Sabah Hotels


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Sabah Hotels

  1. 1. Sabah HotelsVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgCharles asks…i would like to go to Sabah forvacation with my family can yyouhelp me?vacation in Sabah . for a family of six and budgets abour Rm 4000.00 please name the placesand hotelsCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Go 1/5
  2. 2. Joseph asks…I will be traveling to Sabah. I badly need internet connection for mylaptop. How can I get wireless access?Assuming I won’t be staying in a hotel but someone’s home where I used to be unable toconnect to his streamyx home wireless network. Please help!I can’t use mobile phone ’cause I need my laptop to work on course assignments whilein Sabah…Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Sorry i meant to say make internet connection from your phoneWilliam asks…is there any cheap hotel in Sandakan,Sabah.Malaysia?well,i was thinking of going to Sandakan for vacation this yr Jul, any information about the bestprice acomdation in sandakan. 2/5
  3. 3. Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Dunno much about sandakan sabah…But kota kinabalu, i know a lot.Sorry, cant help u.Maria asks…Who can help me plan a travel timetable for 3 day in Sabah?pls also help me know the hotel that are situated near kota kinabalu that can make me moreeasy to getting in the town..the price of the hotel i prefer is from rm200 – rm 300.Thanks! your help is important to meCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Who else but the great Mr Bean. Wait for a few minutes more and he will attend to you. 3/5
  4. 4. Thomas asks…I’m looking for 7 star hotel in Sabah?I’m thinking of stopping off in Sabah for a few nights in my 2008 world tour, what are the‘highlights’ in Sabah?This is a serious question, I might even spend one week there if it’s bagus.I’m a VuIP (Very Un-important Person)I was joking about the 7 star by the way, 1 star good enough for meCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:I got one for you. And you will got VIP status there coz u are green…Its located in Sandakan. The place is very famous called SEPILOK THE 7star-edit-hahaha!!! I thought u play2 only….Thats why i suggest you sepilok…No 7star but got 5star…-le meredien-hyatt-sutera harbor(but kinda 5star resort)-nexus karambunai(also 5star resort)all of these are in kota kinabaluin sandakan im not so sure but in other places, no 5star hotel. Only 3star. Like perkasa hotel inranau just located near the mount kinabalu. 4/5
  5. 5. THE HIGHLIGHTS in sabah? -mount kinabalu -sepilok(got many monkey but not the green one) -lok kawi zoo -danum valley -maliau falls/maliau basin -gomantong cave -sipadan -kinabalu national park -crocker range park -poring hot spring -even my house got spotlight -edit- for 1satr hotel, there are too many in here la bean… Chhe buy you…HAHAHA Powered by Yahoo! Answers Visit Kuala Lumpur Sabah Hotels 5/5Powered by TCPDF (