World Cup Football Quiz (IIM Kashipur) - Part -1


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World Cup Football Quiz held at IIM Kashipur on 13th July, 2014. Part -1.
Quiz Master: Snehanth Nath

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  • South Africa
  • World Cup Football Quiz (IIM Kashipur) - Part -1

    1. 1. World Cup Quiz Snehanth Nath
    2. 2. Pick A Team • Group A • Brazil • Cameroon • Croatia • Mexico • Group B • Australia • Chile • Netherlands • Spain • Group C • Colombia • Greece • Ivory Coast • Japan • Group D • Costa Rica • England • Italy • Uruguay • Group E • Ecuador • France • Honduras • Switzerland • Group F • Argentina • Bosnia & Herzegovina • Iran • Nigeria • Group G • Germany • Ghana • Portugal • United States of America • Group H • Algeria • Belgium • Russia • South Korea
    3. 3. Group A • Brazil • Cameroon • Croatia • Mexico
    4. 4. Brazil • They call Brazil’s humiliating defeat to Germany (1-7) the Minierazo after the Maracanazo in 1950. • In 1950 Brazil had lost their final game to Uruguay 2-1 when a draw would have seen them crowned champions. • What was the color of Brazil’s kit then?
    5. 5. All White
    6. 6. Cameroon • In 1990, Cameroon caused a major shock when they defeated the defending champions Argentina by a solitary goal and held on despite being reduced to 9 men. • Who scored that goal?
    7. 7. Francois Omam-Biyik
    8. 8. Croatia • Croatia finished third in their debut World Cup in 1998. Name their star striker, who would go on to play for Arsenal and Real Madrid, who was the Golden Boot at the World Cup.
    9. 9. Davor Suker with 6 goals
    10. 10. Mexico • Mexico became the first team in the World Cup to concede a goal, losing 4-1 in the World Cup’s opening game. Who scored it and for Whom?
    11. 11. Lucien Laurent France in the 19th minute
    12. 12. Group B • Australia • Chile • Netherlands • Spain
    13. 13. Australia • Who scored Australia’s First World Cup Goal?
    14. 14. Tim Cahill vs Japan in 2006
    15. 15. Chile • Chile had a good tournament this year. In 1962 they finished in 3rd place, their best World Cup position. Who Hosted the World Cup that year?
    16. 16. Chile Themselves
    17. 17. Netherlands • Name this Dutch coach who pioneered Total Football and was voted ‘Coach of the Century’ in 1999.
    18. 18. Rinus Michels
    19. 19. Spain • Spain won the World Cup in 2010, scoring just 8 goals in the whole tournament? Villa top scored with 5, Iniesta scored in the final and once in the group stage. • Who scored their only other goal?
    20. 20. Carlos Puyol in the semis against Germany
    21. 21. Group C • Colombia • Greece • Ivory Coast • Japan
    22. 22. Colombia • In 2014 the Colombian National Team returned home as heroes, with James Rodriguez a star of the tournament and a household name. 20 years ago it was very different. They went home shamed and another player Andre Escobar became a household name. Why?
    23. 23. He scored an Own goal which led to Colombia’s ouster. He was shot dead 5 days later.
    24. 24. Greece • Name this German who coached Greece in the 2010 World Cup. He is famous for masterminding one of the most unlikely tournament victories when Greece won Euro 2004 in Portugal.
    25. 25. Otto Rehhagel
    26. 26. Ivory Coast • The Ivory Coast first qualified for the World Cup in 2006. What was different about their 23 man squad?
    27. 27. Only team with no players playing in their own country’s league.
    28. 28. Japan • Shinji Okazaki is one of only two Japanese players to score in multiple World Cups. Who is the other?
    29. 29. Keisuke Honda
    30. 30. Group D • Costa Rica • England • Italy • Uruguay
    31. 31. Costa Rica • Costa Rica upset the odds by not only sailing through the Group of Death in this World Cup but only losing the Quarter Finals to the fancied Netherlands side on Penalties. The biggest role in their success was played by goalkeeper Keylor Navas. Which Spanish Club does he play for?
    32. 32. Levante
    33. 33. England • An Englishman has won the Golden Boot for being the top scorer at a World Cup. Who and in which year?
    34. 34. Gary Lineker in Mexico 1986. He scored 6 goals in 5 games
    35. 35. Italy • Italy won the World Cup back to back in 1934 and 1938 due to the coach Vittorio Pozzo and this man, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Name this legend, after whom one of the most iconic stadiums in World Football is named.
    36. 36. Giuseppe Meazza
    37. 37. Uruguay • My father played in the 1966 and 1974 World Cups. • My Grandfather coached our national team in 1962 • I played in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. • I am the first Uruguay player to play a 100 times for my country.
    38. 38. Diego Forlan
    39. 39. Group E • Ecuador • France • Honduras • Switzerland
    40. 40. Ecuador • Only once have Ecuador made it through to the knockout rounds in 2006. They were eliminated by a single goal, scored by whom?
    41. 41. David Beckham
    42. 42. France • Laurent Blanc scored the winner for France against Paraguay in the 1st knockout round in 1998, the year they lifted the trophy. Why was this a landmark goal?
    43. 43. Because it was the first Golden Goal scored at the World Cup. It was scored in the 113th minute
    44. 44. Honduras • This is Honduras’ coach at the 2014 World Cup. He shares his name with a famous footballer who always finds himself in the news, for reasons good or bad. At this World Cup, he left in disgrace. Name?
    45. 45. Luis Fernando Suarez
    46. 46. Switzerland • Switzerland were defeated by Ukraine on penalties in the 2006 World Cup in the 1st Knockout Round. They became the first (and only) team in World Cup History to be eliminated with what record?
    47. 47. They did not concede in the whole tournament
    48. 48. Group F • Argentina • Bosnia & Herzegovina • Iran • Nigeria
    49. 49. Argentina • Only one player has scored a hat trick in 2 World Cups. They both came on the 21st of June and the hat trick goal in both cases was a penalty. Who?
    50. 50. Gabriel Batistuta
    51. 51. Bosnia & Herzegovina • Yugoslavia was dissolved in 1992, and each of the 6 new countries had a football team. Only one of these teams has not qualified for the World Cup finals. Which one?
    52. 52. Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro are the six countries. Of these, Macedonia has not qualified for the World Cup
    53. 53. Iran • There aren’t many famous football players to come out of Iran. The man in the picture is though. With 149 caps for Iran, he is the only player to score over a 100 international goals (109), though none at the 3 World Cups he played. Name this Record Holder who even played for Bayern Munich
    54. 54. Ali Daei
    55. 55. Nigeria • In their first World Cup in 1994, Nigeria topped a difficult group and were eliminated from the Quarter Finals by Italy. Who scored Italy’s equalizer with 2 minutes left and the Winner in Extra time, in a tournament he would never forget.
    56. 56. Roberto Baggio
    57. 57. Group G • Germany • Ghana • Portugal • United States of America
    58. 58. Germany • In 1974 Jurgen Sparwasser scored the only goal in the game that gave the Germans Victory. But this did not go down well back in Germany. Why?
    59. 59. He scored the winner for the unfancied East Germany against West Germany, who were the favorites and went on to win the tournament
    60. 60. Ghana • Why did half-brothers Jerome Boateng and Kevin-Prince Boateng not speak to each other for months in the build up to the 2010 World Cup?
    61. 61. Ghanian Kevin Prince Tackled Michael Ballack in the FA Cup Final when Ballack was playing for Chelsea. This ruled the German captain out of the tournament and Jerome Boateng, Kevin- Prince’s half brother, played for Germany
    62. 62. Portugal • Only one Player has scored 4 goals in a knockout round of the World Cup – not including third place matches. Who and when – this was a famous incident as he was Golden Boot at the World Cup.
    63. 63. Eusebio
    64. 64. United States of America • ‘Soccer Fever’ had gripped the United States as they hosted the World Cup in 1994. Attendance records were shattered as on average 70,000 people watched matches in the stadiums, among which was the first Indoor Football Stadium, the Pontiac Silverdome. In which stadium was the final held?
    65. 65. Rose Bowl, Pasadena, LA
    66. 66. Group H • Algeria • Belgium • Russia • South Korea
    67. 67. Algeria • Algeria set what record for African teams at this World Cup in their match against South Korea?
    68. 68. First and only African team to score 4 goals in a game
    69. 69. Belgium • In the 1960s at Belgian club Anderlecht developed a defensive strategy under the French Coach Pierre Sinbaldi that the national team used in 1970. What was it?
    70. 70. The Offside trap
    71. 71. Russia • Russian Goalkeeper Lev Yashin is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. In 1962, Colombia played Russia (then the Soviet Union) and with the Russians leading 4-1, Colombian Marcos Coll scored a quite unique goal that led a fight-back as the game ended in a 4-4 draw. What happened that fooled the great Lev Yashin?
    72. 72. He scored an Olympic goal – directly from the corner – the only such instance in World Cups
    73. 73. South Korea • Why was Korean football player Ahn Jung- Hwan dismissed from his club side Perugia in 2002?
    74. 74. He scored the Golden goal that knocked out Italy from the 2002 World Cup
    75. 75. Extra Questions • Germany and Argentina have played each other in the final once before. The Germans won thanks to an 85th minute penalty scored by whom?
    76. 76. Andreas Brehme
    77. 77. • Which was the First World Cup to have a Mascot
    78. 78. 1966 England – World Cup Willie – a Lion
    79. 79. • The Germans have been a part of 4 penalty shootouts in World Cup football. They have won all 4. Which team has lost all 3 of its penalty shoot outs? –the only team with such a bad record
    80. 80. England
    81. 81. • Which is the only country to have hosted the World Cup that has not gone into the knockout rounds?
    82. 82. • Josip Simunic, while playing for Croatia against Australia was a very lucky boy because of what glaring error by English Referee Graham Poll?
    83. 83. Was Yellow Carded 3 times
    84. 84. • Franz Beckenbauer, ‘Der Kaiser’, and the Brazilian Mario Zagallo are the only football players to win the World Cup both as a player and as a coach. Beckenbauer won as a player in 1974 when he was West German Captain, and as a coach in 1990 for Germany. • Who is the only football player to lose finals as a player and coach.
    85. 85. Franz Beckenbauer again. He lost as a player in 1966 and as a coach in 1986
    86. 86. • One of the finest players of all time, Zinedine Zidane has one World Cup Record. What is it?
    87. 87. Most cards for one player – 6 (shared with Cafu)
    88. 88. It’s time for kick off, folks!!!