Don’t give into your lender! fight to stop foreclosure


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Forensic audits and working with a loan modification attorney can help you keep your home.

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Don’t give into your lender! fight to stop foreclosure

  1. 1. Don’t Give Into Your Lender! Fight to Stop ForeclosureVisit us at
  2. 2. Facing losing your home to foreclosure is one of the most difficult things a personcan face. For many people facing foreclosure, they are not just at risk of losing apiece of property or an investment, but also their home. A home is a verysentimental thing to a lot of people.A place where memories are made, and nobody wants to risk losing it. For peoplethat have been served a foreclosure notice, the only solace they can take is in thefact that they are not alone, because it is a problem millions of Americans are alsofacing.Foreclosure is still not something people want to deal with, and this is why a lot ofpeople have tried a deed lieu of foreclosure in order to avoid losing their homeoutright. Visit us at
  3. 3. A deed lieu of foreclosure means that you will simply give the deed to your propertyto your lender in order to avoid foreclosure, as well as all the stress and publicembarrassment that comes with it. deed lieu won’t have as huge of a negativeimpact on your credit score as losing your home to a foreclosure would have, andthere is a lot of appeal because of that.A deed lieu of foreclosure, however, is not necessarily your best option, and it is farfrom the only option you have if you are trying to avoid foreclosure.A securitization audit can help you stop foreclosure of your home, and keep youfrom having to just give your property away to the bank with a deed lieu offoreclosure. Visit us at
  4. 4. By working with a qualified loan modification attorney and using the evidence aforensic loan audit and securitization can provide, you stand a much better chanceof getting approval from your bank for a mortgage loan modification that wouldadjust the terms of your home loan to something more affordable.A forensic loan audit will go through and carefully examine your loan documents forany violations in TILA and RESPA on the part of your lender, and can provide theleverage you need to negotiate favorable terms on a loan modification.A securitization audit is there to determine if your home loan has been securitized ina correct and legal manner. If it has not been done correctly, the same bank that istrying to foreclose on your loan may have no legal right to do so. These loan auditscan be very important. Visit us at
  5. 5. This is why if you need foreclosure help, you should not hesitate to contact TilaSolutions to give you the foreclosure help you need. For over a decade, TilaSolutions has been looking out for the homeowner with their forensic loan audits andsecuritization audits.If you need help stopping foreclosure, a Tila Solutions Consultant is available bytelephone at (702) 508-0335. Or you can visit the Tila Solutions website atdeed lieu of foreclosure. Visit us at