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  1. 1. Now’s thetime!Set up TOC Alertsin Science &Nature
  2. 2. Following is a quick demo showing how to set up Table of Contents (TOC) email alerts for Science and Nature. No time like the present!Its also easy – and smart – to set up subject alerts at those twopublisher web sites as well.
  3. 3. The first step is to register for a personal account with a login and password. We’ll look at Nature first.You can select the “Remember me” checkbox IF you’re using yourown personal computer.
  4. 4. Once youre logged in, you’ll see an "Alerts"tab on the “My Account” screen.
  5. 5. On the Alerts tab, click “Modify” to set up youralerts. There are several options; let’s look at TOCalerts by Subject Area first.
  6. 6. TOC Alerts by subject area means youll get email updates with TOCs from several relevant publications.The Earth Sciences subject area includes TOCs for Nature, NatureGeoScience, Nature Communications, Nature Climate Change,and Nature Materials.
  7. 7. You can further customize your alerts by selecting or deselecting specific publication titles in the next section of the Alerts page.Click "Confirm" to save your selections. You can change yourselections at any time by returning to the "Alerts" section ofyour account, once youve logged in.
  8. 8. On the Science site, youll find a sectioncalled "Alerts" near the "Sign In / SignOut" button.
  9. 9. From the ‘Alerts’ screen, click “Add / Edit /Delete Alerts" to create or modify your alerts.You can change your selections at any time.
  10. 10. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address, thencan select from various TOC options, including Sciencemagazine, news and other highlights.
  11. 11. As with Nature, you can choose to receive alerts ina specific subject across all the Science publicationareas, including This Week in Science, ScienceExpress, and Editors Choice.
  12. 12. Collection alerts require registration, so ifyou’re not already signed in, you’ll beprompted to sign in or register (free) at thispoint.
  13. 13. Science collection email alerts will sendyou updates from a range of Sciencecontent on specific topics.
  14. 14. An upcoming slideshow willexplain setting up keywordand citation search alerts in Science, Nature, and in Web of Science. Stay tuned!