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Speechslides for class


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Slides for my presentation on SSL

Published in: Technology
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Speechslides for class

  1. 1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) It provides security on the Internet It allows you to interact with banks, send passwords and keep your data safe. I use it at my job and have set up servers to use it. It is a valuable tool for any organization By Joseph Geneva
  2. 2. SSL (and TLS) How it works. The risks Why it matters
  3. 3. How it works in Two pictures
  4. 4. How it all works [1]
  5. 5. Puzzle Pieces Swap Pieces Share secret Send secret code Secure data [2]
  6. 6. Common security risks Two good ways to test for them
  7. 7. Security online Not verified Verified
  8. 8. Test connection Bad connection Good connection
  9. 9. Certificate Hierarchy Root controls all certificates If the chain is broken anywhere, The certificates issues can be corrupted and used to fake a secure connection. [3]
  10. 10. Why care? How does this relate to our lives, why does any of this matter?
  11. 11. Where we use it Bank Email Financial aid
  12. 12. SSL SSL keeps our data secure and safe. If your not paying attention your data can be stolen, and we use it to protect quite a lot of our data
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