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No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test


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No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test

  1. 1. No Lh Surge On Ovulation TestUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLinda asks…Which should I believe, cervical mucus, or an ovulation test?I have taken three ovulation test, and all have shown no surge in LH, however I have beentracking my cervical mucus, and today it is like egg whites. I am on my 14th day of my cycle,and todays ovulation test was again no surge. Which should I believe?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I would go with the cm. You may have missed your surge. Those things don’t always pick themup either. So I would get busy today and the next two days just to cover your bases. 1/6
  2. 2. Maria asks…ovulation question. please respond! short lh surge?Had a peak reading from my clear blue monitor yesterday.had a positive ovulation test reading this morning and now this evening its no longer apositive.duff test or did i ovulate in last few hours?have been ttc, is it worth bding again tmrw. we did it today and friday and other times this weekon high readings from we did baby dance today so hope you guys are right,will try again tmrw just incase and then think will be sitting pretty waiting…Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The “peak” of the surge indicates that you will ovulate in the next 12-36 hours. Once the egg isreleased, it will live for 24-48 hours, so you still have a chance of conceiving if you have sextoday……doing it again tomorrow can’t hurt. 2/6
  3. 3. Nancy asks…Did I get LH surge if the test line is a little lighter than the controlline?I started using Ovulation kit since middle of my cycle last month. A couple of days ago, for thefirst time I saw a dark test line that was no as dark as the control line. I checked it in themorning and in the afternoon and it was same. I did not see a dark line on the next day. Wasthat my LH surge? The kit instructions (“Answer” brand test kit) says that the test line shouldbe as dark or darker than control line so I am confused? I don’t know if I am ovulating or notand if I am then when? I want to conceive a boy so I want make love at the right time toincrease my chances of conceiving a boy.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I’d say you’ll probably see that dark line get darker over the next few days so keep testing ifyou still have tests left. I had the same problem this cycle and have decided to stop using OPKsand just chart my Basal temperature instead! The OPKs cause me too much confusion as I hada clear positive a week or so ago and haven’t ovulated still as I chart the temps too and havehad no temperature rise to signify an egg has been released! I’m hoping you have luck withyours though, I’m probably that exception to the rule!Your body is producing LH in larger quantities, which is good news. You may have even seenthat test go to a clearer positive if you were to test every few hours on that test you took. Somewomen have a short surge and I know I’ve had to re-test several times on days I’ve seendarker lines to get the true +. If you’re now getting no line or very light ones, I’d probablyassume you’ve ovulated within two days of getting that near-positive as I say, it’s easy to missyour surge. I really do recommend charting your temp in future if need be. It’s the onlyguaranteed way to know if you’ve ovulated as OPKs are not 100% accurate or guaranteed. 3/6
  4. 4. Mandy asks…My ovulation test, is this normal?I got the clear blue digital ovulation test, I take it first thing in the morning and me being notawake yet I didn’t notice at first that it also has the test lines on the strip as well (the 2 bluelines) I noticed 3 days ago. The first two I noticed both had the normal dark line then the otherline was faint but noticeable. Today’s line was barely noticeable at all, it got lighter. I have 2tests left and according to the ovulation chart I looked at I should be ovulating tomorrow,However I have not noticed an LH surge yet. Is it possible that those 2 I noticed were my LHsurge days? even though the digital part of the test said no LH surge? Or have I probably notovulated yet? my cervical mucus has not been clear yet either if this helps.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I have read on an Ovulation test website that you shouldn’t use the morning urine ever! That’sonly for a pregnancy test. You should test anytime in the afternoon, evening. And not drinkfluids two hours before testing. 4/6
  5. 5. Lizzie asks…Ovulation test strips or natural timing?My husband and I are ready to start trying for a baby, I came off the pill in May and this month isthe month that we agreed to try. Now according to the whole ‘wait 14 days after the first day ofyou period to conceive’ we should have been trying since the 24th BUT I have been doing theFirst Response Ovulation test strips every day (it says to wait until your LH surge happensand then try to conceive) Well its now the 26th and still no surge…. Should we wait until thesurge to have sex again or should we start tonight??My poor husband has already gone a week and a half without sex as we were trying to build upthe sperm count for the big night. Should we wait a little longer and keep doing the test strips orthrough caution to the wind and it on tonight??Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Building up the sperm count often doesn’t have that much of a benefit compared to just makinglove whenever you’d ordinarily feel like it. If you don’t get pregnant this time, I wouldrecommend to start trying, say, every other day as soon as your period ends. Day 14 may betoo LATE in the month unless your cycles are always 28 days or longer. The LH surge ishelpful, but even sex a day or two before the surge often will result in a pregnancy becausesperm will still be present when the egg is ready.I’m glad to read that you’re working together on this and that you care about his needs. I wouldnever recommend that a husband or wife make the other wait a week and a half, short of anemergency — you need the closeness, and the partner wanting sex, if s/he’s being loving, hasthe right to that closeness and enjoyment.The website at has some good info on observing your body for signs of fertility,too. It might save you the cost of the test strips! God bless, and best of luck! 5/6
  6. 6. Carol asks… why did my ovulation test not work? i started doing my ovulation test (clearblue) on the 11th day of my cycle and i done it for seven days it didnt detect no LH surge. my cycle is normally 30 days. why did it not detect nothing?? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: You either did not ovulate that month, which can happen, especially if you’re an older woman trying to conceive. The other possibility is that you tested during the wrong time of day. Was it between 2-8 pm, which is the recommended time to test? Some recommend testing twice a day so as not to miss the sign of ovulation altogether, it can happen so quickly and then be gone. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test 6/6Powered by TCPDF (