Q & A On Fertility Test Online


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Q & A On Fertility Test Online

  1. 1. Q & A On Fertility Test OnlineUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgDonna asks…where can i get free pregnancy test and ovulation and fertility testsonline?i need some of these things so is there anywhere online i can get some of these for free that ican do at home.i dont want the little test things you do online i need the actual testsPregnancy Advisor’s answers:To all the ppl bashing this lady i dont think that its that she can’t afford the test i think she justrather get it free theres nothing wrong with that i spends alot of money each month on this stuffjust to find out im not preg so i know what it feels like…and its really unbelieveable how ppl canbe so cruel smh… 1/6
  2. 2. Betty asks…Took a ovulation test and result pos for six days solid so when ami ovulating?I dont understand why the surge supposedly lasted so long. I took fertility tests from online.when did i ovulate? im so confused!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:There are three possibilities:1. User error. It is possible to misinterpret results, or for instance when you use first morningurine your urine may be to concentrated creating false positives.2. Pregnancy. Ovulation sticks also react to hCG, because LH and hCG are very similar instructure.3. For some reason your body keeps releasing LH.Number three is not good. If it happens only once, that is no big deal, it is possible ovulationfailed for some reason and your body just tried again with another, overlapping surge. But if youconsistently get true positive OPKs for more than three days per cycle, there may be somethingwrong for which you should see a doctor. For instance women who have PCOS sometimesexperience this because their cysts produce LH. 2/6
  3. 3. Laura asks…Has anyone tried the NEW “THE FIRST RESPONSE: FERTILITY”test that can tell you if you can get pregnant?I’m 36 and I’m worried that I can’t get pregnant. I really would like to have 2 children so I needto start trying now. The sad part is that I can’t afford fertility treatment. Has anyone tried thistest? Do you know how it works? Thanks for any information! I’m looking it up online right nowto see what it says about it. I just saw the commercial for it for the first time.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I myself have never tried that test, but it is check your FSH level which is important to know.My question to you is do you have insurance? You can go and have this test taken with yourregular OB/GYN. They take the blood workon I believe it is day 3 of your cycle.Also if you do have insurance there is many fertility drDr’sut there who do accept insurance.You can go and they will work with you within your means. I have met quite a few really goodand nice reproductive enendocrinologists It gets expensive when you go to do IVF which is oneof the last resorts they go to. I would go to a dr and see if they can do workups and check tomake sure all of your levels are good.I just turned 37, we started trying for a child when I was 32. We finally got pregnant last yearafter trying everything when they decided to give me meds for my hypothyroidism. My thyroidwas only off slightly, so never bothered to give me medicine for it, but 2 months after I startedtaking thyroid medication I became pregnant. So you never know.Every situation is different and I am sending lots of baby dust your way.Good Luck 3/6
  4. 4. Sharon asks…How can I get my hands on a Clearblue fertility monitor and teststicks when I live in Australia?I have just tried to buy one on Amazon UK but they don’t deliver this type of product toAustralia. Does anyone know of another online store which sells these and delivers here? Or ifanyone lives in Australia and knows of any shops that sell this product? I’d really appreciate it!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Hey there,I bought mine from EBAY USA (aussie dollar to US dollar is about the same at the moment toowhich is good)Also try the UK pharmacy Boots www.boots.com. When I used up the test sticks supplied in thebox I bought more on-line from here. I just looked it up and they sell the fertility monitor. Type infertility monitor to their search on their web site.Also I just found an on-line store called the fertility shop www.thefertilityshop.comLooks like they take international orders.Ps I loved this monitor! I got pregnant the first cycle I used the monitor and had twins!! (thetwins bit was just luck second time I got pregnant within 3. Awesome. 4/6
  5. 5. Helen asks…day 3 FSH fertility test results advice?I only need serious answers to this question. I have been trying to conceive for 7 months withno luck, my GYN prescribed a day 3 FSH fertility test and these are my results:This first test was taken during mid-cycle:Prolactin: 15.38Progesterone: 21.11This test was taken on the second/third day of my cycle:FSH: 8.44pg/mlLH: 5.49pg/mlEstradiol: 22.98pg/mlMy GYN told me that I have low estrogen levels for my age, 28 years old – off the pill for 1 year.I have researched this issue online but could not find any info for people with low estrogen andnormal FSH.My GYN put me on Progyluton for 3 months but I could only take it for one as its side effectswere too severe for me. My GYN advised me to go see a fertility specialist when we are ready,not sure I am yet.My question is: given my low levels of estrogen, what are my chances of getting pregnantnaturally? If they are low, what are the options available to me?Thanks for your advice.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: 5/6
  6. 6. I think you should see a fertility specialist. My GYN gave me so much misinformation. I was very angry. My Gyn did three IUIs before telling me to see a fertility specialist. I went to a fertility specialist who told me I should have never done the IUIs because of my progesterone levels and I had had endometriosis. I did two rounds of IVF and I am finally pregnant. The fertility specialist put me on estrogen patches and progestrone injections to balance the hormones to where they needed to be for the fertilized eggs to implant. I wasted a lot of money listened to my Gyn. I should have gone to the fertility specialist in the first place. They understand hormone levels better and can give you many options for conceiving whether on your own or assisted. Good Luck Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Q & A On Fertility Test Online 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)