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An over view of the Mobile Advertisement Industry

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Mobile Industry

  1. 1. Mobile digital ADVERTISMENT MARKET<br />7/1/2011<br />RamanandReddi<br />
  2. 2. Mobile advertisement Industry<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />Latest Developments<br /><ul><li>Acquisition of Greystripe
  3. 3. Acquisition of Jingle networks
  4. 4. Mobile coupons
  5. 5. Location based targeting.</li></li></ul><li>Consumption<br /><ul><li>Mobile advertisement is led by large brand advertisements.
  6. 6. Ad Agencies play a critical role in help choosing ad networks and bring in big client budgets.
  7. 7. Ad Exchanges have given a unique opportunity to bid for private ads and help place these ads on different ad networks</li></ul>7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />
  8. 8. Mobile Ad Value Chain<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />
  9. 9. Mobile Ad Networks<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />
  10. 10. Buyers and Sellers<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Choosing an Ad network depends on the number of Buyers you have.
  11. 11. Most Buyers in Mobile Ad space are the Large Brands
  12. 12. Sellers/Publishers plays another important role, the more publishers you have more the Buyers.
  13. 13. Fill rates are highly important but according to certain industry experts it is too young to decide that any ad network will have a higher fill rate.</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Ad Market Categories<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />
  14. 14. Mobile Ad Markets Growth<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Yahoo and Google are two main search stops with Google gaining considerable share
  15. 15. Google’s increasing Android is a much better integrated platform for search
  16. 16. Display advertisement as a platform is entering into a new stream of new technologies.
  17. 17. iAd platform boasts of creating great user interfaces thus keeping the users more engaged</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Ad Markets Growth<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Location based advertisements have picked 57% in the last quarter
  18. 18. Coupon based sites are using the local ad inventory to place ads that are based on personal data
  19. 19. SMS based models are essential used for promoting campaigns.
  20. 20. Yahoo answers and Cha Cha have more than 1 billion impressions through mobile.</li></li></ul><li>Market Position Blind Networks<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Blind networks are Bigger and have larger advertiser base
  21. 21. They are mainly CPC based models
  22. 22. Admob has the highest publishers and advertisers(Now Google)</li></li></ul><li>Blind Networks<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Admob has the lowest CPC rate of 1 cent
  23. 23. Adfonic and Buzzcity have a CPC rate of 3 cents
  24. 24. CPC rates essential in choosing an ad network</li></li></ul><li>Geographic presence<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>US and UK currently are the markets commanding a great share of over all global advertisement revenue.
  25. 25. Asia especially India is expected to have the highest mobile devices by 2013 with access to 3G
  26. 26. OTHERS include South Africa, Germany, Italy.</li></li></ul><li>Premium Blind Networks<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Most Premium Blind Networks are in the early phase of their growth.
  27. 27. These networks include new technologies and new mediums to place ads.
  28. 28. Combination of CPM and CPC.</li></li></ul><li>Geographic Presence<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Interestingly the change in mobile technology for ad placement is happening in the US.
  29. 29. This also shows that the average mobile spending in the US is increasing.
  30. 30. Ad networks that have a more broader geographic presence tends to have a lot of publishers buyers.
  31. 31. Millennial is considered to be the third biggest Ad network in US.</li></li></ul><li>Premium Networks<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Premium Networks have few Advertisers on Mobile.
  32. 32. Yahoo could be classified to be a Premium Network but with its wide variety of websites gives it a better platform to execute display ads
  33. 33. CPM based.</li></li></ul><li>Revenue projections<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Considering Apple’s iAd/Quattro and Google/Admob to have the higher market shares, Yahoo is projected to face a tougher competition.
  34. 34. The advent of new startups could add more value and choice to the existing networks </li></li></ul><li>Revenue Market Share<br />7/1/2011<br />RamanandReddi<br /><ul><li>Ad fill rates decreased during 2009 to 2010 with a lot of ad inventory being left on the supply side.
  35. 35. The growth in demand in 2011 could increase the decrease in ad rates and give more control to the publishers in targeting the right audience</li></li></ul><li>Big Players Expectations<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Google and Apple are trying to integrate in to the value chain.
  36. 36. Google has a potential foot hold in all the ad markets.
  37. 37. The next acquisitions could be in gaining demo graphic presence.</li></li></ul><li>Evolution <br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>YouTube is the most watched mobile site.
  38. 38. Video ads is the new emerging sector with new technologies making it easier for buyers to place video ads.
  39. 39. Asia is expected to be the largest mobile consumer.
  40. 40. Companies gaining with new technologies admeld, smattoo, Greystripe, ad marvel are potential acquisition targets.
  41. 41. Mobile analytics can help boost company’s revenue by targeting the right customers for an ad </li></li></ul><li>Operating System War of A’s<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br /><ul><li>Google’s android has been the talk of the last two quarters and is projected to have 50% share by 2015 giving it one of the largest medium.
  42. 42. Windows Phone mobile system is slated to over take Nokia Symbian OS</li></li></ul><li>Market Positioning, Where do you want to be<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />
  43. 43. Perceptual Map, Take your Pie<br />Apps(OS)<br />Search<br />Local<br />Display<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />Jumpstart<br />Millenia<br />
  44. 44. THANK YOU<br />7/1/2011<br />Ramanand Reddi<br />