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Management presentation legacy


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Published in: Business
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Management presentation legacy

  1. 1. Gerardo Simon Lima , 20 Mayo 2013 For better play presentation please change to full screen by clicking 1 of 49 HERE back & forth buttons , check.. icon to change to next slide exit full screen press ESC bellow..
  2. 2. Peru Boat market Crew preparedness Yacht Management
  3. 3. PERU TODAY
  4. 4. Economic growth Currency value
  5. 5. Social Welfare Int´l business projection
  6. 6. brand new BOAT market ..Lima boat market
  7. 7. Peruvian boat market , let´s see some local facts..
  8. 8. Yacht marine facilities ..somehow under modern yacht needs standards.
  9. 9. Peculiar marine environment conditions.. FOG
  10. 10. Security challenges..
  11. 11. Yacht winterization circumstances..
  12. 12. Limeño Shipowner profile.. Shipowner may choose not to be in full knowledge of all navigation & systems functioning details of his own ship . Most likely shipowner cannot tell something is wrong until boat malfunction ..
  13. 13. Under the previewed circumstances.. crew Local crew reliability have all the importance on yacht handling and managing at Peruvian yacht market .
  14. 14. Crew, let´s see some local facts.. 1) Most of the present staff for private yachts is actually present by chance. They are recicled personnel , vocationally not initiated .. 2) Most have no proper education backgrounds on the subject . Not long ago most boats in Peru were old fashioned , basic systems . 3) Is it of any importance crew background & further skills onboard ? 4) However there are not enough sailors for what is coming ; the new peruvian 30´- 70´ range yachts market expectations . 5) There are not reliable local schools to prepare all this personnel .
  15. 15. ..the mentioned and other circumstances , we all peruvian marine operators have already weighed as more or less serious firm into the market.. We want to sell boats, services and create a stable and recognized business ; that´s why we backup the products we sell & be as possible professional on service..
  16. 16. Recently are docking into Peru some quite expensive and sophisticated yachts from the worldwide market.. Who is to handle all this boats in here ? ...those guys we were talking first ?
  17. 17. A complement of our business in Peru is to provide qualified crew members in order to handle at least the boats we sell . A service a bit away from main business purposes but crucial on a peruvian boat market growth program ; sell more , bigger and more sophisticated boats , crew preparedness . but this is simple equation , let´s make it harder ..
  18. 18. 1- SKIPPER & CLEANING - SKIPPER 2- 3- - CLEANING - SYSTEMS maintenance -Service Pro -SKIPPER -CLEANING -SYSTEMS maintenance -Service Pro -First aid train -Experience -Education..
  19. 19. we´re talking about training courses, not just some short weeks to train a guy onto an specific yacht but train also into Seamanship
  20. 20. yah´, you can teach anyone to push the right buttons… seamanship is different . Drive a specific boat can be learned in a couple of weeks or less , seamanship may take longer..
  21. 21. Sure , seamanship can take a life.. Let´s begin mentioning some important , basic knowledges every modern 30´- 70´range yacht crew member should have : a- Navigational basics b- Boat architecture & systems c- Engine , types , general info d- Security subject matter e- Maneuvers f- Service g- Experience , at least any
  22. 22. So , if we want to do it well , we are to do the train ourselves ; a capacitation program may open a wide range of new possibilities.. 1st. First , crew for our own business and to permanently count with a ¨stock¨of reliable sailors to employ any time are needed.. 2nd. Secondly maybe as an extra service (…). and however some more questions..
  23. 23. Some more questions.. - You want to make just one course , just one prom ?.. or should we establish a capacitation offer open to the general public (..a school ) ? -What should be a course program ?.. what a infrastructure to carry on those courses ?.. who are the instructors ?.. who are trainees ? -Should I make myself paid to give such instruction or should I pay ? -How is it that we ¨give¨ crew to our customers , for free or for rent ? -What then are responsibilities crew supplier may warrant and for how long ?.. who shall manage all this peruvian crew perspectives ?
  24. 24. #1 Peruvian Sailor courses : First clue in consideration . Now , let´s think forward.. imagine our trainees are already able crew , well trained by us and ready for any challenge .. How are we going to ´GIVE´ them away ?.. for free or for rent ? First consideration : we are stable firm in the market , the firm image matters, hence we cannot just´point out´on a crew guy to one of our customers without any further responsibility . Too many things onboard can go wrong by human error .. next please follow the two options comparative insertion..
  25. 25. #1 How to ´give´ the crew members ?
  26. 26. #2 Peruvian Sailor courses : Second clue in consideration . The courses , directed to whom ?.. to any applicant without any commitment ? Yes & No. Priorities indicated ; the capacitation is to be directed first for the guys whowill work for us and then eventually to those who may not end up doing so.. reason why focus is on first option , but keeping in mind next step right after first prom.. next please follow the two options comparative insertion..
  27. 27. #2 Capacitation courses focus & selection criteria..
  28. 28. #3 Peruvian Sailor courses : Third clue in consideration . Should we make ourselves paid to give such instruction or should we pay ? Capacitation plan aprovement means investment ; the investment should contemplate the possibility to train a first prom for free , the so call ¨guinea pig prom¨. ..first and only group of trainees on such terms whom in any case , by course end becomes 2014 season able crew as for our purposes.
  29. 29. Short Recap. 1- Proposed long term crew capacitation plan based on the initial need to provide crew at least for the boats we sell. 2- Crew issues and customer usage may demand the creation of an independent annex , the Crew Administration office*** 3-The plan ought to become a school , a school for 30´-70´ range yachts crew train , a school that sells from basic instruction to advanced courses and¨one-to-one¨ capacitation upon request .
  30. 30. Crew Admin Office*** ¨Crew Admin office¨ idea may make us figure different dimensions : A simple office next door/desk with a couple of guys behind it.. An independent company with its own marketing strategy, etc. eg. One of those glowing-modern international crew agencies.. RESOURCE BOAT MANAGEMENT Yacht management
  31. 31. So let´s agree & define better what we really want.. As a referencial model Marineroz e.i.r.l. propose you now to take a peek into what is its constituent project ..
  32. 32. Marineroz is constituted less than a year ago ; in fact for the present moment we call ourselves ¨a project¨.. First 2013 Season brought Sea Ray 48´ and wood 36´sailboat experience . Project is Boat management (gerenciamiento) , not as a periodic-visit-on-systems-check-up-service but as a bunch of crew guys with what it takes to handle a yacht.. Crew themself the responsible to see after all ship needs & details , hence backed up by a service administrator.. Project is based on the idea that peruvian shipowner will allways preferably follow his capitan suggestions..
  33. 33. Customer service : new customer-operational system 4 CUSTOMER START GO !!! Marketing Crew contract & BRIEFING* Request Service & Service rates Contract + $ 50% GO evaluate the boat.. 2 1 Conditions.. BEST STAFF ? -Deal w/customer -CREw OPTIONS virtual presentat. 3 Administrator alone *Crew/Marineroz contracts includes Acccidents Insurance and copyrights statements . -Shipowner/Marineroz contracts includes crew-caused Accident Insurance , copyrights.
  34. 34. Marineroz was projected to land softly into the market.. one sailor at the time please.. in fact our proposal includes sailors for rent for days , week-ends , months .. See service rates/details here Four (04) crew member categories or levels .. LEVE L CLASIFICATION 4th Novice Sailor 3rd Trained Sailor May have any certification . However is provided of the technical base and have a good experience . 2nd Patron de yate Experience and first marine title certification . 1st Capitanes Experience & the highest PER title , overseas. DESCRIPTION Helper with the essential technical base provided by the firm . Rookie in process to gain experience .
  35. 35. Crew preparedness.. Of course in this picture crew members reliability is very important BUT also administration supervision on telling them how to do and where to look.. requesting periodic reports from each crew member activity.. real- time monitoring every12 hours on-service-duty . In fact every crew member goes onboard with an agenda , a personal organizer book provided by administrator , a ¨binnacle book¨where each crew member have ordered not only every day duties and controls to do but also all periodic checks during time (eg. extinguishers , flares validity etc) . Such book is to be signed on date by the sailor and periodically check by administrator .
  36. 36. ¨Binnacle book¨ preview.. Sailor Dairy Agenda (Page #1) Patron de yate Agenda (page #2) EVERY DAY ROUTINE (Page #1) ONCE A WEEK CONTROLS (page #2) EVERY DAY ROUTINE ONCE A WEEK CONTROLS order : -Exterior/Deck inspection . Check around all boat exterior for damages . Full deck check -bow to stern- guardrail insp. -Cockpit/ Dinette/interiors inspection : Clean and order, check refrigerator . Wash cabinets , cater the necessary. -Deck tools service Windlass service – wash . -Wash deck ( is to be clean) . -Hull alongside care.. -Check on cleaned Windshield-windows-handrails . -Check on fenders Replace lines if necessary . (Controls to be done by season begin/end) -Extinguishers state of being well & validity . -Check on steering wheel system . -Write down engine running hours. -Check on every instrumentation func. On/Off. (Page #3) LONG TERM & at ARRIVAL CONTROLS Year agenda (seasonal) DAIRY - AGENDA Feb. 08 – Day 01 -EVERY DAY CHECKS………………........ mark - Weekly controls/day occurrences(Describe) (Controls to be done by season begin/end) Feb. 08 – Day 01 -Daily occurrences/navigation/time - Weekly controls (Describe) : sign Feb. 09 – Day 02 -EVERY DAY CHECK………………………….mark -Weekly controls/day occurrences (Describe) -Life boat function & validity . -Epirb function & validity . -Flares validity . -Check/help alongside wash & care . Year agenda (seasonal) DAIRY - AGENDA -Water tanks sanitation . -Check all lines state of being well , wash . -Check batteries/alternators , clean terminals . -Check engine room : oil – coolant – clean . -Empty waste tanks . -Be sure Bilge is ok. -Service boat clean (when present ) (Page #3) LONG TERM & at ARRIVAL CONTROLS -Engine room FULL service , clean & oiled . -Check on service boat , outboard , all of it . -Engine doesn´t start : see protocol ! -Engine temperature high : see protocol ! -Yacht interiors , walls & ceiling . -Provide fuel – water (fuel service boat ?) -Batteries ON / systems ok . Start . Water cooling system running ? Batteries use/charge program ? -Lockers service - check all yacht lockers . ALL lockers clean to the very bottom . Start anchor locker , wash . Click to enlarge. sign Feb. 10 – Day 03 -EVERY DAY CHECK………………….………mark -Weekly controls/day occurrences (Describe) sign -Check on Engine hours service . Oil change – impeller data – filters.. sign -Bottom service data . Includes check/clean : Sacrificial anodes – propeller – bowtruster – Trim system – all intakes – instruments . (..if not off the water , dive it !) -Check on a/c air filters , water filters . See manuals . Feb. 09 – Day 02 -Daily occurrences/navigation/time -Weekly controls (Describe) : sign Feb. 10 – Day 03 -Daily occurrences/navigation/time -Weekly controls (Describe) : sign
  37. 37. With the described crew duties control system it comes by itself to know precisely yacht conditions anytime while Marineroz is engaged on the ship.. Boat Management , that´s what it means to us ; and we can carry on using the same system for years and yacht should never have major problems.. our work is based on Prevention , a day by day business..
  38. 38. Again , however is necessary better-than-the-present qualified yacht personnel.. priority now is to start capacitation as soon as possible in order to have a consistent crew group ready for early December..
  39. 39. Short Recap. 1- Proposed long term crew capacitation plan based on the initial need to provide crew at least for the boats we sell. 2- Crew issues and customer usage may demand the creation of an independent annex , the Crew Administration office*** 3-The plan ought to become a school , a school for 30´-70´ range yachts crew train , a school that sells from basic instruction to advanced courses and¨one-to-one¨ capacitation upon request .
  40. 40. A peruvian marine school concept.. Differently as it is in Peru , marine license abroad may be quite hard business to get.. some real marine situations can request all of what you´ve ever learned .. There are some marine courses Syllabus out there one can get online , english , spanish, eg. One can also get a good idea of what others are doing on PER capacitation courses terms , eg. Mega Yachts Australia Mega Yachts Sweden New peruvian marine school challenge is not the course item syllabus.. challenge is to pic the right subjects and present the whole thing in a well structured way , lots of practice included .
  41. 41. Yachts type & size at Peru market are in the middle between sport boats and small-Mega Yachts ; this and other local circumstances (slides 7-11) determines the crew members skills needed, hence capacitation type . Peruvian crew capacitation should be better more oriented into service , failures prevention and the most used local maneuvres.. But not ONLY.. serious navigation instruction can be seeded .
  42. 42. Let´s try to visualize some details : We start with some basic recreational yachting instruction , Patron de embarcaciones de Recreo (PER) wich includes all previously mentioned items (slide 20) , but not only those.. Marineroz have already a Syllabus (70%) and a teaching method that combines classroom theory approach , practice lessons and trainee motivational dedication . A basic /all-purpose PER course may suit all present peruvian trainee levels . For our Crew Rental purposes would mean what follows :
  43. 43. School , last free considerations.. -Enamm (Callao) takes two weeks for PER course and teaches you nothing .. -Swedish M/Y train takes same time only to teach you serve nice table onboard. -Spanish school takes more than 50 hours to get a PER license , tough exams. I would say , 3-4 months , 2-3 days a week , half day lesson session (practice inc.) is reasonable time to complete a trustfull capacitation . Yacht type boat would be useful as well as other didactic hardware .. Marineroz may have ready a suitable -best- classroom at Callao . However a FINAL –well defined- course program is to be exposed .. All details not included in this presentation , Marineroz can provide..
  44. 44. At the end , the new Peru crew Admin office can end up doing all the following : -Rent crew , deckhands , male/female Stews , Patron , Capitanes , per months , days , transfers , events.. -Management -Marine staff capacitation -Be a permanent source of better skilled , fresh , new generation of peruvian yacht crew personnel .
  45. 45. A crew provider service is something for sure needed at the new Peru boat market ; no one is providing this service in a serious manner , neither there is any trustable capacitation offer . Start local crew agency have sense . Best personnel might be also exported . In the mean time , Lima boaters with our crew ON may call out for other services from us .
  46. 46. Thanks for watching..