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Digital loyalty cards


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Published in: Business
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Digital loyalty cards

  1. 1. Digital Loyalty Cards by QUICKT
  2. 2. Does your loyalty card helpor hinder your brand?card still Is your loyalty effective with so many of them around?
  3. 3. What if you could leverage the power of the Mobile & Social revolution?
  4. 4. Drive Geo-Targeted Customers to localStores to build loyalty
  5. 5. Push Notifications to increase frequency of purchase
  6. 6. Social sharing raises brand profile and customer retention
  7. 7. Engage your audience on everyday devices
  8. 8. How ?Let’s look at Joe a 30+ year old executive Visits your store regularly Has wide circle of friends
  9. 9. Joe visits your shop and makes his purchase
  10. 10. Joe scans QR code
  11. 11. Joe gets points (stored on his phone)
  12. 12. What do YOU get?
  13. 13. Your Digital Loyalty Card (on Joe’s phone) Your channel to  engage with Joe  and his friends,  promote your business  and much more..
  14. 14. Digital Loyalty Cards  Increase customer loyalty by special offers and rewards  Your offers grow through social media
  15. 15. Digital Loyalty Cards  Use geo-targeted marketing to get increased passing trade.
  16. 16. Digital Loyalty Cards  Use push notifications to get more customers to your stores.
  17. 17. Digital Loyalty Cards Your chance to :  benefit from mobile and social revolution  use tools employed by big companies
  18. 18. Digital Loyalty Cards (why Joe likes them)  No more lost or torn cards  No more bunch of cards  One ‘Loyalty card system’ for many stores
  19. 19. Sounds interesting?Sign up for our Beta-testing program for early bird discounts! Contact Us on:
  20. 20. Where are we? Launch Beta Testing Product Build Customer ResearchOct’12 Dec’13 Jan’13 Apr’13
  21. 21. Thank You! If this will help your store, contact us