Secrets On How To Please A Man In Bed Step By Step


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Secrets On How To Please A Man In Bed Step By Step

  1. 1. Secrets On How To Please A Man In Bed Step By StepLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgNancy asks…STUN ME BY RESPONDING please. =) also, what came first thechicken or the egg?Hi,Im 22 years old, male, and i started going out with a girl at age 17, she was 15, I think we datedfor a two and a half years, we broke up when i was 20 and she was 18. Today is her birthdayand she’s turning 20 years old. Before breaking up we had a few times of really bad sex, and itwas probably greater than most peoples but for us it was very awkward, and for the past 2 yearssince her and I weren’t going out, I had always felt like we ended on the wrong note. I wantedto at very least prove to myself that no man could beat me in bed with her, y’know; “go outwith a bang”, and I didn’t get to.I had since then moved on, we both went off to college and found other boyfriends/girlfriends,she went out with someone for 2 years, I had a stint of relationships, one or two lasting for half ayear or so.Just last weekend I was moving from city to city, I got a text from her as I was about to depart(she had no clue.. and we hadn’t texted in a longgggg time, the timing was oddly miraculoussince her city was only an hours drive out of my way) back to the point at hand, I was movingand she texted me saying she wanted to let me know that her and her fiancé had broken upthat day, I let her know I wanted to see her, one thing led to another, and her and I had sex thatnight. It was great too. I mean seriously I took full advantage of the situation I had been put in.After 2 years of, desiring retribution, I was able to unleash my desires fully.After literally no sleep I had to drive a few hours to my new house, got there unpacked, slept in 1 / 10
  2. 2. late, woke up and thought about what had ‘just’ happened, in fact I was and have since been ina confused state, unknowing of whether or not I should continue to peruse a relationship withher, or if I should count it as closure to the chapter of her & I as a whole and move on entirely..keep in mind I would kill or take a bullet for this woman… and she said the same.I want to know what to do where to go, what to feel, the proper steps to take, how to knowhow she feels, if I should call her, if i should text her, i want to know if I can get close to heragain and I don’t know how to go about finding out the answers to all of my questions.her relationship is officially over w/ the ‘fiancé’, her and him no longer see eye to eye, he movedout, she found love letters from him to others, etc. they’re done.I don’t know what I don’t want, but I do know what I do want, and that is the girl who I’vesecretly loved even throughout other loving relationships, back in my life. Her & I would spendall of our time together or when weren’t near each other we’d always be texting/calling, etc..point is she became a big part of me and for years without her I haven’t been the sameperson.. I felt like that same person when I was with her last weekend, a feeling one neverforgets and a feeling one never seizes to long for.half of me just had to get this out there, the other half needs to get some darn clarity! Can youhelp me with suggestions & recommendations? The good news is that she’ll be in this town in aday or two, she badmouthed her ex saying her family didn’t like him but they still love me.. wehave a lovely pet dog together whom she houses, it was great to see our dog. It’s my ex’sbirthday today, any suggestions or advice for serious ways of me showing her how much I carefor her, or do I cut my losses and count her and I as capped off b/c of the good sex?if you want to know more as it goes along leave your emails & i’ll send out updates.… i should see a counselor. LoL——————————————————————————————-Additional DetailsI broke up with her initially because she had succumbed to a drug addiction. She went throughrecovery, now she seems like a new “old” her. Will keep updating this with responses and willindividualize them. More in the morning, please voice your opinions; people.I just sent her flowers for her birthday since she’s in another city, I sent them as “your secretadmirer,” so that when I see her in a few days I’ll be able to surprise her with the shock thatthey are from me. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her I sent them! =)Thanks so much for the hope and wishes! I’ll be keeping this page updated for sure. 2 / 10
  3. 3. Blissful Relationship answers:I think you want to spend the rest of your life with her ,because you secretly loved her throughall your short lived relationships and she has become a big part of your life and i thing youshould accept that big part of your life and not cut out that big part of your life. After all younever forget your first love ,much less for high school girlfriend .Susan asks…In the blue 2 ds game! Help?Hi. I was playing on the game last night, My partner was talking to me at a moment that i reallyneeded to pay attention and i missed how to make the Rope! I need this to make a bed in thegame! Please help. I have looked at walkthroughs for the game via google. and no one seemsto have written it down. Im sure it must be pretty simple. But im missing something. I have thevines, i thought i had to give to the man in order for him to make them. Can some one talk methrough step by step please. Thank you much apprciated.Blissful Relationship answers:Wat 3 / 10
  4. 4. Carol asks…How God word revealed step by step?It was Hafsa’s turn to sleep with the Prophet .. Her maid Maria Quptia ( a gift from King ofAlexandria) was also in her room when prophet walked in.. Maria was a very attractive andvoluptuous young teenager.. She aroused carnal desires in any man who looked at her; thenour Prophet was not any man, he was endowed with 30 man libido* by Allah. .* Bukhari Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268:Narrated Qatada: “ Prophet was given the sexual strength of thirty men”To be alone with Maria, Prophet sent Hafsa to her Dad’s house with a phony excuse that Umarwanted to see her.UMAR WAS AWAY PERFORMING SUNNAUmar was not home, when Hafsa reached her Dad’s place few houses down the street.Hafsa: “Mom Where is Dad”?Mother: “He has gone to the Al Manasi field near Baqia to defecate”…Hafsa: “Why doesn’t he go to the field behind our house”..Mother: “Because it is a sunna to relieve yourself at the place where Prophet relieves himself”..Hafsa: “I will wait for him” .Mother :”It may be a long wait. He hides there afterwards to spy on prophet’s wives”.Hafsa: “Spy on prophet’s wives, what for”? . 4 / 10
  5. 5. Mother “To make sure they are veiled according to aya 33.59 when they come to relievethemselves. As you know this aya was sent* by Allah at your Dad’s request”.* Bukhari Volume 8, Book 74, Number 257:Narrated ‘Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab used to say to Allah’s Apostle“Let your wives be veiled” But he did not do so. The wives of the Prophet used to go out toanswer the call of nature at night only at Al-Manasi.’ Once Sauda, the daughter of Zam’a wentout and she was a tall woman. ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab saw her while she was (defecating) in agroup, and said, “I have recognized you, O Sauda!” He (‘Umar) said so as he was anxious forsome Divine orders regarding the veil (the veiling of women.) So Allah revealed the verse ofveiling 33.59. (Al-Hijab; a complete body cover excluding the eyes). (See Hadith No. 148, Vol.1)* Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 395:Narrated ‘Umar (bin Al-Khattab): Allah agreed with me on three things and revealed ayas, oneof them was the verse of the veiling of the women (33.59) .Hafsa: “Well I cant wait that long. It is my turn with Prophet , he must be in bed waiting for me”.PROPHET IN BED BUT NOT WAITINGWhen Hafsa returned, she found Preophet in bed but not waiting. He was in action with hermaid Maria. Hafsa was outraged (she had a temper of her Dad Umar) and started hollering athim.Hafsa: “Rasulullah you lied and and deceived me to screw my maid”?.Prophet:” Hafsa mind your language. Aya 33.32* says you should talk to Allah’s Prophet in an ahonorable manner”.* 33.32 “O wives of the Prophet! Speak to the prophet in an honorable manner”..Hafsa: “I will speak honorably to the prophet when the Prophet stops acting dishonorablyhimself”.Prophet: “Having sex with slave girls is not dishonorable. Allah has made* them halal for me”.(*33.50 “Mohammed , sex with slave girls and captured women is halal for you*)Hafsa:” I don’t give a rat’s behind who is is halal for you and who is is not .. You can have sexwith a she camel for all I care. But I don’t want it in my bed and on my night”.Prophet: “Hafsa ,calm down. I will tell you something. If you keep this incident a secret betweenyou and me and don’t tell any one, I take an oath that I will never touch Maria again.And Please cool down first . Go have a drink of cold water….Hafsa: “ O.K. I have to go pee also… 5 / 10
  6. 6. AYA 66.1 AND 66.2 REVEALEDHafsa returned after a short while and found her husband again in bed with Maria.Hafsa: “Rasulullah, You have a short memory. You had just said you will not touch her again”.Prophet: “Yes I did, but Allah revealed aya 66.1 …after you left, it says “Mohammed why do youforbid yourself what Allah has made lawful to you just to please your wife”Hafsa: “What about the oath you took.”Prophet:: “Allah dissolved my oath” by aya 66.2 which says Allah has ordained for you thedissolution of your oath. And Allah is your Maula”.ALLAH SPIED FOR THE PROPHETNext morning when Prophet returned from Fajr prayer, his wives gave him dirty looks and asilent treatment instead of happily greeting him like every day… As smart as our prophet was, heknew right away that Hafsa, had ratted and had divulged last night’s incident to all other wiveswho incidentally hated Maria for her beauty and prophet’s fondness for her.. Prophet waspissed off and rushed into Hafsa’s room: “When I told you to keep last night’s incident withMaria a secret to yourself, I trusted you; why did you spread it”? .Hafsa: “Who informed you that I spread it”?.Prophet : “Allah informed* me”: (* 66.3 “The prophet had trusted one of his wives with a certainincident, then she spread it, and GOD let him know about it. He then told his wife,she askedhim, “Who informed you of this?” He saBlissful Relationship answers:I am a Christian. I read the Holy Bible.Jesus is God. (John 14:1-3,14).Jesus is LordJohn 14:6John 3:16 6 / 10
  7. 7. 1 John 1:9Mandy asks…Raped by my step cousin HELP?My step cousin invited me to go to his friends party with him.I told him I don’t know and he waslike “please?i don’t wanna be alone..” so I was like ok.I felt bad for him!Well my mom gaveme a lecture because is 23 she didnt want me going to a college party but he told her he’dwatch me (I hate partying).Well,he snuck into my room and told me to wear a skirt because allthe girls at the party were gonna dress that way.I HATE skirts and have none so he told mehe’d buy me a I was like really?thanks!well,he drove me to the party but it was at ahouse (I thought we were going to a campus,which he lied about).Well I wore my jeans andlong sleeved shirt with my usual sneakers.when we got inside,it was filled with people and loudmusic,alcohol,etc.. He got behind me and in a mirror I saw him get on his tippy toes and pointdown at me.then these girls came over and told me to go with them and they had some clothesI could use (they were really nice).I followed them and they gave me a SMALL skirt,a hollisterlace tank top that was pink,and told me to wear her heels (we were same size,but I’m smaller.)Itold her I wasn’t allowed to wear it and her friend said their were boys my age there and Iwanted to look I put it on and looked like a HOE.I was so unfortable!when I cameout the bathroom they were gone,and so was my clothes.that’s when I got scared and startedlooking around for my cousin so I could go home.I saw him upstairs waving at me and hisfriends were whispering and laughing and stuff.he said hey madi this is dave and gavin.I wasangry so I just smiled scared.I told him I wanted to go home and he told me ok,come help mewith my stuff though its in here.I followed him up the second staircase and he walked into aroom,I wondered why those two were following us but I just didnt think.when he walked over tothe windows he shut the curtians.I asked him to hurry up and he said shut up or he would hurtme.when I was processing all that he said they shut the door and locked it.then he said hold hermouth while i get the stuff.I started screaming as loud as I could and cried so hard.the gavin 7 / 10
  8. 8. man put his arm around me and held my mouth.I tried kicking him and elbowing him but he wasaround 6ft3.then that’s when Daniel walked around me and told them to try getting me to thebed quietly.I started screaming help and they laughed at me trying.he said baby calm downyour gonna want more after I’m done with you.when I got my leg loose I kicked dave who washolding my ankles.he yelled ow and they laughed again.and they started rubbing my b00bs andpulling on them then they took off my shirt and bra,and did the same to my skirt andunderwear.that’s when they started saying shut up bihtch quit screaming or I’ll cut you allover.then that’s when gavin put his penis in me and I screamed and they would punch my chest(I had bruises all over) after they put their penises in me and raped me everywhere.they told meto put my clothes on.I was still crying really hard and they would ask me stuff like,how did itfeel?I told him to take me home and that I wouldn’t tell.he drove me home,and kissed mymouth and said “that was fun.i know you liked it by the way you moaned.dont lie madison.yourso sexy and tight I had no idea.u wanna do it again baby?I told him ok so he would let meout.when I got home I ran to my room and cries for SO long.its been a week and I’ve beenwearing long sleeves to hide the bruises.he keeps texting my phone and said he’s coming too scared to tell my mom its embarasing and I feel ashamed.she was right I shouldvenever went and she’ll hate me.can somebody tell me what to do?I’m scared of him.I dontwanna get police involved because they will tell her.dont be mean please?I explained it all soyou can understand the situation and pain that he put me through.the sex hurt and I didnt likeit.he said I moaned when I couldnt help it!I wanted to save my virginity.I feel so violated.Thank you all so much!I couldnt pick the best answer cuz you all helped me.i wanna thank you from the bottem of myheart,and i love you gonna tell my mom.Wish me luck everyoneI love you.=)Blissful Relationship answers:I’m glad you’re going to tell your Mom. That’s a good beginning. After you have talked to hercall the police because no matter how old you are what your cuz and his friends – including thegirls – did was a crime and they need to pay the price.Another thing, call that hot line one of the other posters gave. Include your Mom in the call onceyou tell her. Her support and love is going to be crucial to you getting through this without anypermanent mental harm. Channel all those feelings of anger, shame and embarassment intofighting back and stopping these fiends. 8 / 10
  9. 9. Ruth asks…Could you please break a short story by Franz Kafka for me?There’s a story:The Emperor—so they say—has sent a message, directly from his death bed, to you alone, hispathetic subject, a tiny shadow which has taken refuge at the furthest distance from the imperialsun. He ordered the herald to kneel down beside his bed and whispered the message in hisear. He thought it was so important that he had the herald speak it back to him. He confirmedthe accuracy of verbal message by nodding his head. And in front of the entire crowd of thosewitnessing his death—all the obstructing walls have been broken down, and all the great ones ofhis empire are standing in a circle on the broad and high soaring flights of stairs—in front of allof them he dispatched his herald. The messenger started off at once, a powerful, tireless man.Sticking one arm out and then another, he makes his way through the crowd. If he runs intoresistance, he points to his breast where there is a sign of the sun. So he moves forwardseasily, unlike anyone else. But the crowd is so huge; its dwelling places are infinite. If there werean open field, how he would fly along, and soon you would hear the marvellous pounding of hisfist on your door. But instead of that, how futile are all his efforts. He is still forcing his waythrough the private rooms of the innermost palace. Never will he win his way through. And if hedid manage that, nothing would have been achieved. He would have to fight his way down thesteps, and, if he managed to do that, nothing would have been achieved. He would have tostride through the courtyards, and after the courtyards through the second palace encircling thefirst, and, then again, through stairs and courtyards, and then, once again, a palace, and so onfor thousands of years. And if he finally burst through the outermost door—but that can never,never happen—the royal capital city, the centre of the world, is still there in front of him, piledhigh and full of sediment. No one pushes his way through here, certainly not someone with amessage from a dead man. But you sit at your window and dream of that message whenevening comes.Can you break it down for me? I know it is something with “we can come close to the heart ofthings but only through outlines which circle them” but I thought there might be a deeper stratumof signification. For example “when someone dies there’s a message influenced from theirwhole life, which is very confusing for someone who is not about to die yet” but this sounds 9 / 10
  10. 10. pretty weird, I don’t know how to say it right. Any ideas? Thank you guys Blissful Relationship answers: Wow, cool story bro. Powered by Yahoo! AnswersLH Surge and Ovulation Secrets On How To Please A Man In Bed Step By Step 10 / 10Powered by TCPDF (