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The Quitober Challenge is a positive awareness campaign-month that encourages employers to support & sponsor their staff smokers to quit smoking during October & for good.

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  • 99 days and counting to go before Quitober. Please tell your employer that he can now support & sponsor his/her staff smokers to quit smoking during Quitober/October
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Quitober Challenge

  1. 1. Presentation The Quitober Challenge is a FREE positive awareness campaign that uses social media to support The presentation includes: smokers to quit smoking during • Incentive prizes *Sponsored members only October and for good. • Quitober Pack *Sponsored members only Employers can also sponsor their • Employers’ Backend *Sponsored members only staff smokers to quit by refunding • Newsletter their $31 membership if they • Forum Page successfully quit smoking during • Promotional Posters the Quitober Challenge. • Survey • Smoking Cessation Links For more information please refer to our site Quitober.com.au Together we quit and win...
  2. 2. *Sponsored members only Quitober Pack We post the Quitober Packs out to employers for them to distribute to their sponsored staff smokers. Positively Quit 50 page Aeror Airflow Amplifier manual Calendar Stickers Sugarless Lollypops Quitober Stress Ball Quitober Wristband Together we quit and win...
  3. 3. *Sponsored members only Incentive Prizes Quitober sponsored members need to fill in our post event survey and successfully quit for the month of October to go into the draw for a chance to win. Together we quit and win...
  4. 4. *Sponsored members only Employers’ Backend Employers will be able to keep track of their sponsored staff’s smokers and their Quitober invoice throughout the challenge using their own login page. Together we quit and win...
  5. 5. *Open to all members Daily Newsletter The daily newsletter includes: • Latest news • Members comments • Quitting tips • Quitting Article • Employer comments • Quitting video spot • Twitter comments • Promotions Sample newsletter from 2009 pilot link: http://quitober.com/newsletters/30.htm Together we quit and win...
  6. 6. *Open to all members Forum Page Contributions on the forum page are added to the daily newsletter. All members can login using their Twitter of Facebook accounts and all comments can be syndicated on these networks also. Refer to link: Together we quit and win... http://quitober.com/networks.php
  7. 7. *Open to all members Promotional Poster We supply poster pdfs to employers to allow them to promote the campaign to their sponsored and un-sponsored staff and student smokers. Together we quit and win...
  8. 8. *Open to all members Post Quitober Survey We survey all members on their cessation status after Quitober with successful sponsored members getting their $31 membership refunded by their employer sponsor. The also go into the draw to win travel incentive prizes. For further details go to the link below: http://quitober.com/reg_smoker/test_survey.php Together we quit and win...
  9. 9. *Open to all members Smoking Cessation Useful Sites Information Links •Tobacco Control Supersite - By the Uni of Sydney We supply links to smoking An excellent site that promotes unassisted quitting cessation web sites based on •WhyQuit - Quit smoking using cold turkey methods what we consider is balanced An excellent site that does not take any funding from information to help smokers pharmaceutical companies so as to remain objective. quit. We are not funded by any Useful Books product or service providers •Positively Quit Manual - By Cassius Cheong An excellent book that promotes balanced and informed listed. cessation. All Quitober Members receive this manual in their Quitober Pack •Allen Carrs Easy Way to Quit E-Book PDF Promotes balanced and informed cessation. - Free download Useful Products •Aeror Deep Breather Deep breathing is recommended as part of the recovery for smokers after quitting. All Quitober Members receive this product in their Quitober Pack. For further details go to the link below: http://quitober.com/courses.php Together we quit and win...