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Lh Testing And Clomid


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Lh Testing And Clomid

  1. 1. Lh Testing And ClomidUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgNancy asks…pcos clomid lh surge timed intercourse?I have pcos and iam on 50mg clomidIam on my 4th day of clomid and Iam doing cd’s 7-11todays cycle day 10when should i start testing for lh surgeshould i test twice a dayand should we have sex everyday or everyother day?Do we have sex the day we detect the lh surge, or wait until the next day?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I am pretty sure i heard that you are supposed to have sex right after the ih surge. 1/7
  2. 2. Jenny asks…I”m on clomid 3-7 and got a positive LH surge on cd 15. Is itpossible that I ovulated already. today is cd17I have mild pcos and trying to conceive for the first time. I have been tring to use the bbt thingbut my temp are all higher than 98.0. On cd15 my temp was 98.8 and had eggwhite cervicalmucus and a positive OPK test( LH surge) but the day after it dropped to 98.3( still good cm)and it was 98.1 today. Is this normal? Is”nt my temperature suppose to saty up? I have usedthe same thermometer for over a yr. Could it be affecting my temp. and making it erractic?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:At first i thought “who posted my question here?” i too have pcos and today is my first round oflast clomid pill 3-7…Usually when u see an LH surge on opk, it means that u will be ovulatingwithin 24-36 hrs…It means that u might have ovulated yesterday, or little chance of today….Trydoing BD today so as not to waster ur month…I wish we all get our BFP’s this month….Goodluck… 2/7
  3. 3. Laura asks…Clomid confusion : Did I ovulate and could I be pregnant?took clomid every morning at 10 am days 3-7. Starting on day 8, DH and I BD’d every othernight. (we used to do it every day for pretty much the whole cycle previous months) I also begantaking robotussin pills with guaifenesin as its only ingredient. I did this 3 times daily morningafternoon and night. I also drank plenty water through out the day. On day 10, I started usingOPK’s and I also started to take my BBT. I went through 2 OPK boxes because I was testinglike a nutso. The first OPK was New choice, which is the dollar store brand; the kit comes with20 dip sticks. I had all negatives until I used my last two sticks on the morning of CD 16. Icouldnt really tell if the sticks were for sure positive, but the test line had strong color comparedto all the others. This was at 9 am. Around 1 or 2 pm , I went and bought the clear blue digitalOPK. From drinking a tons of water, my urine was completely clear and not good for LHtesting. So I pretty much held off till like 6 or 7 pm to test. It was negative. Well I started feelingOvulation cramps on each ovary that night, but I was confused as I did not have a trace ofEWCM. I tested the next morning which was CD 17, and again negative. That night I had theworst ovulation cramps on both ovaries that I have ever had, but still no EWCM. We continuedto BD every other day and I continued to use OPKs. We started to use pre seed but I wasgetting nervous that this cycle was a bust. We Bd’d until CD 20 and for some reason after thatnight I wanted nbothing to do with DH as in touching etc.( I still feel that way today which is cd26). Well my BBT spiked on cd 18. So, I figured maybe I might have ovulated on CD 17. If thatscorrect, I started having wierd cramps (close to ovulation pain) on 5 dpo. On 6 dpo I was stillcramping and I notice a tiny spot of blood on the tp.(sorry TMI) I checked myself to make sure ididnt have a cut or something, and I didnt. That night, I was very irritable and everythingbothered me, my BB’s began to feel sun burned like. This continued on to 7 DPO and I actuallythrew a temper tantrum because DH wouldnt get me tea from the store! That is not like me atall! I felt like I was being a super beast! Yesterday, 8 dpo, I returned to my normal self. My tempthis morn was 98.45 and has been close to that since CD 18. So, based off that, one wouldthink I ovulated? Even though I had no EWCM whatsoever? My 1st round wasnt like this at allsymptom wise, so do I have a chance of being pregnant? Or because I did not have any EWCMand did not used pre seed till after suspected O, I should expect AF and hope for better lucknext time? Please give me some insight!! I feel like I am going crazy!! lolPregnancy Advisor’s answers:Wow, you probably could have asked your question in about 3 sentences or less. 3/7
  4. 4. Based on the info given, yes, it seems you ovulated. It would have been useful to provide yourpre-O temps starting on CD10, but guessing those were a lot lower, it seems you did have atemp shift.Yes, Clomid can dry up your CM. It’s a common side effect.Yes, Clomid can give you painful ovulation, sore boobs, and horrible mood swings. These arevery common too.Everything sounds about normal.Good luck.Donna asks…I’m 28 no infertility and had my first IUI today with donor washedsperm. I took clomid, and having bad cramps?My partner and I decided to have a baby and we did our first IUI today with donor sperm. I haveno infertility issues, I’m 28, never have tried to get pregnant before. My day 4 blood workshowed high estrogen so they put me on clomid. Yesterday I Peaked on my LH test so todaywe did the procedure. I have had bad cramps (pinching) that go to my back yesterday andtoday. Is this normal?? What are my chances of getting pregnant the first time??? Why does ithurt to bend over, it gives me a cramp??? 4/7
  5. 5. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:IUI can cause cramping but it should not last more than 24 hours. If you feel bloated in additionto the cramping, I’d call the doctor, you could be hyperstimulating which is a bad side effect ofclomid.Sharon asks…IUI and clomid?My husband and i have been ttc for almost 1 year..he had a vasectomy reversal and all mytests came back fine..The doctor put me on clomid(100) for days 5-9 last month and i had apositive lh on day 12 and IUI on day 13..They were able to insert 30 mil w/76% motility..drasticimprovement from what the semen analysis was showing..My question is this month withholidays and everything i wasnt able to get into the doctor to get the clomid until day 6 so istarted it 1 day late..I know that the optimum time to start clomid is between day 3-5..I haventgotten a positive lh test yet and am getting a little is now day 14..If I normally ovulateon my own between day 15-17 and started the clomid late, is it possible that the clomid justmessed with my cycle and i will probably just ovulate naturally on my own this month..hasanyone encountered this problem when taking clomid..??Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:YES clomid will make your cycle a bit messy, when i got my clomid first prescribed i was already 5/7
  6. 6. on cycle day 4 (i take mine on day 2-6) i asked the doc wether to wait til my next cycle to startand she said it made no diffence to my ovulation chance, it would just mean that my cycle wouldall be later, she said once you start on clomid the clomid takes over your cycles so not to go onyour regular cycles at all.Hope that makes sense and good luck xxSusan asks…HPT-BFN/Clomid-What do i do now:(?Hi,I am TTC.My last few cycles are Jan 5th,Feb 6th,Feb 26 (In Feb I had two periods)March 21st2009(1 week before due date).So i have 24 day cycle.Today is CD 26 and periods still didn’tcame.I ovulated on CD 17 this month.I took a HPT but it was BIG FAT NEGATIVE:( The testthat i took was not a first morning pee.I want my doctor to start me on clomid.What test would she want me to go through beforeputting me on clomid?I already got tested for LH and FSH Hormone test which came normal.Thanks for advice!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Ey, if you ovulate and have a fairly regular cycle aswell which it seems you do, i doubt you willget it, maybe something else depeding on how long you been trying and history etc of you and 6/7
  7. 7. partner. I got it for questionable ovulation and also for long cycles, every 42days. An i had been trying a yr. I wouldnt encourage it, the side effects as most will tell you are bloody awful, i took the recommened 6cycyles and often you cant take more as it is high risks then for ovarian cancer and cycsts! And im grtaeful i have been recieving treatment but not that it was Clomid – awful, weight gain, heavier bleeding, more painful ovulation, dizzines, blurry vision, hot flashes, extended and exaggerated PMS symptoms, and agonising boobs after Ovulation. Good luckbut hopefully you are okay, if you Ov’d CD 17, your period isnt due for 14days approx, as period comes 14days after Ov as a general rule, some up to 16 days, so prob a bit too early to test?? Try again in a few more days if you can wait. Good luck Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surge Lh Testing And Clomid 7/7Powered by TCPDF (