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Kuala Lumpur Hotels Airport


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Kuala Lumpur Hotels Airport

  1. 1. Kuala Lumpur Hotels AirportVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgMary asks…Airport hotel cost in Kuala Lumpur International Airport?Hi,I have to spend a night (transit ) in Kuala lumpur International airport. Where should i book?Thanks a lot for your helpsattyCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:The hotel inside the airport will cost you an arm and a leg (Pan Pacific) they wanted rm900 for 5hours stay there. There is a counter on level 2 where they can book you into a nearby hotel formuch less (rm120) or catch the bus to the nearby Tune hotel for rm10 (plus air-con, tv etc =rm50) 1/5
  2. 2. Steven asks…Is there a transit hotel at Kuala Lumpur Airport?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Yes, there is 2 Options. Either a hotel inside the transit area, so you do not need to go outsidethe customs area. Or there is the airport hotel, called The Pan Pacific( 2 minutes walk from the main terminal.Both options will be kind of costly for Kuala Lumpur (approx. 120 usd).5 minutes taxi ride away there is a 3 star hotel … For about 60 usd. The concorde hotel (not tobe confused with a hotel with the same name in Kuala Lumpur)Laura asks…How is Pan Pacific Airport Hotel in Kuala Lumpur?My mom has a stop-over in Kuala Lumpur and will be staying there. How’s the service? Food?Security? etc… 2/5
  3. 3. Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:My parents have stayed here a couple of times. They’re extremely fussy and they were veryimpressed by the Pan Pacific. Despite it’s location in the airport, it’s not your standard airporthotel. The food, service and accommodation are all of a very high standard. There are nosecurity issues to worry about, and it is unbelievably convenient. I’d highly recommend it – andaccording to my parents, its extremely well soundproofed, so you can get a very good night’ssleep.Donald asks…How to commute from Kuala Lumpur International Airport going tothe Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam?Will be going to Malaysia for a 2-day trip, i was wondering how to get around KL the fastest andcheapest using their public transport. Any tourist destinations other than the Petronas towersalong the said route?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers: 3/5
  4. 4. From KLIA, take ERL (KL transit) going to KLsentral. Then from KLsentral, take KTM going toShah Alam. From there, take either taxi or public bus going to Concorde Hotel.About the fees, i dont think it’s too expensive. Spending about RM15 will be enough for oneperson, i suppose.Lasr word from me, welcome to Malaysia!William asks…how far is hotel empress sepang from kuala lumpur airport?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:10-11 minutes or less. Been there.Its in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang.Http:// by Yahoo! AnswersVisit Kuala Lumpur 4/5
  5. 5. Kuala Lumpur Hotels Airport 5/5Powered by TCPDF (