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Quitober Report 2010


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In 2010 I ran the Quitober Challenge second pilot.
We managed to get 11 organisations to sponsor their staff to quit smoking during October and for good.

Here are the results.

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Quitober Report 2010

  1. 1. University Staff Council Staff Corporate Staff Quitober Report 2010 Participating staff: 69 membersParticipating employers: 11
  2. 2. Quitober Report 2010 Q1 : Did you remain smoke free for Quitober? Elaine from Monash Uni “Yes - Its fantastic. I found it much easier to remain smoke free than any of my previous attempts at quitting.” Kim from UniNSW “Yes - I couldn't have done it let alone started it without this challenge .” Jessica from the ANU “Yes - It was great to have a small goal – quitting for October – as a first step to a larger goal - quitting for good! .” Amanda from Uni SA “Feel very proud of myself for achieving something I didn't think was possible. .”
  3. 3. Quitober Report 2010 Results on questions for Quitober Pack and Social Media
  4. 4. Quitober Report 2010 Comments: Kim from Monash Uni “I found that manual to be the key to my success…...” Manual: Wristband: Lynne from Southern Cross Uni “I am still wearing the wrist band, as it reminds me of my determination to not start smoking again.” Michael from UniSA “Good to read other peoples comments and realise you are not alone.” Forum: Michael from UniSA “Good articles - I didn't admit to breaking earlier because I wanted to continue receiving the newsletter. . ” Newsletter: Michael from Uni SA “Yes - hope to win something but I’m already a winner, being smoke free is a huge thing for me. ” Prizes:
  5. 5. Quitober Report 2010 General Comments: Amy from Sydney Uni “…I was surprised there was not more people participating. I like that (Quitober) encourages quitting without replacing with other nicotine products.” Melanie from SCU “Thanks very much Des, from a very happy and very thankful non-smoker. Quitober was just the push I needed. I love not being addicted to tobacco. Thank you” Link to extra quotes from members Incentive Prize Winners 1st prize $600 cash: Justin Crawford - Hume City Council 2nd prize Audi A4 3 day rental: Helen Tournier - Manteena 3rd prize $400 cash: Rachelle Adamowicz - Monash Uni