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Quizz Congoz LOQ!


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Quizz Congoz LOQ!

  1. 1. QUIZ CONGOZ Live Online Quiz 1Akhil R Nair
  2. 2. Start with WW (1pt) A group of Japanese pilots and aircrafts were used for suicide missions during world war II. They were specially trained to dive aircrafts,loaded with explosives into targets. How are they better known?
  3. 3. Ads now (1pt) Which company can you connect with these three names Mentos Alpenliebe Cofitos
  4. 4. Sportiez (1pt) Name the first ever sporting event to be broadcast live on Youtube.
  5. 5. Autossssssss (2pts) X, the fifth San Antonio class amphibious transport dock, is the sixth ship of the US Navy to be named after one of the states in USA. X has a crew of 360, and can also carry up to 700 marines. The ship is notable for an incident Y. The contract to build the X was awarded toNortrop Grumann ship systems of New orleans, Louisiana in 2003. The X was under construction in New Orleans at the time of Hurrican Katrina in 2005. Identify X & Y.
  6. 6. Memorial of what ???? (1pt)
  7. 7. Connect plzzzzzzz (1pt) Nike Ajax Nike Hercules Nike Zeus
  8. 8. Geo wonders (1pt) X is a natural structure situated in US state, Arizona. River Colorado flows through this 446km long structure. This is one of the world’s famous tourist spot in US. Find X.
  9. 9. Controvssssss (1pt) The Dongria Kondh, whose plight has been compared to the fictional Na’vi in Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, won an historic victory against X last year. The country’s Environment Ministry blocked X’s multimillion-dollar bid to create an open-pit bauxite mine on the Dongria’s sacred mountain
  10. 10. Lit bit (2pts) ‘The time is post-independence India. For 18 months or so the novel tracks four families linked through the city of Calcutta, the province of Purva Pradesh and Delhi drawn by the heroine’s mother looking for a suitable boy.’ The pagework of this novel is considered to be the longest. Name it + author.
  11. 11. Out of earth (1pt) This space probe from NASA was designed to study the composition of the comet interior of 9P/Tempel, by releasing an impactor into the comet. Name it >>>>
  12. 12. Circuit plz>>>>>> (1pt)
  13. 13. Googly (1pt) By what name Google call its new employees ?
  14. 14. Movie guess (1pt)
  15. 15. What is happening here (1pt)
  16. 16. FinishQuizzcongoz.blogspot.c om