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Fertility Testing For Women At Home


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Fertility Testing For Women At Home

  1. 1. Fertility Testing For Women At HomeUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgMary asks…40 days late, 2 negative results, 1 worried woman…?my last period was on May 25th and i havn’t recieved one for the month of june. I’m not on BCand have tested 2 times (once this morning) both were negative. I have noticed i’ve beenpeeing more often and have been constipated. Due to the negtive results my doctor told me tocome in immediatly and be seen. I am now getting nervous of other things besidespregnancy…like limited fertility or even worse cerviacl problems. I have read other q’s & a’son here and how some women tested at home negative and really were pregnant. What doya’ll think?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If your last period started on 5/25 you are on day 40 of your cycle and are 10-12 days late.That said, the fact that you are having some pregnancy symptoms but are testing negativelymeans that you should follow your doctors advice and go in. You may have just had ananovulatory cycle, but it’s also possible that it’s something more serious like an ectopicpregnancy. Of course that’s much less likely, but still worth getting checked out. Of course, ifyou are pregnant, that’s worth getting checked out, too! 1/9
  2. 2. Lisa asks…what are some symptoms of ectopic pregnacy?I tested pos at home for pregnancy, and today I had a pos blood test at the doc. I was onfertility drugs to get pregnant, because I didn’t ovulate. I have heard things that women likethat are at high risk for ectopic prenancy, I am about 5 or 6 weeks along now, how and whenwill I know if it is ectopic?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It will be bad and you will know something is wrong. It will be in your lower abdomin – maybe toone side and horribly painful. Go to the emergency room immediately and tell them yourpregnant and think you have this problem- it can cause major problems for you health wise ifthey don’t take care of it right away. Make sure you get scheduled for an early ultrasound ifyour doctor is concerened. It is not always beacuse of the fertility drugs- you can have it due tonarrow fallopean tubes (in my case) or previous scarring/blockage from abortions or certainstd’s which cause damage to the organs- that raises the chances by 50%.Don’t worry i am sure u will be fine- stress makes eveything worse so relax and good luck 2/9
  3. 3. Lizzie asks…Well ladies have a look at this ?Hello ladies!I wanted to share my story thus far, I have been TTC since Oct 09.I got my BFP in april but unfortunately my little angel baby didn’t stickI miscarried at 5 weeks. I had two irregular periods after that and during that time DH and Irestrained from BDing. My cycle then became regular and DH and I started trying again, firstmonth we had no luck and I was devastated, So I brought the Clear blue fertility monitor!Then it arrived to late for me to use the next month So I stuck it out and did our normal routine.Then good old AF arrived! We had been unsuccessful again.However I tn started using my Clear Blue Fertility Monitor…..I learnt that I was ovulation ALOT earlier in my cycle then I had thought, explaining all ourmonths of AF showing her face..When that monitor said high fertility DH and I started baby dancing….Then it reached peak and we continued to BD.Well two days ago at 12DPO I took a FRER test and to my absolute surprise I saw this withing 1minute! have a doctors app at 11 today to confirm my pregnancy,Ladies I just wanted to say that there IS HOPE!You can do it, Yes it might take awhile but It will happen. I will say that I do think the CBFMhelped us conceive this miracle!I would suggest it to every women out there TTC!!Good luck ladies I’m giving you my no longer need baby dust so here it is -+* Baby Dust *+-(: Wish me Luck at the doctorsPregnancy Advisor’s answers: 3/9
  4. 4. Congratulations!!! Wow there are a lot of pregnant women all of a sudden!! Hopefully this is mymonth to! Good luck at the doctors!Jenny asks…Women with PCOS please, am I preggo?!?I am a 23 year old female who has pretty dominant PCOS. I usually have periods only onceevery four to six months. I started taking Yaz about two weeks ago but was not taking itregularly. Had unprotected sex with my boyfriend around the middle of December. (about amonth ago). Now I have had horrible angry mood swings the past two weeks. Been snapping atmy boyfriend….feeling fine one moment, angry the next. I began having abdominalmenstrual-like cramps. ( I stopped the pills when these began because I wasn’t taking themregularly and thought I might be having a menstrual cycle.) I’ve had cramps about three or fourdays now. But only a little bit of dark brown blood. The cramps seem to be getting a little worseeach day but no significant blood at all. To top it off about a week ago I started having sneezingfits…I’d sneeze every hour or two ( I’ve never had allergies in my life to anything), and startingyesterday I’m having a very runny (clear) nose, but no other cold symptoms. Also, I have hadpressure in my abdomen during the cramps that causes slight pain in my rectum area. Couldthese be pregnancy symptoms? Do you think they are related? I do not have tender breasts…butthen again my breasts are about a size A cup, and are never sore…not even before periods. If Iwere pregnant, the least I would be would be three-four weeks along.Yes, I do want a baby, very much. Have been trying to conceive for six months. I was onlytaking the pill to regulate me as my gyno said this would increase my fertility once I stop thepill. I should add I dont’ know when my next period is due as I rarely had them…although I had avery heavy period shortly before my last intercourse. So, I don’t know when to take an at hometest for sure accuracy. Oh goodness, the continual negative home tests are so deppressing!Thank you everyone for answering please do give any advice or encouragement you can/tips 4/9
  5. 5. on getting pregnant with PCOS. Even telling me YOUR story and symptoms would beinspiring!!! Do you think i’m preggo?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I too have pcos and have very crazy periods. It is so hard to say whether you are pregnant ornot, the brown blood does sound like a possibility I would wait a week and take a test. Inregards to my experience, honestly honey I don’t think it will be very inspiring. I spent 7 yrs ttc.Finally I sought help with a specialist. I had all of my testing done and they confirmed I hadPCOS. After that I started on clomid. I now have four children. My third is the only one that wasconceived naturally. (quite a surprise as my second daughter was only 10 wks old when I foundout) I was on the pill for 2 yrs. I went off it and still had no luck with my cycles regulating and noluck conceiving and I have heard that you have to wait for the pill to leave your system anywayso I am not sure why your gyno would recommend this. I was thinking though that maybe thepills you took were just enough to kick your body into a normal cycle but really there is no way toknow for sure without taking a test. Best of luck to you.Laura asks…Am I Really 8 DPO? Late ovulation? Can someone please look atmy chart?So, I had a D&C in mid-February after a very heartbreaking miscarriage, and then I had ahysteroscopy in mid-April to remove a blood clot. My first post-op cycle started exactly five 5/9
  6. 6. weeks after my D&C. My second post-op cycle started exactly five weeks after my first post-opcycle. My LMP is Saturday, May 1. I have been charting since December 2008. I do BBT(temping) every morning at the exact same time, CM checking, and OPK testing every month.Here is my chart for reference and I want your opinion on a few things regarding my chart:, as you can see, based on my cycle history, I have NEVER ovulated this late before, but itwould make sense since my last two cycles have been 5 weeks instead of 4. I just didn’t thinkmy cycles would be so out of whack for three months straight.Anyway, I started OPK testing this cycle when I normally do (around CD 10-11). They werestark white negative during the week I expected to ovulate so I figured I was having ananovulatory cycle. But thank goodness I kept testing because I eventually did get a positiveOPK on CD 18, but my +OPK on CD 19 was much, much darker (so I consider that the actualpositive one even though I noted them both as + in my chart).Unlike my previous cycles, this one (temp-wise) seems to be taking on the characteristic of a“gradual climb” even though it’s starting to look biphasic. If they continue to stay up near orabove 99, it could even be considered triphasic (possibly indicating pregnancy). Well, FertilityFriend put my ovulation day at CD 21 (I assume because of my temps, not my OPK). DH and IBDd on the night of CD 20.So my questions are:1.) Do you think FF is right? Do you think I actually ovulated on CD 21? Or do you think I justdidn’t ovulate at all? If not, why are my temps rising and why did I get +OPKs?2.) Do you think our chances of conceiving are good, assuming FF is right?3.) When do you think I can test? Would today be too early?According to FF, I am 8 DPO today and I have 14 HPTs sitting under my bathroom sink. Ibought six FRERs (the newfangled ones that claim you can test “6 days before your missedperiod”) and eight Answer brand tests (i.e. the poor woman’s FRER), and I am absolutely dyingto take one today! DYING! The 2ww is excruciating! I got my BFP in December at 12 DPO butthere were VERY light lines at 10-11 DPO (I just didn’t record them because I couldn’t believethem). I am just SO confused by my chart and the ovulation thing is totally throwing me off. Thelatest I’ve ever ovulated is CD 16 and my average is CD 14. I am exhibiting a lot of symptomsthat could either be described as early pregnancy or PMS symptoms, but this is exactly how Ifelt in December when I got pregnant. It’s all bloating and gas and cramps and a ridiculousabundance of CM and things smell and taste weird.Can anyone answer any of my questions? I know some of you are probably really good atinterpreting and analyzing charts, so what do you think? Do things look right and, if so, whenshould I test? Do you think it looks good for us this month? Do you think I ovulated, and, if so,do you think I really ovulated that late? Should I bother testing today? 6/9
  7. 7. Thanks, everyone!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well, you’re temperature is definitively going up. I think you DID ovulate late because the rise intemperature happens after ovulation and that was after the + OPK. You can start testing (iftemps don’t go down) at 10 days past ovulation.Good luck!Sharon asks…Endometriosis question….! Women only, please!?Hey all. Here’s my dilemma:I’ve had this very weird gut feeling for about a year now that there is something wrong with myreproductive organs.I had always known that my mother had a difficult time conceiving. A fertility specialist didlaparoscopic surgery, and endometriosis was found on her reproductive organs. However, itwas cleared up with some medications which stopped her period for a year.I never really knew much about endometriosis. I didn’t even know what my mother’ssymptoms, if any, other than infertility. I never gave it much thought until I started getting thisintuitive feeling that I myself am infertile. For some reason, out of nowhere, I had this gut instinctthat something is not right “down there”.Months later, I began developing weird symptoms… 7/9
  8. 8. dull, stabbing pain on the left lower abdomen (was at first an on-and-off thing, now isCONSTANT);cervix/uterus-area pain during sex;strange, horrible pain that felt like uterine contractions;ridiculously excruciating cramps followed by the absence of a period for over two months;heavy flow.During summer 08 I experienced a lot of stomach issues as well, nausea, IBS… and now I findmyself constipated a lot.Doctors AND home pregnancy tests confirm I am 100% NOT pregnant.And every doctor I’ve gone to told me I just had IBS and irregular periods because I’m stillyoung-I’m 18.I’ve gotten multiple gynecological exams with Planned Parenthood and my regular physician,all revealing nothing, but I’ve never discussed the possibility of endometriosis with them, or toldthem about my mother’s case. I looked it up, and found it was hereditary.My mother isn’t much help on this. She isn’t really answering my questions very clearly,because it was a really really long ago for her. She herself doesn’t know much about it, and ofcourse wouldn’t know about any different procedures, etc.Does anyone have an opinion about whats happening to me? What can I expect for theprocedures for diagnosis? What happens during laparoscopy (and post surgeryproblems/pain)? If I do have endometriosis, what do they do to treat it, besides stopping yourperiod with pills? Can it come back? Are you guaranteed fertile after? And WHAT ELSE COULDTHIS BE BESIDES ENDOMETRIOSIS?!You don’t understand how appreciated serious responses will be, I’m nervous about this.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I have endometriosis. Had all the symptoms you do. Never was able to to get pregnant. Nothingshowed up on any xray,or ct till I had to have an appendectomy. Labs were fine but i had a knotover my appendix with terrible on and off pain. My appendix when removed was covered inwhite grissle like material (endometriosis). Later I had to have a total hysterectomy whichshowed a gross amt of it. OB/GYN said yes it could come back and cause symptoms. I honestlydont think its hereditary. But you need a good ob/gyn to diagnos and listen to you. 8/9
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