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Quiz Quiz Hota Hai !! (Elims) was held on 20th Sep 2013.
Quiz was made by Gaurav Shastri and presented by Shreyas Srivastava.

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  1. 1. QUIZ QUIZ HOTA HAI!! (elims)
  2. 2. Kiran Seth, a young graduate from IIT Kharagpur, studying for his doctorate at the Columbia University, New York, once went to attend a Dhrupad concert by Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York. This inspired him to form a society to promote Culture and Classical music & dance among youth. Name the Society.
  3. 3. SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth)
  4. 4. Which brand’s innovative campaign at the Maha Kumbh Mela 2013, Allahabad?
  5. 5. • In its earlier formulation, it contained wine instead of sugar, it was green in color. • The name means “to make the mouth happy” in Chinese. • The selling rights for this brand were sold for $ 1 in its early years. Now it has transformed into one of the most commonly known brands across the globe. • According to a survey, this brand name is also the most recognized word in English after “OK”. Which brand are we talking about?
  6. 6. In the 18th century, this group of islands was called “Frederiksøerne” by its administrators. Denmark ended its involvement by selling the rights of this place to the British on October 16, 1868. In 2011, this place made a climactic appearance on a Sony TV program. Which place?
  8. 8. Google Doodle for the 80th anniversary of WHAT?
  9. 9. 80th anniversary of Alam Ara the first Indian talkie
  10. 10. • X is a lawyer and a former diplomat • X is often seen on television saying “Please sit down”. • X left Indian Foreign Services and entered politics. • A 5 time MP, X has defeated big political heavyweights like Mayawati & Ram Vilas Paswan in the past. Who is this person? c
  11. 11. Meira Kumar
  12. 12. The Maharaja of Mysore laid the foundation stone of this Institute in early 1911. The initially proposed name was ‘Tata University'. The first Indian Director was the Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman . How do we know this?
  13. 13. X is on leave of absence as a professor at the graduate business school at University of Chicago. • X is a Gold medalist from both IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. • X has served an important role at the International Monetary Fund during 2003-07. Who is X?
  14. 14. Raghuram Govinda Rajan is the current (23rd) Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
  15. 15. It had its origin in India and was called Mokshapat. Believed to be created by the 13th century poet saint Gyandev, it was used to reperesent virtues and vices, to teach Hinduism and Hindu values to children. Virtues: In the original game 12th position was faith, 51 was Reliability, 57 was Generosity, 76 was Knowledge, and 78 was Asceticism Vices: 41st position was for Disobedience, 44 for Arrogance, 49 for Vulgarity, 52 for Theft, 58 for Lying, 62 for Drunkenness, 69 for Debt, 84 for Anger, 92 for Greed, 95 for Pride, 73 for Murder The last position represented Nirvana or Moksha. What we are talking about ? 18
  16. 16. Aadhaar UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India )
  17. 17. Give Funda?
  18. 18. • INDIAN COINS are mainly produced in 4 cities. The production in city puts an identification mark under the year of issue. • Noida: Dot. • Mumbai: Diamond. • Hyderabad: Star, Dotted Diamond, Split Diamond. • Kolkata: Nothing.
  19. 19. The flag of many countries can be created from this flag. Id the Scandinavian nation
  20. 20. Scandinavia comprises kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
  21. 21. A mnemonic is a learning technique that aids information retention. What is this mnemonic used to remember : “All The Great Constellations Live Very Long Since Stars Can't Alter Physics”
  22. 22. Stretch your eyes… And tell me…
  23. 23. Just roll it up into a ball and you get this….
  24. 24. What App is Hidden??
  25. 25. In biology, it is an organism, typically a biting insect, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.  It is also a well known term in high school physics and mathematics. In many programming languages, it denotes a one dimensional array. In aeronautics, it is the course or compass direction of an airplane. What?
  26. 26. According to some urban legends, what iconic product gets its name from the circled portion of the object shown in the picture??
  27. 27. What is common between • The Sun • Superman • The rigid rocky shell of earth • Einstein • Alfred Nobel • The Moon • France • Germany • A mine on a Swedish island
  28. 28. Helium, Lithium, Einsteinium, Nobelium, Selenium, Francium, Germanium, Krypton and Ytterbium
  29. 29. This is X’s first ever Twitter post sent in 2009. It reads : “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” Identify the message and X.
  30. 30. I am Feeling Lucky
  31. 31. The Latin noun X means "foster son, pupil" . X is derived from the verb alere which means “to nourish”. It can be used like - ‘I am an X of this Institution’. What is X ??
  32. 32. It was first regularly played in the 1970s by the Pakistani batsman Mushtaq Mohammad, though Mushtaq's brother Hanif Mohammad is sometimes credited as the inventor. Cricket coach Bob Woolmer has been credited with popularizing the stroke. Andy Flower of Zimbabwe was a prolific and proficient executor of this stroke. Damien Martyn of Australia has been said to play "the most brutal X in the game". Nowdays, the finest stroke maker of X is an English batsman. Which stroke are we talking about?
  33. 33. This famous radio show sponsored by X began airing on April 12, 1972 and was hosted first by Hamid Sayani and later after his death, by Ameen Sayani, his brother. The show made a comeback in August 2013 on the small screen in a new avatar to commemorate its 40th anniversary. Name X .
  34. 34. • X is the branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. Textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents," where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. • John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956, defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.“ Id X.
  35. 35. This former Indian Chief Minister's family had the following custom: Soon after a woman gave birth to a child, they were asked what they would like to eat. The newborn was then named after that foodstuff. Over the years, the Chief Minister's mother had chosen the likes of Paan and Rasgulla. Name this former CM.
  36. 36. Rabri Devi Panwa Devi Jalebiya Devi Rasgulla Devi and Munakka Devi
  37. 37. • Joined the NDA, Pune in 1960, and served in the Indian Air Force (1964-72). • Received 8 medals in his career. • Is currently a sitting MP from Pune. • Was the Minister of State for Railways and presented the Railway Budget during 1995-96 • Spent 10 months in Tihar Jail on charges of crimes that he had always denied committing. WHO??? SIR U MADE LAKHS
  38. 38. The United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the United Nations International Year of ______ Cooperation. Fill In The Blanks.
  39. 39. CONNECT to a Person !!
  40. 40. • The genus name of the Indian Rhino is “Rhinoceros”. • The species name reflects its appearance, and is derived from the name of another animal X. • The animal X is also one of the two national animals of Scotland and has been featured in a famous app of Android. Which animal X??
  41. 41. Unicorn (Rhinoceros unicornis)
  42. 42. Connect !! Micro lettering Fluorescence Latent Image Intaglio Metal/plastic Thread Reflective Foils Multi tone watermark
  43. 43. Security Features on Indian Currency notes
  44. 44. 1. X attended high school in Kolkata. 2. X pursued postgraduate from a highly recognized university of world. 3. X’s father was posted as part of Indian Railways. 4. X is the Editor-in-Chief of the World Housing Encyclopedia, under an institute EERI. 5. X was elected as Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering, in September 2006. Id X
  45. 45.  
  46. 46. Stay Tuned For FINALE !! Date:- 21 Sept ‘13 (Tomorrow) Time:- 3:30 pm Place:- PORTA CABIN