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Edld 5362 week2_williams


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Edld 5362 week2_williams

  1. 1. NETWORKING: Using Technology in the 21st Century Classroom Quinessa Williams Lamar University EDLD 5362
  2. 2. As an educator, there are many tools and resources used to engage our students in learning while in the classroom.  Technology and the internet allow us the opportunity to collaborate online with other educators as well as gain access to innovative ideas and multimedia resources.  E-Learning: Benefits of Using Technology in Elementary Classrooms.
  3. 3.  The 2 networking sites that I would like to introduce you to are: ◦Edmodo ◦Edudemic Two Networking Sites
  4. 4. Website: Blog: Twitter: @edmodo Email: Edmodo Background Information
  5. 5. Edmodo was founded in September of 2009 by Jeff O’Hara and Nicholas Borg.  Edmodo is a network designed to help increase online collaboration and enhance engagement in the classroom.  Edmodo was also“designed to help educators harness the power of social media and customize the classroom for every learner” (CrunchBase 2013).  Edmodo Background information
  6. 6. Edmodo is a teacher controlled environment that allows students and teachers the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with openly and securely.  Students are granted the opportunity to:  ◦ Access Assigments ◦ Access Grades ◦ Complete home work assignments. Benefits of Using Edmodo in the Classroom
  7. 7.  Students are granted the opportunity to: ◦ Review class emails etc ◦ Teachers are granted the opportunity to:  Upload assignments to the entire class  Post information for the class to view  Send emails to students and parents  Create online quizzes, assignments and polls Benefits of using Edmodo Cont’d
  8. 8.      Website: email: Twitter: @edudemic Google: -apps-in-the-classroom/ Edudemic Background information
  9. 9. Edudemic is a community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning through the use of technology(Edudemic 2013).  Edudemic is a one stop shop for teachers. It has information on everything from the best technology instruments to use in the classroom to “how to” portals for teachers. It is a very resourceful website for educators.  Benefits of using Edudemic
  10. 10. Edudemic has several tabs for teachers to go in and look at any topic they may be of interest to in when it comes to technology and education.  Benefits for Students  ◦ Edudemic has a student portal that has tips on how to care for electronics, best apps to use and guides for students that are new to using technology. Benefits of Edudemic Cont’d
  11. 11. These two sites are both geared toward enhancing the use the technology in the classroom.  Edmodo is a hands on site that engages both teachers and learners. Edmodo can also be used as a parent portal.  Edudemic is a mainly used as a guide or information center for anything that you would want to know about bringing technology into the classroom.  My Thoughts
  12. 12. I am very excited about using both sites. Edudemic is very informational and contains information on every topic. It is a place that I would visit when deciding on ways to incorporate technology or even before purchasing electronics for my personal use or the classroom.  Edmodo is a great tool that I am excited about incorporating in my classroom for myself, my students and my parents.  My Thoughts Cont’d
  13. 13.  becta-report-on-benefits-of-web-20in.html  modo   References