About me 1 1 2014


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Personal experiences and insights for sneak peak about Henk Terol. Dutch entrepreneur in business development for the food & beverage industry..

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About me 1 1 2014

  1. 1. About me!
  2. 2. Short introduction  27 years independent entrepreneur as marketing & sales consultant for (inter)national clients.  15 years in publishing houses responsible for sales of advertising space.  5 years in marketing & communication agencies as client service director and responsibility of boards  Integer, people man, go-getter, creative, inspiring, honest, enthusiastic, flexible and open minded.  Specialities: Business Development, Marketing & Communication, Branding, Retail, Social Media  Passion: Food & Beverages,
  3. 3. Experiences  International Marketing, Sales & Communication  Branding, Brand Manual, Conception & New Packaging design, Presentations, Franchise & Store concepts, Brand Experiences Shops, Investment Planning, Marketing, Product, Export/Sales & Key Account Management, Web visibility, online strategies for product support, New Marketing (2.0) approach through social networks, Change Management, Internal Communication, etc.  Business Development Communication Agencies  WPP/Wunderman/TaskForce Amsterdam, BBDO/Proximity Amstelveen  Business Development own company  Client Services & Account Director    Bozell Advertising, Retail clients as Praxis, Etos, CombiFoto, Carpetland, Lucky Leder ARVH Communications with clients as ,Mölnlycke, (Edet & Tork), Vlaarr Enveloppen, Sales & Category Management  Sales Director Publishers± Reed Elsevier, Perscombinatie. Category Management: Mölnlycke , Elma Ltd.  B2B & B2C, Trade, Retail,  Profit and Governmental organisations  Shelve(s) analyses, included cost & profit
  4. 4. Latest Project Responsible for: Marketing Strategy: Research current and new customers profile, analyses distribution channels, the brand position in the consumer market Conclusions: 30 years old brand is not connected with new target group, new focus (female) consumers Conception New Umbrella International brand image, packaging design New Distribution philosophy and (inter) national growth strategy (Inter) National Sales Management: Key Account Planning, Export Europe Wholesale philosophy for new channels Results after introduction in August 2012 month: Seriously growth in Liquor channels and shops, growth in the bee and deli market. First seriously export approach and positive results in Belgium and Germany. Options for Hong Kong and other countries in Europe (Poland, UK).
  5. 5. The old and new family
  6. 6. (Inter) national Consumer profile
  7. 7. (Inter)national Distributors and Importers • For Holland: From 20 % to 100% penetration, seriously increasing market share and use of more different tastes Increasing penetration, seriously growth in market share and use of more different tastes Start with 4 extra shops in Amsterdam, behind the two existed shops for tourist in Katwoude and Zaandam Bee market wholesale: Increasing sales, seriously growth in market share and use of more different tastes Export to Belgium , Germany existing
  8. 8. Distribution support
  9. 9. Communication
  10. 10. In the shops
  11. 11. Tastings
  12. 12. China
  13. 13. UAE - Dubai
  14. 14. Project Export Cretan Products  Elma bulk into three independent Business Units  Planning: Business, Export, Marketing, Product and Communications  New website: www.elmaltd.eu  Port Folio Management  Key Account System and Client Report System  Category Management  Focus export China, Arabic Speaking countries, India, Russia and USA  Target groups analyses; b2c, b2b,`retail, wholesale, agents, city analyses, agent profiles  Consumer profiling  New brand profile, Brand experience shop concept, packaging concept and brand manual for Cretan Treasure
  15. 15. Change Management From only BULK into three Business Units
  16. 16. Brand experiences shops
  17. 17. Proposals to Emke Group UAE
  18. 18. Global grid
  19. 19. Global grid
  20. 20. www.elmaltd.eu
  21. 21. Clients
  22. 22. Voor meer informatie: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/henkterol www.admarcom.com Henk.terol@admarcom.com Henk.terol@gmail.com Skype: henk.terol21 Mobiel +31654977703