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Don’t fall victim to an illegal foreclosure


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The greed of lenders means that many foreclosures are illegal foreclosures. A securitization audit can help stop an illegal, predatory foreclosure

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Don’t fall victim to an illegal foreclosure

  1. 1. Don’t Fall Victim To An Illegal ForeclosureVisit us at
  2. 2. It may be a new year, but the banksters sure haven’t changed at all.Bankruptcy and foreclosure are still at record highs and homeowners arecontinuing to be taken advantage of by predatory lenders filing predatoryand illegal foreclosure against them.It can feel like there is no hope, but what many people don’t realize isthat if it wasn’t for the lenders insistence in approving predatory loans,they wouldn’t be in this situation.Now that people are more aware of the unethical and criminal actions oflenders like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC andothers, predatory loans being issued have started to slow downsomewhat. Visit us at
  3. 3. This is because these predatory lenders have decided to move on togreener pastures where consumers aren’t yet aware of theirwrongdoings.This is why the lenders have increasingly begun to engage inpredatory foreclosure in order to increase their profits, not to mentionfunction as a smoke screen in order to help cover up the massiveamounts of mortgage fraud they have committed that have led countlesshomeowners towards bankruptcy and foreclosure.One of the most flagrant crimes predatory lenders have been engaging inthese past several years has been their failure to properly securitizehome loans. This has led to a massive spike in illegal and predatoryforeclosures across the country. Visit us at
  4. 4. When a home loan goes through securitization, the title is separatedfrom the loan in order for the mortgage to be bundled together withother mortgages and sold and traded as a security, in the same waystocks and bonds are bought and sold.An estimated 85% of home loans that were approved over the last 10years have been put through this process.There is nothing wrong with the process itself, but the problem camewhen the banks not only followed the process correctly, but they alsobegan to pick out loans that they knew were bad, bundled themtogether, and then sold them as a “safe” investment. Visit us at
  5. 5. Not only was this a blatant example of mortgage fraud, but since thesecuritization process was not properly followed, that means if yourlender is trying to foreclose on your home, they may not have any legalright to do so making it an illegal foreclosure since it is now impossible totell without a securitization audit who actually possesses the title.This is why if you need foreclosure help, you should not hesitate tocontact Tila Solutions to give you the foreclosure help you need. Forover a decade, Tila Solutions has been looking out for the homeownerwith their forensic loan audits and securitization audits.If you need help stopping foreclosure, a Tila Solutions Consultant isavailable by telephone at (702) 508-0335. Or you can visit the TilaSolutions website at bankruptcy and foreclosure. Visit us at