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Will I Get Married And Have Kids Quiz


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Will I Get Married And Have Kids Quiz

  1. 1. Will I Get Married And Have Kids QuizLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgBetty asks…Eastenders game and quiz?Here is another eastenders who am i and a quiz. Tell me if you would like more because idon’t want to keep on making them if no one wants to do them.Thanks and i hope you enjoy them . Also, feel free to put in your own who am i or quiz!Who am I?1. I am a past Eastenders character2. I have been engaged three times but only married twice3. My last marriage last a VERY short time4. I have a son5. My character got killed off6. I was married the day Zoe and Kelly kissedEastenders Quiz:Q1. What are Billy’s kids names?Q2. What number do the Slaters live at?Q3. How is Ben related to Ian but has Phil as a dad?Q4. How many times has Ian be marriedQ5. When did Eastenders first beginQ6. How did Arthur Fowler die? and when?A web site that will help you with this 1 / 12
  2. 2. Remember, if you want add your own who am i or quiz, please do. And tell me if you wantmore!!***REMEMBER GUYS***tell me if you want more or not!!Blissful Relationship answers:Who am I?The answer is Barry Evans.Eastenders Quiz:Q1. Janet and WilliamQ2. 23 Albert SquareQ3. Phil Mitchell slept with Kathy Beale producing Ben Mitchell, Ian is Ben’s half – brotherbecause he is Kathy’s son.Q4. Ian has been married 4 times – Cindy Williams, Melanie Healy, Laura Dunn, Jane CollinsQ5.Eastenders first begin on 19 February 1985Q6. Arthur Fowler died off a brain hamerage because when he got sent to prison there was ahuge riot and he sustained serious head injuries. Arthur was releaased and the next day he diedbecause no one realised how serious his injuries were. This was on 20th May 1996<3x 2 / 12
  3. 3. Helen asks…Want to be more than friends with girl?There’s this girl who I met through another friend. I have never spent time with her other thanwith my friend. The other friend does not speak to her any more but I kept in touch. We emailedback and forth every once in a while until finally we planned on a dinner once. The day of, Icalled to confirm, she said she is busy and will call back. She never did and the next day I getan email saying sorry, she can’t go to dinner because she is now in a relationship. Months goby, I run into her on facebook. She tells me sorry for last time but she thinks we could be goodfriends and she’s also single. So time goes on and we finally start going out for dinner or otherthings but it seems very platonic in nature. So I tell her I think she’s gorgeous and give her afew compliments like that, and I also told her I‘m attracted to her. I wasn’t sure how she wouldtake that. She said I don’t show it. So one of the first times I hung out with her, we were walkingalong and I started holding her hand, and she asked “are we on a date?” I said yes, and shewas like “oh, I didn’t know that.” And our “dates” now end up with a hug where she is at mychest level, facing the other way, giving me a pat on the back. I‘m a lot taller than her. Shewould always quiz me if I wanted kids, get married some day. I told her, “yeah, if I meet theright girl!” which I think was the wrong thing to say. I‘m just having a hard time reading her, orwhat I should do, or if I have any shot with her.Blissful Relationship answers:Not to be funny but this girl is wrong. You do show how much you like her. She is pobablyhaving mixed emotions or thinks your a nice guy but has her eyes on someone else but doesn’twant to break your heart. 3 / 12
  4. 4. Laura asks…Ultimate Movie Quiz!?Hi I was just seeing who could get this whole [or most of the] quiz right, first to do so gets bestanswer!1.This film stars Kim Kardashian, and spoofs pop culture and movies such as Juno & Beowulf2.This film is about a newswoman and her cameracrew enter a building infected by rabies3.This film is 1 of 2 films in the Grindhouse series, this one includes a woman with machine gunleg.4.This film is the third film of “Meet The Parents”5.This film is about a woman who has teeth in her vag**a6.This film is about a deranged doctor that stichs tourist mouth to anus7.This film is about a teenager that gets demon powers by a evil rock band & her not beingvirgin8.This film is about a man must get a idiot to invite over to his dinner for idiots for a job raise9.This film includes : a barb wire maze, a foot chopped off, and a reverse fly trap10.This film includeing Paris Hilton is about twins terrorising people in a wax museum11.This film is famous for people thinking it actrally includes real cannibals12.This film is famous for the quote “Why so serious?”13.This James Cameron film was often confused with the last airbender.14.This Leonardo Di Caprio psychological thriller is about a detective goes to a insane asylum 4 / 12
  5. 5. 15.This film is about a Green Goblin trying to kill a Spider.16.This film starring Lindsay Lohan is about a twin trying to find her twin sister before she dies17.One of the many quotes in this film is ” Run Forest Run ”18.This musical is about trying to stop racism and discrimination on fat people19.This musical is about a teen from australia meets a hot shot at her new school.20.This film is about Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway trying to sabotage eachothers wedding21.This film is about 3 leading hollywood ladies trying to rob a bank22.This film starring Angelina Jolie is about a CIA agent being blamed to be a russian spy23.This film is a zombie flick based on a major CAPCOM game24.This film caused the trend of people saying “McLovin”25.This supervillian film starring Halle Berry nearly ruined her carreer and she won a raspberry26.This film starring Hugh Jackman is about a school for mutants27.This film starring Michael Chickles and Jessica Alba is about 4 superheros28.This film starring many hollywood stars is just about the day of love itself!29.This film is about 5 people enter a elevator and one of them is satan30.This film is about a breeze of global warming is causing mass suicides31.This film is about a man at a young age getting a curse, whoever he sleeps with getsmarried.32.This film is about a orange cat and his owner John and a brown dog33.This film is a documentry about a man dating a woman threw the internet and seeing thetruth.34.This film starring Bradley Cooper is about a photographer finding out a killer is on thesubway35.This film starring Cameron Diaz is about a sister upset about her sister having cancer36.This film with Tom Cruise is about aliens taking over the world, this also is a remake. 5 / 12
  6. 6. 37.This cheerleading film with Kristen Dunce is a cult classic!38.This Lindsay Lohan film has a icon prop called the burn book39.This film is about a girl who gets paid to tell people she is sleeping with people when she isnttho40.This film is about a musuem that comes to life.41.This Angelina Jolie film is based on a video game, it also has a sequel.42.This Brad Pitt film is about a group of amercians trying to take down Hitler.43.This Shia Labeouf film is about a kid who’s car is a robot.44.This Will Smith film is about a world where robots take over.45.This film is about a spring break that gets infested with piranhas46.This film is about a miner that kills people in a town after a event 20 years ago.47.This film is about a man wiht a clawed hand kills people in there dreams.48.This film is about a child who got bullied when young kills people in a camp.49.This film is about a doll that kills people and his name is Chucky.50.This Wayne Brothers film is about 2 black cops that go incognito as 2 white female modelsBtw if anyone cares, il be posting answers when i put best answers so you can sleep haha.So best score or first to get them all right gets best answer hahaBlissful Relationship answers:1.Disaster Movie2. Outbreak3.Death Proof 6 / 12
  7. 7. 4. Little Fockers5.Teeth6.Human Centipede7.Jennifer’s Body8.Dinner With Shmucks9.Unsure10.The House of Wax11.unsure12. The Dark Knight13. Avatar14. Shutter Island15. Spiderman the first one16. I Know Who Killed Me17. Forest Gump18. Hairspray19. Mamma Mia20. Bride Wars21. Mad Money22. Salt23. I wanna say House of Dead series?24. Superbad25. Catwoman26. X- Men 7 / 12
  8. 8. 27. Fantastic Four28. Valentine’s Day29.Devil30. The Happening31. Good Luck Chuck32. Garfield33.Unsure34. Midnight Meat Train35. My sister’s keeper? Where her daughter has cancer?36. War Of the Worlds37. Bring it On38. Mean Girls39.Easy A40. Night At The Museum41. Unsure42. Inglorious Basterds43.Transformers44. I-Robot45. Piranhas 3-D46.unsure47. Nightmare On Elm street48. Friday the 13th49. Child Play 8 / 12
  9. 9. 50.White Chicks (Brittany and whats her face haha.)Ruth asks…What would you like in my game?Well my game is a first (possibly 1st/3rd) person RPG set in the dark ages of another planet inanother place in the universe where magic exists. It is like a mix of: The elderscrolls/WOW/rune-scape and fable.Keep in mind during this that it is also meant for consolesand is not a game that is online like WOW or rune-scape (but it will have add-ons etc. that areobtained online). This a quiz about undecided factors in the game:1. When you die, what would you like to happen?A) Be forced to revert to a previous save. B) Become a ghost that can re-enter the body tobecome a zombie and eventually skeleton, plus there are ways to come to life again properly.C) Able to choose between a new save, continue or become you child (if there old enough) D)other (please state)2) Do you want aging to happen, if so how?A) Yes, you start the game at 18 and after every week/day/hour playing you get a day older(unless your a non-aging race) you can also die of old age and other NPC follow this trait.B) I want what happens in (A) but NPC don’t age.C) NoD) Other, please state3) The game takes place on a small continent, do you want this or what?A) yes with at least (please state) NPC’sB) No i want the entire world ( Keep in mind the lack of diversity and the time and powerrequired for this)C) No i want (please state) of the seven to ten (i can’t remember) continentsD) Other (please note)4) Here are a couple of NPC rules i have come up with, keeping in mind diversity, power etc. 9 / 12
  10. 10. when deciding:A) There are up to 10,000 (could be as low as 200) NPC’s . Each one has massive AI thatincludes aging, marrying, having kids ETC. So lets say there is a war and someones dad getskilled, within a certain amount of time he may join the army and have kids ETC.B) There are up to 10,000 (could be as low as 200) NPC’s.There is set AI so they can’t justmarry anyone they have to marry a certain someone ETC. And when one dies there will be noreplenish of there population eventually ( this may boast a problem if you kill enough people orthere is aging)C) some thing else, please describe (this option i would prefer)*There probably will be more but i can never remember themIMPORTANT NOTE: This game wont be out (if ever, being pessimistic) For at least another 6years, probably more so the technology will be more powerful then.READERS NOTE: Also, please state anything that you think would make this game cool if youwantBlissful Relationship answers:Okay, although I find this a little silly I’ll answer your questions. What you’re trying to attempt isa long shot but there is nothing wrong with dreaming, thinking and pursuing your goals. Here wego and I really like some of your ideas here.1. When you die, what would you like to happen?B) Become a ghost that can re-enter the body to become a zombie and eventually skeleton,plus there are ways to come to life again properly.2) Do you want aging to happen, if so how?B) I want what happens in (A) but NPC don’t age.3) The game takes place on a small continent, do you want this or what?B) No i want the entire world ( Keep in mind the lack of diversity and the time and powerrequired for this)4) Here are a couple of NPC rules i have come up with, keeping in mind diversity, power etc.When deciding:A) There are up to 10,000 (could be as low as 200) NPC’s . Each one has massive AI thatincludes aging, marrying, having kids ETC. So lets say there is a war and someones dad getskilled, within a certain amount of time he may join the army and have kids ETC. 10 / 12
  11. 11. Nancy asks…Attention all college student’s: Desperately need your help.Pleaseanswer?this is a 11th grade quiz.It took 5 yrs for one student to come up with a correct answer.this is not home work ,But will be a bonus points.Two women .Old college roomates ,meet at a reunion many yrs after they’ve graduated.Part oftheir conversation goes as follows:Laverne:WOW.Long time no see!I heard you were married .Do you have any kids?Shirley:Three little angels.I love theme to death !L: How old are they?S:Well,The product of their ages is 36L:Hmm…….That’s not enough information.what else can you tell me ?S:OK,The sum of their ages is the same as our old dorm room number in college.L: Ah let me think…….No, that’s still not enough information .I need something else .S; Sure .The oldest one has blond hair.L; Got it the kid’s Ages are :___What are the age’s of Shirley’s Children ?And please explain .And many thank’s .That’s the reason it took 5 years for one student .the KEY word is the Sum of 36 their Age.Nothing to do with hair color ,or dorm room. 11 / 12
  12. 12. Blissful Relationship answers: Hm, I don’t know. Powered by Yahoo! Answers LH Surge and Ovulation Will I Get Married And Have Kids Quiz 12 / 12Powered by TCPDF (