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Social Media Analysis of "Big 5"


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In this presentation we analysed five brands, which are huge players in consumers´ everyday lives as well as in the Social Media world.

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Social Media Analysis of "Big 5"

  1. 1. Analysis of „Big 5“ in Social Media
  2. 2. Big 5 of Social Media ●  Here we compared five of the most popular brands in social networks, which are: McDonald´s, Starbucks, Red Bull, Pepsi & Oreo ●  We chose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube as relevant channels ●  We chose as the time-frame 1st October 2014 – 6th February 2015 ●  You are able to see that the analyzed brands are using the channels in a different way and have different strengths ●  There are several noteworthy points of activity. You can see where Instagram purged a large number of fake accounts and you can see where Starbucks had a successful YouTube campaign to increase followers ●  See the full analysis on the quintly Blog:
  3. 3. By The Way... If the follower-base of our "Big 5" was a country, it would have the same population as Russia and the UK combined.
  4. 4. Track and benchmark your social media performance @quintlyapp