52. 52. 25• According to a study , this feature costs Google $110 million a year as 1% of all searches use this feature and bypass all advertising.• On October 30, 2009, for some users, the feature was removed from Googles main page. The feature was replaced by "This space intentionally left blank." This text faded out when the mouse was moved on the page, and normal functionality is restored• On May 21, 2010, the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, the feature was replaced with a button reading the words "Insert Coin". After pressing the button, the user would begin a game of Pac-Man in the area where the Google logo would normally be. Pressing the button a second time would begin a two-player version of the same game that includes Ms. Pacman
  53. 53. @I am feeling Lucky
  54. 54. 1
  55. 55. @MR.BEAN1.British Layland mini Car used by Bean2.Jaques Tati inspired behind Mr.Bean3.First telecast on ITV4.Apperance on 2012 London Olympics
  56. 56. 2
  57. 57. @Lata Mangeshkar1.Mangeshi temple of Goa.surname comes from this village2.Original name was Hema3.Glycodin was only tv ad where Lata sung the jingle4.Lata is record holder of Guinesse
  58. 58. 3
  59. 59. @Bal saheb Thakerey1.Editor od Samna2.Work as a cartoonist in The free press journal3.Remote Control was Nickname
  60. 60. 4
  61. 61. @Micky Mouse1.Video Epic Micky2.Sarojini Naidu called gandhi as Micky Mouse3.Ub Iwerks was co creator of Micky Mouse
  62. 62. 5
  63. 63. @Oscar Award1.Oscar stattuette desing inspired from King oscar II of sweden2.1st Oscar ceremony held at Roosevelt Hotel3.Idea concived by Louise B Mayer of MGM
  64. 64. 1=
  65. 65. @
  66. 66. 2=
  67. 67. @