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Ray Krocpowerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Ray Krocpowerpoint

  1. 1. Early Ambition  Salesman for Lily-Tulip paper cup company after WWI, learned about low- price American food service market and changing American culture  Saw potential in Multi- Mixer Milkshake Makers, met McDonald’s brothers in early 1950s (at the time only half a dozen small- scale McDonald’s restaurants)
  2. 2. Gaining Control With Franchises  After success with milkshake makers, McDonald’s brothers allowed Kroc right to license their restaurant as franchises (aspiring managers paid franchise fee to Kroc, share went to McDonald’s brothers)  Opened very successful restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois  McDonald’s brothers reluctant to make restaurant popular chain; Kroc thought it had promise, purchased exclusive rights from brothers in 1961
  3. 3. “Krocian” Values  “Q.S.V.C” motto (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value)  Burger Assembly Line: efficiency!  Standardization (same Big Mac in New York and Tokyo)
  4. 4. Biggest, Most Ironic Value  Kroc dedicated himself to CLEANLINESS  Burgers disposed when 10 minutes old; French fries when 7 minutes old; coffee when 30 minutes old  Kroc himself trained franchise owner at “Hamburger University” in Elk Grove, Illinois to assure they stuck to his desired method of food production and restaurant maintenance  Far from what McDonald’s public image is today
  5. 5. Making It Big  By 1962 (one year of ownership), total sales at McDonald’s restaurants $76 million  By 1965, McDonald’s franchised in over dozen countries  By 1968, McDonald’s largest restaurant company in world
  6. 6. Kroc Legacy  Turned small-scale fast food joint from San Bernardino, California to most productive food empire in world  Made $500 million fortune during lifetime (owner of San Diego Padres for 5 years)  Died in 1979, ironically from heart ailment  In Time 100’s most important people in the world of the 20th century
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