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Fresher's Sci-Tech Quiz prelims


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Published in: Technology
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Fresher's Sci-Tech Quiz prelims

  1. 1. If Razor, Prochip,Calex,Elcal,Digicom are names which are discarded for the product then what is the final name of the product?
  2. 2. The logo consists of Nordic runes of the King's initials. According to the legend, the king got this nickname due to his love for blue berries that stained his teeth. What technology am I talking about?
  3. 3. Who is Time’s person of the year in 2006 ?
  4. 4. Identify the guy on right or his invention.
  5. 5. Initially this company resided on a workstation named ‘AKEBONO’ and a system called ‘KONISHIKI’ named after two Hawaiian sumo wrestlers. This name derives its meaning from the name of race of fictional beings from Gulliver’s Travels. Name this company.
  6. 6. The Apple II was chosen to be the desktop platform for the first "killer app" of the business world, X a spreadsheet program. X created a business market for the Apple II and gave home users compatibility with the office, an additional reason to buy an Apple II. Apple was a distant third place to Commodore and Tandy unt il X came along. Identify X.
  7. 7. What were printed for first time in this book?
  8. 8. What product ,also known as ERS-110 and ERS-111 comes with six emotional states – joy , sadness , anger , surprise , fear and discontent ,and four instincts – love , search , movement , and recharge ?
  9. 9. How first image is connected to the second one ? Seems very easy but ans that both are MOUSE is not accepted ………
  10. 10. Started first in India in the city of Rohtak, you can use this service for a fee of Rs.19. What am I talking about?
  11. 11. Adobe Pagemaker 7 ,one of the flagship products of Adobe Systems has been developed at a development centre near Delhi. What makes it so special?
  12. 12. Connect…
  13. 13. Originally designed for the Macintosh computer, the initial release was called "Presenter", developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin of Forethought, Inc. In 1987. In August of the same year, Forethought was bought by Microsoft and became Microsoft's Graphics Business Unit, which continued to develop the software further. Which software I am talking about?
  14. 14. Give specific connect. Tron 2001: A Space Odyssey  Demon Seed  War Games The Matrix Trilogy Terminator Electric Dreams West World I ROBOT ## All are sci-fi movies this ans will not be accepted
  15. 15. Les Horribles Cernettes ( "The Horrible CERN Girls") is an all- female parody pop group, self- labelled "the one and only High Energy Rock Band", founded by employees of CERN which performs at CERN. Their musical style is often described as doo-wop. The initials of their name, LHC, are the same as those of the Large Hadron Collider which was later built at CERN . But this group is famous for reason other than music. Tell that reason??
  16. 16. Identify the thing which is being mounted on a plane?
  17. 17. The flag is designed to depict the future history of X. The red bar which is closest to the mast symbolizes X as it is today. The green and the blue strips symbolize the future of X if humanity ever has the will and ability to undertake such a task. What is X?
  18. 18. A HTML5 based mobile OS from a well known company. Which company am I talking about?
  19. 19. This is recorded in Guinness World Records as the world's longest continuously running laboratory experiment. This experiment is predated by two other still-active scientific devices, the Oxford Electric Bell (1840) and the Beverly Clock.
  20. 20. What specific common thing these three have done?
  21. 21. What is the significance of this video?