Lh Surge And Ovulation Timing Iui


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Lh Surge And Ovulation Timing Iui

  1. 1. Lh Surge And Ovulation Timing IuiUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgBetty asks…What are the requirements for artificial insemination?(artificial insemination is also called IUI) I’m wondering how old you have to be? How muchdoes it cost? What can I expect from the treatment? Thanks a bunch!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You have to be of legal consenting age. At the clinic i work at, we require (because the staterequires this) that you and your partner be tested for infectious diseases (i.e. Hep b & c,syphillis, chlamydia, ghonarrhia, HIV, bacteria…) before an IUI can be performed.As far as treatment goes, after you are tested and possibly treated for infectious disease, youwill monitor your cycle until you have your “surge” of ovulation hormone (also known aslutenizing hormone or LH). Your surge indicates LH has increased to the point to make youovulate about 24 hours later. You have your IUI on the day of ovulation, using a sterile plasticcatheter. The sperm would be collected from your partner and washed to remove all the deadand abnormal shaped sperm a couple of hours before your IUI, or if you are using donor sperm,the sperm is thawed and prepped. You take a pregnancy test 14 days after your IUI to see if it issuccessful.Even IUI isn’t perfectly successful every time. 1/8
  2. 2. Donna asks…Has anyone ever had to use artificial insemination to getpregnant?I’ve been on clomid for 5 months now. My Dr. said that since I’ve not gotten pregnant, I shouldtry insemination this month. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. Like is itusually successful pretty quick, or is it a long process like every other treatment I’ve tried?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I just had my third IUI last month. Most doctors will tell you that if you do not get pregnant withany proceedure after 3-6 months., its time to try something different.My experience with IUI has been relatively good. This is an normal month with an IUI.Cycle day 2- ultrasound to see if you have “left over” folicles from previous cycle.Cycle day 5-9- Ovulation Inducing Drug (like clomid or femera)Cycle Day 10-16- Test at home for LH surge with ovulation kit. If I get a surge on my own, then Ischedule the IUI for the next day.Cycle day 16 (if no surge) I get another ultrasound to see if I have any follicles that are 19 orlarger. If I do I will get a 10000cc shot of Noveral (HSG Trigger shot) then the next day they willdo the inseminatonCycle day 17- My husband goes to the doctors to do his thing aprx 2 hours befor the IUI, thenleaves. Your IUI appointment follows 2 hours later. During this appointment, the nurse will use aspeculum (like at a pap smear) to access your cervex, then she will take a small tube that is 2/8
  3. 3. used to deposit the speciman into the uterus. The whole proceedure takes less then 5 minutes.The most pain you will feel will be during the inserting of the speculum and tube. (it’s totallylivable pain, I’ve had cramps that were worse). Once the instriments are removed, you areimmediately pain free. My docotor likes to have us lay on our backs with are hips elivated for 20minutes after the proceedure. They will darken the room and play relaxation music.Cycle day 23- I have my progesterone levels checked. If they are low, I take a progesteronesuppliment.Cycle day 24 and up- sit and wait- hope and pray!I hope this helps! If you have anyother questions, please email me!Good luckMary asks…Can you still ovulate even if you think you might be pregnant?I received an IUI this month on the 7th and took another ovulation test and it said I justovulated, why is that?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:An ovulation test doesn’t tell you you just ovulated. An ovulation test tells you that your LHhormone is surging and LH usually surges right before ovulation. If you had an IUI done, why 3/8
  4. 4. would you even be taking an ovulation test.With an IUI your doctor will usually schedule you for a beta pregnancy test when the time isright. Until then, stop peeing on things. A beta is a lot more accurate.Good luck.Linda asks…Did your RE do Ultrasound before doing your IUI?Will be on cd13 tomorrow, I had positive opk today. I am supposed to be doing IUI in themorning. Will my doctor do an ultrasound before they do the iui to make sure there is an egg?Sorry for the dumb questions, it is just my first time having it done.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Probably not as you had a positive OPK, but it is possible. If he has you using opks to detect LHsurge then he must feel that you are responding correctly.For my first IUI, my doctor did an ultrasound to make sure that I was growing mature folliclesduring the cycle and responding normally to the meds that we were using, but he did not do oneon the actual day of my IUI. It was done a few days before the predicted ovulation.Good luck and baby dust! 4/8
  5. 5. Susan asks…What’s the difference between IUI and IVF?Difference between:“INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION” & “IN VETRO FERTILIZATION”?1) cost?2) success rate ?3) procedure?I know that IUI less expensive but what am i looking at?also, I read up on each but need a breakdown of procedure if possible.& NEED PROS & CONS OF EACH! For example, why would I go with one procedure over theother?Seriously considering. Please Help.Thank you,PamPregnancy Advisor’s answers: 5/8
  6. 6. Here is some information for you:IUI-When a physician places semen into the reproductive tract of the patient, the process is calledartificial insemination. The type of insemination and method of sperm processing depends onthe details of each case. When sperm from the patient’s husband is used, we term the processartificial insemination with husband’s sperm (AIH). When sperm is obtained from ananonymous donor, the process is termed therapeutic donor insemination (TDI). Proper timing ofartificial insemination is important to the success of the process. Once it is ovulated, an eggremains fertilizable for 12-24 hours. Once deposited in the reproductive tract of a woman, spermretains the ability to fertilize an egg for 24-72 hours. Therefore, a well-timed insemination mightoccur anytime between 24 hours before and 12 hours after the egg(s) is(are) released.Usually, a single insemination is planned for the expected day of ovulation each cycle. Inspecial situations when the number of sperm for insemination is low or the timing is uncertainwe will schedule insemination on two consecutive days. The day of insemination(s) may bedetermined by several means. Some woman will utilize a kit that detects the LH surge in herurine. Ovulation is most likely to occur on the day after the LH surge is first appreciated. These,patients are instructed to run an LH kit and call the office to schedule insemination for 18-30hours after the LH surge is noted. An alternative means of scheduling insemination is to monitorthe LH surge utilizing blood testing. Ultrasound evaluation of follicle growth may be incorporatedinto cycle monitoring.IVF-In vitro fertilization (IVF) involves the fertilization of eggs by sperm in a dish (outside thewoman’s body). The embryos which result are transferred back into the woman’s body (ET).Although it is technically possible to perform IVF without the use of fertility drugs, only one eggwould be collected and the chance for pregnancy would be low. With the use of fertility drugsmany eggs (ova)are retrieved, improving the chances of success.Injectable gonadotropins are used for most IVF procedures. In order to arrive at an ideal startingpoint a cycle of oral contraceptive pills is often prescribed prior to beginning gonadotropininjections. In addition, many patients are pretreated with a gonadotropin releasing hormone(GnRH) agonists, for example Lupron, drugs that turns off a patient’s own hormones.The GnRH agonist down-regulation allows injectable gonadotropins to synchronize thedevelopment of multiple follicles. GnRH agonists also prevent a woman from triggering herovulation prematurely (before the eggs can be collected). Alternatively,a GnRH-antagonistmedication may be utilized beginning a few days before oocyte collection in order to preventpremature egg release.In a typical IVF cycle the woman begins a package of oral contraceptive pills on or before thefifth days of her period. On the 18th day of that cycle injections of Lupron are begun. A period isexpected around day 26. An ultrasound and blood tests are then performed to verify that thewoman is in a good “starting position” to receive the injectable gonadotropin drugs. 6/8
  7. 7. The dose of gonadotropins ( taken daily or twice daily) is adjusted with hopes of obtaining 12 to15 oocytes (eggs) for use during the IVF procedure. Progress towards ovulation is monitoredevery few days with ultrasound and blood tests. If she has not been treated with Lupron, thewoman will begin the medication Ganerelix after ultrasound has determined that her leadingfollicle is 12-14mm. In size. When the patient’s follicles are ripe, ovulation is triggered with aninjection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).My husband and I will be trying AIH, and if that doesn’t work we will be moving on to IVF. I wishyou the best of luck!Nancy asks…Follicle count was 18, is that good, what does it mean exactly?Hey everyone! Just got back from seeing my fertility specialist and having an ultrasound. I havebeen on 100 mg of clomid for cds 5-9. My follicle count was 18. So tomorrow night I give myselfan ovidrel injection and we are scheduled for an IUI on Monday afternoon. Do you think I havea good chance of conceiving this time?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It’s the measurement of the follicular sac in mm. It grows about 2mm per day. Ovulationhappens about 44-48 hours after the hcg shot. So yours will be at about 22 mm when youovulate. 7/8
  8. 8. Ovulation occurs when it’s around 22-24 without clomid. Clomid usually makes a women ovulate when the folliculars measure around 23-28mm. Mine was 29mm last month (but only 22 the month before) with natural lh surges. I was also given hcg the day I had a natural lh surge. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Lh Surge And Ovulation Timing Iui 8/8Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)