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Instagram Study Q2 - quintly


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The following study provides readers with insights on the most important Instagram stats during the second quarter of 2015. It analyzes 6,000 profiles, in different sized groups and presents the average performances of social media marketers. Further it gives social media marketers the possibility to benchmark their own profiles and learn from the most successful players in the market.

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Instagram Study Q2 - quintly

  1. 1. Instagram Study Q2 quintly analyzed 6,000 Instagram profiles and 
 more than 120,000 Facebook Pages in Q2 2015
  2. 2. The study will help marketers understand the development of engagement in the past and identify potential trends for the future. With this knowledge marketers are able to optimize their posting patterns and drive higher engagement on their content marketing on Instagram. By clustering profiles and pages in six different sized groups, every marketer is able to benchmark their own performance against the individual average.
  3. 3. @quintly Higher post frequency on Facebook Since Q1: Increase on Instagram, no change on Facebook 0.89x 1.48x The ideal post frequency has a lot of dependencies, such as industry and audience. There is no rule of thumb which leads automatically to higher engagement. Average post frequency on Instagram increased from 0.89 per day in January to 1.11 per day in June 2015. Facebook remaining unchanged at 1.48 per day. Bubbles: Own posts per page or profile per day. 1.11x
  4. 4. @quintly Page Size Facebook Instagram 1-1k Fans 7 10 1k-10k Fans 21 23 10k-100k Fans 48 46 100k-1m Fans 122 68 1m-10m Fans 231 79 10m+ Fans 151 74 Brands still rely heavily on Facebook Instagram more popular among smaller profiles Data Source: quintly analyzed 6,000 Instagram profiles. Data Period: June 2015 Compared to Q1 post frequency on Facebook is nearly constant, whereas increasing on Instagram Instagram seems to be especially interesting for pages from 1k-10k followers, where the post frequency grew the most in the last 6 months. Table: Average number of posts per page in June 2015.
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  6. 6. @quintly 1.9% 17.7% Facebook is remaining the top dog in social media but Instagram is on a significant rise, which becomes clear when the audience growth rates are compared. As seen in the chart before, interactions remain high and did not decrease with the size of the network and amount of posts per day. Bubbles: Audience (Followers or Fans) growth of the analyzed profiles on Facebook and Instagram in Q2. Instagram followers on rapid growth Facebook fans numbers hardly increasing
  7. 7. @quintly Q1 Q2 Q1 Q2 Page Size The interaction rate dropped considerably in Instagram and less in Facebook. This happened due to the increase in fans and number of posts in each network, where Instagram grew more. Chart: Average interaction rate; All interactions over posts and followers. Instagram interaction rate drops
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  9. 9. @quintlyVideos - Small percentage of timelines Increase by 4% points since Q1 Interaction on videos can be considered as “high quality interaction“ because the consumer spends up to 15 seconds with the told story of the brand. Due to that, videos should be part of every strategy. The amount of videos are increasing but remain a small share. Chart: Image and Video distribution in Q2 2015. Videos 10.23% Images 89.77%
  10. 10. @quintly Page Size Image Post Interaction Video Post Interaction 1-1k Followers 25 23 1k-10k Followers 114 124 10k-100k Followers 757 685 100k-1m Followers 6.414 6.309 1m-10m Followers 59.916 63.119 10m+ Followers 612.672 584.432 Images and videos perform on the same level Interactions decreased compared to Q1 Data Source: quintly analyzed 6,000 profiles. Data Period: June 2015 Through the possibility to tell a story in greater detail as in a picture, videos are highly attractive for brands. Even though videos are up to 15 seconds they receive a very similar amount of interactions. Table: Average number of interaction on images and videos.
  11. 11. @quintly Interactions decreased since Q1 Page Size Image Post Interaction Q1 / Q2 Video Post Interaction Q1 / Q2 1 - 1k Fans 26 / 25 26 / 23 1k - 10k Fans 148 / 114 137 / 124 10k - 100k Fans 999 / 757 1.205 / 685 100k - 1m Fans 9.152 / 6.414 8.363 / 6.309 1m - 10m Fans 79.303 / 59.916 67.662 / 63.119 10m + Fans 406.922 / 612.672 343.069 / 584.432 Data Source: quintly analyzed 6,000 Instagram profiles. Data Period: June 2015
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