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Watson Title Services of North Florida Webinar Power Point Presentation

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Watson Webinar

  1. 1. Kristin Sparks<br />ksparks@watsontitle.net<br />Karen Griffin<br />kgriffin@watsontitleservices.com<br />Susan Merchant<br />susanm@keithwatsontitle.com<br />Present<br /> Custom Short Sale Solutions To:<br />Presented by Julie Lavin and Gary Dechellis<br />Redefining the Short Sale Experience<br />
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE…Servicing the Real Estate Transaction<br />Realcynergy, Inc. was formed in 2009 to meet a pent-up market demand for expertise, organization, accountability, transparency and productivity in today’s Short Sale Real Estate Transaction. <br />Designed by and for dedicated Real Estate Professionals from all disciplines of the transaction, Realcynergy, Inc.is based in Tampa, Florida with additional operations in Jacksonville and Orlando.<br />RealCynergy, Inc.is pleased to offer CUSTOMShort Sale Solutions Exclusivelythrough Keith Watson Title Services, Inc., Watson Title Services of N. FL., Inc. and Watson Title Services, Inc. (Orlando)<br />Realcynergy, Inc.<br />Approved By:<br />The Watson Family of Companies<br />WATSON<br />DYKES<br />and SCHLOTH, P.A.<br />Thank You for Your Contributions<br />
  3. 3. What this means for You…We Listened<br />Is Proud to Partner With<br />The Power and Tradition of the Watson Family of Companies<br />C<br />L<br />O<br />S<br />I<br />N<br />G<br />Seller<br />Lender<br />First Responders =Market Leaders<br />Helping the Consumer with A-Z Resources<br />Practicing Productive Real Estate for all Parties<br />Creating Jobs in a Distressed Economy<br />Celebrate Responsibility with<br />
  4. 4. Custom Professional Services for<br />Lender Paid Fees disclosed on HUD<br />Seller Documentation Assistance and Coordination<br />Consumer Credit Protection Assistance (Hardship Payment)<br />BPO Services<br />Short Sale Negotiation<br />Closing Coordination<br />Light Consumer Credit Repair<br />Debt Settlement - Consumer Referrals for Unsecured Debt Reduction up to 60%* <br />Continuing Education, Marketing and Support for Real Estate Professionals<br />*Third Party Vendor Fee to Seller based on amount of debt <br />Realcynergy.com<br />
  5. 5. Step by Step…CustomShort Sale Procedures<br /> Access Forms at: beach@keithwatsontitle.com shortsalecommander.com<br /> watsontitle.net realcynergy.com (Feb. 1)<br /> watsontitleservices.com<br />2. Take the Borrowers Authorization and Short Sale Submission Form to Your Listing Appointment for execution by Seller <br />3. Forward (email) the Listing Agreement, Borrowers Authorization, Short Sale Submission Form and Title Request to your Title Agent <br />4. Your Title Agent will send you any lender-specific forms if needed. Please ask your sellers for their full cooperation with required documents and forward them to your title agent when completed. <br />Your Title Agent will email you the login for Short Sale Commander Order Tracking<br />Log on to view the progress and details of your file<br />7. Provide login information to your seller, the buyer’s agent and the buyer to keep them informed and involved in the transaction<br />When your Title Agent notifies you of the BPO Agent appointment, please remove the lockbox and meet the BPO Agent with comps and any property information that supports our price<br />Your Title Agent will let you know as soon as Approval is Received<br />
  6. 6. Sample Screen <br />24 Hour Accessible Online Order Tracking with detailed File Processing Information<br />Login provided by your Title Agent to you, your seller, the buyer’s agent and the buyer, with your permission<br />Personal client Information is not accessible on this site<br />
  7. 7. Forms Introduction<br />Realtor Package<br />Explanation for Lender<br />Example Lender Cover Letter<br />Estimate of Conditions and Repairs<br />Homeowners Package<br />Short Sale Submission<br />Homeowner Document Checklist<br />Borrower’s Authorization<br />Seller Hardship Explanation<br />Example Seller Hardship Letter<br />Financial Worksheet<br />Mortgage Debt Relief Act Notice<br />Confidentiality Notice<br />shortsalecommander.com<br />
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions…<br />What Do We Charge? Our fees will be on the HUD and are based on the sales price of the home on a sliding scale between $1,000 to $3,000 for residential short sale processing. In the tradition of the real estate transaction and title industry, we only get paid if it closes.<br /> What happens when the Lender won’t pay our fee? That can happen (especially with BOA) and at the last minute. We will obtain every possible approval and close every transaction, regardless. <br /> Does the seller have to miss payments to be considered for a short sale by the Lender?<br />No, in fact, most lenders will now work more cooperatively with a borrower who is trying.<br /> What is the single most important characteristic of a successful short sale transaction? Full cooperation, especially from the Sellers. This is a very fluid environment so acting crisply is critical to realizing a healthy closing for all parties.<br /> Can we protect your commission from being cut by the Lender? No, but we can responsibly price and structure a short sale transaction to reduce that likelihood.<br />Is there anything we can do to help alleviate the suffering of distressed Sellers? Yes. We can step forward in the transaction to let distressed sellers know that we can negotiate hardship payments and refer them to additional helpful resources and services after closing.<br />How do we keep Buyers from walking away from this sometimes lengthy process? By giving the Buyer’s Realtor and the Buyer access to Short Sale Commander, your Short Sale Communication tool. <br /> What about the files I’m currently working myself? If you have not yet submitted the Borrowers Authorization to the Lender, we can help you. If you’re well into the process but aren’t getting any movement, we might be able to give you tips to help move the file. <br /> Why did Watson choose Realcynergy? The principals of Realcynergy have enjoyed a 35 year professional relationship with Keith Watson and Watson Realty Corp. allowing for efficient collaboration and a combination of resources to quickly help meet your needs. <br />Where do I turn for Short Sale Solutions?<br />Gary Dechellis<br />President<br />Susan Merchant<br />Title Officer<br />Alisha Romo<br />President<br />
  9. 9. The Next Step…Your Short Sale Team <br />Karen Griffin<br />kgriffin@watsontitleservices.com<br />Watsontitleservices.com<br />Kristin Sparks<br />ksparks@watsontitle.com<br />Watsontitle.net<br />Susan Merchant<br /> susanm@keithwatsontitle.com<br />Watson Support Team Managers<br />cprice@realcynergy.com<br />achapman@realcynergy.com<br />dmcelcannon@realcynergy.com<br />twkahler@realcynergy.com<br />jlavin@realcynergy.com<br />Questions and Solutions<br />Realcynergy.com<br />