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Galaxy 2014 General Quiz

  1. 1. General Quiz – Galaxy 2014 Anurag Dash
  2. 2. Any resemblance with quiz blogs and Facebook quiz pages is purely coincidental
  3. 3. Written • 10 questions • 5 points each
  4. 4. 1 • FC Barcelona signed a new sponsorship deal in December 2013 with this company.
  5. 5. *Intel
  6. 6. 2. Newspaper ad celebrating whose achievement
  7. 7. Answer • Brendon McCullum becoming the first NZ player to score a triple hundred in tests
  8. 8. 3 • This is a quote by one Alcides Ghiggia: • “Only three people have ever silenced 200,000 people at the X with a single gesture: Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paul II and I” • What did he do?
  9. 9. • 1950 World Cup goal at Maracana defeating Brazil to win the tournament
  10. 10. 4 • Initially, X wrote it as a novella titled ‘The Fireman’. He retitled it after the publishers asked him to write a longer version for publication as a novel, and he did so in the basement of the local library. He came up with an idea about the new title, but initially he couldn't find answers about the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns, so he finally decided to call the fire department, and the guy who answered left the phone for a moment, then came back with “______________“. Which book?
  11. 11. • Fahrenheit 451
  12. 12. 5 • Which word means the opposite of ambidextrous?
  13. 13. • Ambisinister or ambilevous
  14. 14. 6 • This is a song from the death metal band ‘Hatebeak’. What is unique about it? • WhXo (Played the audio from 0:25 – 1:15)
  15. 15. • The lead singer is a 21-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot. The song is Bird Seeds of Vengeance
  16. 16. 7. What are these?
  17. 17. • Western and Eastern end of Great Wall of China
  18. 18. 8 • Pritzker Prize • Turing Award • Right Livelihood Award • Vautrin Lud Prize • W. Wallace McDowell Award • Abel Prize • Fields Medal • Ernst von Siemens Music Prize • Polar Music Prize • Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science • Holberg Prize
  19. 19. Answer • List of prizes known as the Nobel of a field
  20. 20. 9 • Andrew "Andy" Armstrong had six children. He worked as a jazz musician and truck driver for Safeway Inc. to support his family. He died of esophageal cancer on September 10, 1982. • Which song was written as a memorial to him?
  21. 21. Answer • "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
  22. 22. 10 • X was written by Hans Christian Anderson as a love letter to one Edvard Collin. Anderson, upon hearing of Collin’s engagement to a young woman, proclaimed his true love to him. Edvard turned Anderson down, disgusted. He then wrote X to symbolize his inability to have Collin just as the lead character cannot be with a human. • X, as it was originally written, did not have a happy ending.
  23. 23. Answer • The Little Mermaid
  24. 24. Infinite Pounce/Bounce • +10 for bounce, +10/-5 for pounce • Nobody answers question goes to the next team
  25. 25. 1 • Approximately 80 are randomly selected "at birth" from thousands and are trained to handle loud noises, flash photography and large crowds. From the 80, the 20 largest and best-behaved are chosen and eventually narrowed down to two finalists. Because most of these are bred and raised for size at the expense of longer life, they are prone to health problems associated with obesity such as heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage. • The finalists for 2013 were named Popcorn and Caramel, for 2012 were named Cobbler and Gobbler and for 2011 were named Liberty and Peace.
  26. 26. National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation
  27. 27. 2 • Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game created by Richard Garfield and first published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. • In late 2006, programmer Jed McCaleb thought of building a website for users of the online version of the game to let them trade cards like stocks. However, after a few months he moved on to other projects and decided it was not worth his time. • What was the domain name he used?
  28. 28. Mt. Gox • Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange
  29. 29. 3 • As early as 1500 B.C., the Egyptians had developed an advanced sundial. A T-shaped bar placed in the ground, this instrument was calibrated to divide the interval between sunrise and sunset into 12 parts. Which feature of human body is believed to be the reason behind choosing 12? • 360o in a circle, 60 minutes equaling 1 hour and 60 seconds equaling 1 minute are derived from which aspect of Babylonian civilization?
  30. 30. Answer • the number of finger joints on each hand (three in each of the four fingers, excluding the thumb) • Sexagesimal (base-60) number system
  31. 31. 4 • X was released in the year 1928 with lead character named Y. Even though there are strong arguments that X has fallen into public domain, amendments to Copyright Act have extended the duration of copyright twice due to which this graph (next slide) is called Y curve.
  32. 32. Answer • Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse
  33. 33. 5 • Mulk Raj Anand’s novel, Untouchable, published in 1935 is the story of a single day in the life of Bakha who accidentally bumps into a member of a higher caste. • During the course of the day, Bakha talk to a Christian missionary, listens to a speech about untouchability by Mahatma Gandhi and a subsequent conversation by two educated Indians, but by the end of the book Anand suggests that it is technology that may be his saviour. • What technology is he talking about?
  34. 34. Answer • Bakha was a toilet cleaner. The technology is ‘flush toilets’
  35. 35. 6 • The company X had set up a stand at the American exhibition in Moscow in 1959. Nearby, Nikita Khrushchev and Vice President Richard Nixon got into a famous debate. During the heated debate, an X employee offered Khrushchev their product. Later, X got exclusive rights to the Soviet market in return for exclusive distribution rights for Stolichnaya vodka in the U.S. • However, due to the limitations of vodka market in US, Soviet Government gave X 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and a destroyer which was resold for scrap. • Id X.
  36. 36. Answer • Pepsi
  37. 37. 7 • Some of the hypothesis for this phenomenon, also called vibranxiety, are: • Because we almost always anticipate some sort of technological interaction, some unrelated stimuli are interpreted this way. • It is a real sensation to due electrical signals coming through in a transmission, touching on the surrounding nerves. • What is being talked about?
  38. 38. Answer • phantom vibration syndrome • The feeling that your cell phone is vibrating even though it is not
  39. 39. 8 • D12, an initialism for The Dirty Dozen, is an American hip hop group from Detroit that had chart-topping albums in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. • The band consisted of 6 members. Which famous pop culture element resulted out of this discrepancy?
  40. 40. Answer • Alter Ego – Proof was Dirty Harry – Bizarre was Peter S. Bizarre – Kuniva was Hannz G. (which later became Rondell Beene) – Kon Artis was Mr. Porter – Bugz was Robert Beck – Eminem was Slim Shady
  41. 41. 9 • In 2007, when X announced plans to purchase the man-made island called Sealand. Michael Bates, Prince and heir to Sealand, said in a he has no intention of selling his micronation to any cause that violates international treaties. • The group X which has had repeated run-ins with law had set up a campaign to raise money to buy the self-declared sovereign nation.
  42. 42. Answer • The Pirate Bay
  43. 43. 10 Life magazine issue of 21 April 1947 carried an article titled 'Princes of India' in which it says: A few statistics about princes in order. On the average, each prince has 11 titles can wear 3 uniforms has 5.8 wives (or concubines) procreates 12.6 children lives in 5 palaces dies at the age of 54 owns 9.2 elephants kills 22.5 X during lifetime possesses 2.8 specially fitted railway carriages owns 3.4 Y
  44. 44. Tiger, Rolls Royce
  45. 45. 11 • For a few months, following the release of Rocky IV, a joke was making rounds in Hollywood. Since Rocky Balboa had run out of earthly opponents, he would have to fight an alien if a fifth installment of his boxing series were to be made. Screenwriters Jim and John Thomas took the joke seriously and wrote a screenplay based on the joke. The Thomas script for X was originally titled Hunter. It was picked up by 20th Century Fox in 1985, and turned over to producer Joel Silver who, based on his experience with Commando, seemed the right choice to turn the science fiction pulp storyline into a big-budget film. Silver enlisted his former boss Lawrence Gordon as co-producer and John McTiernan was hired as director for his first studio film.
  46. 46. Answer • Predator
  47. 47. 12 • The Government Pension Fund – Global of Norway is one of the largest pension funds in the world deriving its financial backing from oil profits. One of the investment policy is not to invest in controversial companies belonging to following categories: o Production of weapons o Sale of weapons and military material to Burma o Serious or systematic human rights violations o Severe environmental damages o Serious violations of the rights of individuals in situations of war or conflict o Other particularly serious violations of fundamental ethical norms Which is the left out category and which Indian company is on that list belonging to the missing category?
  48. 48. Answer • Production of tobacco • ITC
  49. 49. 13 • In 1974 it was observed that his condition was rapidly deteriorating and it was decided to send him to Paris for further examination. Like any other tourist, he needed the proper travelling papers. He was issued an Egyptian passport on which his occupation was listed as” King (********).” Arriving at Le Bourget Airport near Paris, he was received with full military honours, on a red carpet, like any other visiting head of state. • One of the reports descibed it thus: “ON AN autumn day in 1976, a French Air Force plane touched down at Le Bourget airport just outside Paris. The plane was carrying one of the world's great statesmen, a famous war leader in need of urgent medical treatment. “
  50. 50. Answer • Mummy of Ramesses II
  51. 51. 14 • Shizo Kanakuri was a Japanese marathon runner and one of the early leaders of track and field athletics in Japan. He has been celebrated as "father of marathon" in Japan. During the November 1911 domestic qualifying trials for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, although the length of the course was probably only 40 kilometres (25 mi), Kanakuri was reported to have set a marathon world record of 2 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds. He was thus selected as one of the only two athletes that Japan could afford to send to the event. • For the Stockholm Olympics, his race completion time is 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds. Explain.
  52. 52. Answer • Kanakuri, weakened by the long journey from Japan, and suffering from problems with the local food, lost consciousness midway through the race, and was cared for by a farming family. He returned to Japan without notifying race officials. Swedish authorities considered him missing for 50 years before discovering that he was living in Japan and had competed in intervening Olympic marathons. In 1966, he was contacted by Swedish Television and offered the opportunity to complete his run.
  53. 53. 15 • In October 2000, Cross Farm Park Celtic striker Lee Todd had his back to referee at the start of Cross Farm's Sunday league game against Taunton East Reach Wanderers, and was startled by the force with which the whistle was blown for kick-off. "Fuck me, that was loud," muttered Todd. • What resulted?
  54. 54. Answer • Quickest dismissal at the beginning of a professional match
  55. 55. 16 • V8CM (played this video till 37 sec) • Why was this video produced by Microsoft?
  56. 56. Answer • In late 1995, Doom was estimated to be installed on more computers worldwide than Microsoft's new operating system Windows 95, despite million-dollar advertising campaigns for the latter. The game's popularity prompted Bill Gates to briefly consider buying id Software, and led Microsoft to develop a Windows 95 port of Doom to promote the operating system as a gaming platform. One such presentation to promote Windows 95 had Bill Gates digitally superimposed into the game.
  57. 57. 17 • Kotla Dahar is an ancient lake in Haryana that seasonally floods. Kotla Dahar is a closed basin, filled only by rain and runoff and without outlets. Thus precipitation and evaporation alone determine its water volume. During drought, oxygen-16, which is lighter than oxygen-18, evaporates faster, so that the remaining water in the lake and, consequently, the snails' shells, become enriched with oxygen-18. • Why was this in news recently?
  58. 58. Answer • A University of Cambridge team found a spike in Oxygen 18 levels between 4000 – 4200 years ago. This is believed to be one of the reason behind the doom of Indus Valley Civilization
  59. 59. Written 2
  60. 60. 11. Connect etymologically
  61. 61. • Dutch province of Zeeland and New Zealand
  62. 62. 12 • Betteridge's law of headlines named after Ian Betteridge, a British technology journalist, although the general concept is much older. The observation has also been called "Davis' law" or just the "journalistic principle". • Betteridge explained the concept in a February 2009 article, regarding a TechCrunch article with the headline "Did Just Hand Over User Listening Data To the RIAA?": • This story is a great demonstration of my maxim that any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by _____________. The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullshit, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.
  63. 63. • Answered by NO
  64. 64. 13
  65. 65. • Difference between sun time and clock time
  66. 66. 14. What are these crabs called?
  67. 67. • Pom Pom Crabs
  68. 68. 15 • Ar-Rihla, or, Riḥlah (literally "Journey") is a Classical Arabic term of a quest, with connotations of a voyage undertaken for the sake of divine knowledge of Islam. It is also a form of travel literature based upon the experiences of the travelers. • The best known Rihla manuscript is "A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling“. Who wrote it?
  69. 69. • Ibn Battutah
  70. 70. 16 Graeme Obree (in picture) developed a specific style of handles (not shown in picture) which won him the world championships in 1995. It looked a lot like a famous superhero. This style was later banned, not because it resembled anything. What is this style of handles popularly known as.
  71. 71. Superman
  72. 72. 17 • X is the only country in Africa founded by United States colonization while occupied by native Africans. Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by African Americans from the United States, most of whom were freed slaves. The colonizers established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization whose leaders thought former slaves would have greater opportunity in Africa. • X established a government modeled on that of the United States and named its capital city after a US President.
  73. 73. • Liberia
  74. 74. 18 Mobile phone throwing is an international sport that started in X in the year 2000. It is a sport in which participants throw mobile phones and are judged on distance or technique. There are usually four categories in the sport: • Original (also called "Traditional"): an over-the-shoulder throw with the farthest distance winning (best of three) • Freestyle: contestants get points for aesthetics and creative choreography • Team original: up to three competitors have one throw each with their scores added together • Junior: for children aged twelve or younger
  75. 75. • Finland
  76. 76. 19 • Chatham Islands (a remote Pacific Ocean archipelago), in 1850. • Zedelghem, near Bruges, Belgium, 1931 • Buenas Yerbas, California, 1975 • Britain, Present Day • Korea in future • Hawaii further in the future
  77. 77. • Cloud Atlas
  78. 78. 20 • European countries X and Y were created in 90’s. However, with their similar names often leads to confusion. • George W. Bush: “The only thing I know about X is what I learned first-hand from your foreign minister, who came to Texas.” – He actually met the Foreign Minister of Y • At a news conference in Rome, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, introduced Y Prime Minister to the crowd of journalists. “I’m very happy to be here today with the Prime Minister of X.” • Staff of X and Y embassies meet once a month to exchange wrongly-addressed mail.
  79. 79. Answer • Slovakia rose from the Czechoslovakia, Slovenia from Yugoslavia
  80. 80. Infinite Pounce bounce 2
  81. 81. 18 • In 1712, the British imposed a newspaper tax that was solely based on the number of pages in the publication. What resulted due to this?
  82. 82. Answer • Broadsheet • Other newspaper sizes – Tabloid, berliner, Compact
  83. 83. 19 • Talking about his paper “Attractive photons in a quantum nonlinear medium” published in Nature, Harvard university physics professor Mikhail Lukin said: • “Most of the properties of light we know about originate from the fact that photons are massless and do not interact. What we have done is create a special type of medium in which photons interact with each other so strongly that they act as though they have mass, and bind together to form molecules. It's not an in-apt analogy to compare this to X. When these photons interact with each other, they're pushing against and deflect each other. The physics of what's happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies”
  84. 84. Answer • Lightsaber
  85. 85. 20 • One of the reasons for cricket’s sharp rise in popularity in Afghanistan is its resemblance to an old Afghan game shown below:
  86. 86. Answer • Top Danda
  87. 87. 21 • The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil video game contains all of the 203 national teams that took part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification process. The national teams of Bhutan, Brunei, Guam and Mauritania opted not to take part and hence are not featured. Which other FIFA member (a sovereign republic) did not take part in the qualifying process?
  88. 88. Answer • South Sudan
  89. 89. 22 • The "Starion" name is claimed by Mitsubishi to be a contraction of "Star of Orion“. Given that some other Mitsubishi models were named Colt, Lancer and Chariot, there was an urban legend regarding the mistake in naming of the car. What was the intended name?
  90. 90. Answer • Stallion
  91. 91. 23 • One of the eye witnesses, Dallas resident Marie Ellen Dodge said that she was photographing the strange squinty man staring at something behind the president at the Book Depository. “The focus in his eyes, you could feel it,” Dodge recalls. “He wasn’t angry, but he was glaring. Intent.” • “He had his hands raised. I heard the second shot, and then I saw the bullet. I saw the actual bullet. It just kind of hung in there in mid-air for a second, and then zipped away. Toward the limousine. • This and the trajectory of the bullet (shown in the next slide) acted as circumstantial evidence in this man’s trial for murder of JFK.
  92. 92. hint
  93. 93. Answer • Magneto, Erik Lehnsherr
  94. 94. 24. Where has such graffiti come up recently and why?
  95. 95. Answer • Turkey. These are Google’s Public DNS numbers, one of the ways Turkish Internet users can get around the Twitter ban. The man pictured is Turkey’s PM Erdogan.
  96. 96. 25. Connect • Bolivia • China • Colombia • Dominican Republic • Georgia • Marshall Islands • Saudi Arabia • USA • Solomon Islands • Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) • Philippines • Saint Lucia
  97. 97. Answer • Countries named after people
  98. 98. 26 • The cricket test, also known as Tebbit test, was a controversial phrase coined in April 1990 by the Conservative politician Norman Tebbit in reference to the perceived lack of loyalty of immigrants and their children from South Asia and the Caribbean. Tebbit suggested that those who failed this test are not significantly integrated into the United Kingdom. What was this test?
  99. 99. Answer • Which team they supported in a cricket match vs England
  100. 100. 27 • Lucky Dragon 5 was a tuna fishing boat, which was exposed to and contaminated by nuclear fallout from the United States' Castle Bravo thermonuclear device test on Bikini Atoll, on March 1, 1954. Aikichi Kuboyama, the boat's chief radioman, died less than seven months later, on September 23, 1954, suffering from acute radiation syndrome. • What, which came out on November 3 1954 and has been around since then, was partly inspired from the above event?
  101. 101. Answer • Godzilla movie’s opening scene
  102. 102. 28 O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the enameled plain! America! America! God shed His grace on thee, Till souls wax fair as earth and air And music-hearted sea! • First stanza of which poem and why was it in news in February
  103. 103. Answer • America the Beautiful, Coke super Bowl ad
  104. 104. 29 • Johnnie Cochran was an American lawyer best known for his leadership role in the defense and criminal acquittal of O. J. Simpson. He was the inspiration for a fictional character who had same initials as him. • sUwU
  105. 105. Answer – Jackie Chiles, Seinfeld
  106. 106. 30 • Following Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's December 26 visit to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom wrote in an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph: "If militarism is like the haunting X of Japan, the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo is a kind of Y, representing the darkest parts of that nation's soul.“ • It was followed by another published by his Japanese counterpart, Keiichi Hayashi, in the same newspaper, headlined: "China risks becoming Asia's Y".
  107. 107. • Voldemort, Horcrux
  108. 108. 31 • X was a British surgeon and a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. By applying Louis Pasteur's advances in microbiology, he promoted the idea of sterile surgery. • Y is a product which is promoted with the slogan “Kills germs …”. It was invented in the nineteenth century as powerful surgical antiseptic. However, it found success later when it was pitched as a solution for something else.
  109. 109. Answer • Joseph Lister, Listerine
  110. 110. 32 • Dr Elena Basner, an art curator, worked with scientists to create a much better way to detect forged oil paintings. It is based on presence of strontium-90 and cesium-137 in the paintings. The isotopes are found in the types of crops that are used to produce oil based paints. • How is this used to detect forgery?
  111. 111. Answer • Painting made prior to 1945 do not have the isotopes as these isotopes are not naturally found. These came into existence after 1945, since the nuclear explosions.
  112. 112. 33 There are several explanations of the phrase X Y’s origin: - A narrowing of the meaning "suddenly or without preparation," from X Y being a dish that requires little preparation - From the American phrase talk Y meaning "to speak bluntly with little preparation". - Some believe the derivation is due the similarity with X Y carcass - most notably, the cold sweats, goose bumps. - Reference to the periods after Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays where X Y was likely to be eaten, coinciding with the end of those holidays' characteristically high alcohol consumption
  113. 113. Answer • Cold Turkey
  114. 114. 34 X's Conquest of Mars is an 1898 science fiction novel by American astronomer and writer Garrett P. Serviss. It was written as a sequel to Fighters from Mars, an unauthorized and heavily altered version of H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds. It has a place in the history of science fiction for its early employment of themes and motifs that later became staples of the genre. The book contains some notable "firsts" in science fiction: alien abductions, spacesuits, aliens building the Pyramids, space battles, oxygen pills, asteroid mining and disintegrator rays. The novel depicts X leading a group of scientists to develop ships and weapons, including a disintegration ray, for Earth's defense. Also appearing are scientists such as Edward Emerson Barnard, Lord Kelvin, Wilhelm Röntgen, and Silvanus P. Thompson, and heads of state such as Queen Victoria, U.S. President William McKinley, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Emperor Mutsuhito.
  115. 115. Edison
  116. 116. 35 • The Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage are established by UNESCO aiming to ensure the better protection of important intangible cultural heritages worldwide and the awareness of their significance. The following are the ones from India. Id the missing one: • Kutiyattam, Sanskrit Theatre • The Tradition of Vedic Chanting • Ramman: religious festival and ritual theatre of the Garhwal Himalayas • Mudiyett: a ritual theatre of Kerala • Kalbelia: folk songs and dances of Rajasthan • Chhau dance: a tradition from eastern India • Buddhist chanting of Ladakh • Nauroz
  117. 117. Answer • Ramlila