Hotels Near KLIA, Malaysia


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Hotels Near KLIA, Malaysia

  1. 1. Hotels Near KLIA, MalaysiaVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgMaria asks…how much is the taxi fare from crown princess hotel to klia?how much is the taxi fare from crytal crown hotel petaling jaya to klia?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:For a normal taxi, the fare is rm 80 for chartered one.Linda asks… 1/6
  2. 2. What is the best way to go from GENTING HIGHLANDS to KLIA?What is the best way(taxi, lemo, bus, etc) to go from GENTING HIGHLANDS First world hotel toKLIA economically and convenient. And muct time will be spendCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:I bet you did ask regarding this few weeks ago…if its based on your limited of time from Gentingto KLIA…i strongly recommend to you to get on cab/taxi from the First world Hotel in Genting (though its kinda expensive a little bit, but i’m sure you dont want to miss that flight to Langkawieither) ..Yes, its cheaper by bus, and i’m sure you have loads of luggages to follow you everywhere andthis will easily make you exhausted..and further more you need to switch few connecting bussesjust to get you to KLIA and within this limited time..this is not advisable at all…believe me..beenthere done that!…Have a pleasant journey!Donna asks…How do I get to Berjaya Time Squrare Hotel from KLIA? 2/6
  3. 3. Taxi service is available at the KILA taxi airport counter located at the east side of the Arrivallevel(Level 3). The fare costs around 85 MYR and takes about 1 hours and 15 minutes to the hotel.85 MYR is too costly for me so I was wondering if there’s like a train or other publictransportation I could use.Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Klia –> kl sentral , using KLIA express (rm36)*kl sentral –> imbi, using monorail (rm2)monorel will stop at the entrance of Berjaya Times Square at Imbi.Sharon asks…I gonna stay for 12 hs. in a Hotel near KLIA, and I wanna go to ThePetronas Towers.. How can I do?There are Tour Buses that can go to the petronas and come back to KLIA? 3/6
  4. 4. Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:You can join a day tour that takes you sight seeing in KL and Putrajaya. Just ask the hotel toarrange for you with a tour operator.Lizzie asks…How far is the Airside transit hotel from KLIA LCC?have u stayed at the airside transit hotel in KL? How far is it from KLIA-LCCCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:The Airside Transit Hotel is conveniently located at Satellite A, next to Gate C5 (where mostlong-haul flights arrive). Witthin the KLIA Building itself.Never stay in this hotel before..but i guess, it is well-maintained and affordable as it is alsounder the same management of KLIA.The Airside Transit HotelThe comprehensive range of hotel facilities and services include:80 well-furnished rooms with attached bathroom, television and in-room safe24-hour reception 4/6
  5. 5. Fitness Centre with well-equipped gymnasium, shower, spa and saunaBusiness Centre with a full range of facilitiesLounge Bar CafeComputersTyping and Word processing servicesInternational Direct Dial (I.D.D.)Fax-Local/InternationalE-mail/InternetPhotocopyingNEW HOTEL ROOM RATE FOR YEAR 2007Rates for the first six- (6) hours (1 block):STANDARD ROOM (1 queen size bed) 20” – RM 140.00 nettSUPERIOR ROOM (1 queen size bed) 24” – RM 160.00 nettDELUXE ROOM (1 king size bed) 27” – RM 200.00 nettSUITE (1 king size bed) 51? sq. Mtr – RM 230.00 nettEach additional hours beyond six hours – RM 20.00 nett(Maximum 3 hours only)Extra Bed – RM 30.00 nett(Maximum 1 additional person only for deluxe room)Double rates (2 block) apply for stays between 10 – 12 hoursFACILITIES MINUS ROOMIf you have a brief stopover and would like to unwind and freshen up, you are welcome to useour private shower and gym facilities. Towel, soap and shampoo will be provided. Chargeablerates are as follows:SHOWER – RM 20.00 nett (per person)GYM AND SHOWER – RM 30.00 nett (per person)SAUNA AND SHOWER – RM 30.00 nett (per person)Enquiries and reservations can be made at:Mezzanine Level, Satellite A Building, 64000 KLIA Sepang, Selangor.Tel: 603-8787 4848Fax: 603-8787 4747Email: 5/6
  6. 6. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Visit Kuala Lumpur Hotels Near KLIA, Malaysia 6/6Powered by TCPDF (