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Lh Surge


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Lh Surge

  1. 1. Lh SurgeUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgCarol asks…Is it possible to get a positive LH surge for 5 days in a row?I have been taking ovulation kits to know when I will be ovulating and for the past 5 days, thetests have shown the LH surge. The directions explain that you are supposed to surge one ormaybe two days in a row each month. Why am I surging for 5 days!! Does that just mean I amextremely fertile? I was recently pregnant and gave birth at 16 weeks pregnant in July. I knowthat women are more fertile after being pregnant or giving birth. Is this the reason for this??Thanks!!Really?? How can a positive LH mean pregnancy? I thought the OPK’s and the pregnancytests test for two different hormones? Last period was Oct 7th so I don’t think I could bepregnant. Although, the period only lasted for 3 days. Hmmmm.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:No, you can be fertile for 5-6 days in a row but you only ovulate 2 of those days, that’s why thesay to have intercourse for the 5-6 days that you are fertile because his sperm lives in there upto 5 days so if you have sex while you are fertile when you are ovulating you have a muchbetter chance of getting pregnant. Try this web-site this is what my husband and I areusing… it has helped us out in understanding the way a woman’sbody works. 1/6
  2. 2. Jenny asks…When should you have intercourse when you see a LH surge?I have been trying to conceive for going on my 2nd month now. I use a OPK LK stick everyevening when I get home from work. The night before last I noticed a slighly darker line thenusual. Then lastnight, I noticed an obvious positive LH surge. The test line was as dark as thecontrol line. My husband and I had intercourse lastnight. Was this too soon? I also checked myLH surge again this morning, and it was still positive. I am going to check it tonight to see whatthe results will be. How long do you usually have an LH surge for? Anyway, how soon shouldyou have intercourse after seeing a positive LH surge? Any answers would be appreciated!Thanks so much! Also, has anyone ever used a Ovuscope? (the saliva test for ovulation) I alsouse one of those, and have never had a positive result with it. It has always been negative.Thanks again.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:When you get your positive on your OPK it usually means you are going to ovulate in about24-36 hours but beware that your body can surge at anytime during your cycle and sometimesyou can get a + on your OPK but the surge could not be strong enough to release the egg to bepossibly fertilized, that is what is going on with me, I had a positive OPK on the 30th and bd’edtwo days before and the day of and two days afterwards even though that one was too late, butnow my temps are going back up indicating another surge about to happen which could meaneither I didn’t ovulate when I got the + OPK or that I am ovulating again or that i am going intoanother higher surge which could possibly indicate pregnancy. I would invest in a basal bodythermometer you can get one at wal mart for about 10 bucks or so and go and join fertility 2/6
  3. 3. and it will help you chart your temperatures but make sure you take your temps atthe same exact time every morning or the results could be inconclusive also charting could takea couple of months to get the hang of so don’t get discouraged your best bet is to baby danceevery other day for a month and don’t make it like a chore have fun with it and make lovebecause you love each other and let making a baby be a pleasant surprise. Best of luck to youhun and I wish you all the bestLinda asks…Does an LH surge mean you are about to ovulate or you havealready?I think I keep phrasing my question wrong. If my urine test indicated that I had an LH surge onFriday. Doesn’t this mean my husband and I should have had sex that day? I was under theimpression that means you are ABOUT to ovulate. Does it mean you ARE ovulating and youmay have missed the window?? I’m confused. We had sex Tuesday, Friday morning, andSaturday afternoon. Friday morning was when my stick indicated an LH surge. Can someonestraighten me out?? Thanks a ton! Any infor is appreciated!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The LH surge comes right before you ovulate. So sex the day that turns positive is great. 3/6
  4. 4. Lisa asks…Is it possible to ovulate three days after LH surge?I had a positive LH surge on Friday and Saturday. It is now Tuesday and I am just now gettingthe cramping I usually get when I ovulate. Is it possible to ovulate so long after the LH surge?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes, usually it happens 24-48 hours after you LH surge, but it can happen 3 days after. Also,sometimes women cramp a little the day after they ovulateSharon asks… 4/6
  5. 5. I tested for LH surge Monday the 17th, do you think I should stillhave intercourse today and tomorrow?I know that sounds silly but we had sex sunday before I detected LH surge and then the 2 daysafter. Am I still fertile? Should we still be trying????we did have sex the day before I detected surge, NOT the day of BUT the two days after thatso I think im in good shape.. atleast I hope!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Okay i think this has to be the easiest 2 points ever on yahoo answers.okay you got a surge onthe 17th? Why would you wait now to have sex? You should have done it the day of, the nextday and the last day of the negative surge.right now your chances are super low.i hope i couldhelp.Helen asks…Is it possible to ovulate and not detect an LH surge?Ive been taking clomid and had a follow up ultrasound this past monday. The doctor detected 5/6
  6. 6. two follicles that are just about to be released. He said I should ovulate sometime this week. I know the week isnt over yet, but still no LH surge….Any thoughts? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: I mean it’s probably possible you may not be doing the tests right or maybe their faulty. But again wait the week out… And see! Good Luck Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Lh Surge 6/6Powered by TCPDF (