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Pranjal's Quiz


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Pranjal's Quiz

  1. 1.  He began his career at non-league Nunhead F.C. during the 1934/35 season before joining Arsenal. A winger, he made his debut in 1936, and won the League in 1948 and the FA Cup in 1950. However, the latter part of his sporting career was dogged by knee trouble, the knee had been damaged in a collision with the Charlton goalkeeper; he was limited to 60 official (i.e. non-wartime) appearances and 16 goals. He represented England in wartime 12 times, but never in a full official match. Who is he?
  2. 2.  quot;I would have, because I was there with him that day when he was in that breakaway. I was actually 13 minutes ahead of him and he caught us on his own and then he basically rode us all off the wheel..... I thought that was impossible, what he did. I'm not a bad rider and, you know, he made me look like a little kid.“ Who is being talked about?
  3. 3.  With a permanent seating capacity for more than 257,000 people and infield seating that raises capacity to an approximate 400,000, it is the largest and highest-capacity sporting facility in history. What?
  4. 4.  This sport is played indoors or outdoors on a court divided into halves called zones. In each zone is a post (3.5m, shorter for the young) with a basket at the top. This is positioned two thirds of the distance between the center line and the back of the zone. The ball is similar to football but with more grip and bounce. Teams have 4 men and 4 women. Players score by throwing the ball through the other team's basket. After two goals the teams change zones: defenders become attackers and attackers become defenders. At half-time teams swap halves. Men and women play side by side, but duels are man to man and woman to woman. One man may guard one man and one woman may guard one woman. A woman may not defend a man nor may a man defend a woman. Identify the sport.
  5. 5.  In Bangkok, murals at Wat Phra Keow depict the Hindu god Hanuman playing X in a ring with a troop of monkeys. Other historical accounts mention the game earlier during the reign of King Naresuan of Ayutthaya. The game remained in its circle form for hundreds of years, and the modern version of X began taking shape in Thailand sometime during early 1740s. In 1866 the Siam Sports Association drafted the first rules for X. Four years later, the association introduced the Y-style net and held the first public contest.
  6. 6. “She is a dopey, hairy-backed Sheila who has dobbed him (X) in across the other side of the world. If that's what she wants to do to earn some cash that's her decision. Let's find out the facts before we hang X on this one.” Who is X?
  7. 7. “I wanted to tell the truth but my parents were homophobic and I was in the closet. As well as that, I had people tell me that if I talked about what I was going through, it would be the end of the women's tour. I couldn't get a closet deep enough. I've got a homophobic family, a tour that will die if I come out, the world is homophobic and, yeah, I was homophobic. If you speak with gays, bisexuals, lesbians and transgenders, you will find a lot of homophobia because of the way we all grew up. One of my big goals was always to be honest with my parents and I couldn't be for a long time. I tried to bring up the subject but felt I couldn't. My mother would say, quot;We’re not talking about things like thatquot;, and I was pretty easily stopped because I was reluctant anyway. I ended up with an eating disorder that came from trying to numb myself from my feelings. I needed to surrender far sooner than I did. At the age of 51, I was finally able to talk about it properly with my parents and no longer did I have to measure my words with them. That was a turning point for me as it meant I didn't have regrets any more.” Who is the speaker?
  8. 8.  He is the only driver to have won the premier North American open-wheel CART title, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Daytona, all at the first attempt. He is one of two drivers to have won the CART title in his rookie year, the first being reigning World Champion Nigel Mansell in 1993. He has also equalled Graham Hill's feat of being a Monaco Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500 race winner; he is currently one of only two active drivers (along with Jacques Villeneuve) who has won two legs of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Who is he?