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Genting Hotels


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Genting Hotels

  1. 1. Genting HotelsVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgDonald asks…KL sentral to First World Hotel Genting?HI all. We plan to stay in First World Hotel Genting. I need information: how can we reach thehotel from KL sentral? Which is better whether taking a bus or taxi?We are a family with 4 members.Thanks before!Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:From the below link:“Visitors to Genting – City of Entertainment can now board the Genting Express Bus from theKL Sentral Station to the Genting Skyway Lower Station and then enjoy a scenic GentingSkyway cable car ride all the way up to the resort.The express bus service runs on an hourly schedule between 0800 hour and 1900 hour fromthe KL Sentral Station. The one-way fare inclusive of a Genting Skyway ride is RM 8.30 peradult and RM 6.70 per child”have a good time there! 1/5
  2. 2. Donna asks…Is Maxim Suite at Genting Highlands worth the money ?I will be going to Genting Highlands for 2 nights on 13 Jun. Sadly all hotels have been bookedexcept Maxim Suite. I actually don’t mind paying more for comfort. I wonder whether it is reallynice and worth the money ?I am traveling with my mother, so I will need 2 separate beds. But the website only shows 1 kingbed. I wonder if they have rooms with 2 beds ?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Never hear about maxim suite in gentingLinda asks… 2/5
  3. 3. How can i book genting hotel (e.g. First world hotel) last minute fortomorrow (Fri 18th Jan 2008) ?i tried the online..but to no avail..says no available rooms..i was wondering if ijust go up there (genting) and try to get a room? but from where?Who do i ask?do i just standaround? Or have to ask the ‘ulat’s.Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Try it online….shouldn’t have any problemMaybe it’s fully booked! How about other hotels in that vicinity? You might need to book directlyinstead…Mary asks…Haunted hotel in Genting?I know that the First World Hotel in Genting is infamous for being extremely haunted. But, doyou guys have any haunted experiences in Resort Hotel or Genting Hotel? 3/5
  4. 4. Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Try Amber Court. Then come back here and tell me how you feel.Chris asks…Which would be the best hotel to stay in Genting Highlands, FirstWorld Hotel or Theme Park Hotel?What type of rooms are recommended?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Actually, First World Hotel gives out more promotions especially during school holidays or whenthere are incoming events to be held in the place. That is what I have experienced previouslybut my assumption could be inaccurate now. Therefore it is always better to call their offices tocheck further for more information. 4/5
  5. 5. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Visit Kuala Lumpur Genting Hotels 5/5Powered by TCPDF (