Don’t hand your house over to greedy banks with a deed lieu


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Short sale and deed lieu don’t have to be your only options for stopping foreclosure.

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Don’t hand your house over to greedy banks with a deed lieu

  1. 1. Don’t Hand Your House Over to Greedy Banks With A Deed Lieu Visit us at
  2. 2. A large number of Americans – larger than there ought to be – have been dealing with the threat of foreclosure for far too long. The predatory lenders such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, GMAC, Wells Fargo and others who have caused a lot of these problems with their predatory lending practices have not provided any relief to desperate homeowners in need. Homeowners are told that they have three choices: Short sale their home, loan modification , or a deed lieu of foreclosure. Visit us at
  3. 3. A deed lieu of foreclosure is where the deed to your property is given over to the bank in order to avoid foreclosure proceedings. The appeal of this process is that the borrower is able to avoid the public stigma that accompanies a foreclosure auction. It also does less damage to the credit score of the borrower and can give more favorable terms than what the borrower might receive in a formal foreclosure proceeding. Visit us at
  4. 4. A short sale is when you agree to sell your property at a lower price due to it not being worth as much as when your purchased it. This is an agreement reached with your lender, and it does not necessarily clear the outstanding debts for what would be owed on the remainder of the mortgage. It is viewed primarily as an alternative to foreclosure. It does have drawbacks, since the houses are typically priced less than what they would be at market value, many lenders will refuse to approve short sales. Visit us at
  5. 5. These are not your only options to stop foreclosure, though. Solutions in the form of securitization audits and forensic loan audits, as well as working with a qualified loan modification attorney can help prevent the foreclosure of your home as well as help you get a loan modification that would adjust the terms of your mortgage to a more reasonable and affordable amount. A forensic loan audit will examine your loan documents for violations in TILA and RESPA on the part of your lender, and can provide the leverage you need to negotiate favorable terms on a loan modification. Visit us at
  6. 6. Many mortgages have violations at the state and federal levels, and may have been improperly securitized which means that these lenders cannot legally foreclose on your home. If these violations are discovered as part of a forensic loan or securitization audit, this could give you the evidence you need to take legal action against your lender and keep you from handing the deed to your property over to the bank with a deed lieu. Visit us at
  7. 7. This is why if you need foreclosure help, you should not hesitate to contact Tila Solutions to give you the foreclosure help you need. For over a decade, Tila Solutions has been looking out for the homeowner with their forensic loan audits and securitization audits. If you need help stopping foreclosure, a Tila Solutions Consultant is available by telephone at (702) 508-0335. Or you can visit the Tila Solutions website at deed lieu . Visit us at