Fertility Test Kits


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Fertility Test Kits

  1. 1. Fertility Test KitsUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgHelen asks…What is the best make of ovulation/fertility test kit to buy?Also is better to buy an old fashion kit or thermometer? My cycle has always been 28 days andit was easy to predict but unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage last September and since thencycle has been all over the place so was advised by my doctor to buy one of these kits. Thankyou.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If budget isn’t an issue the clear blue easy fertility monitor is what a lot of women choose tobuy. The downfall is they can run you about $150 for the monitor and then you have to keepbuying test strips. You can go on ebay and buy a used one to save some cash.Another alternative is the Fertile-focus Saliva Ovulation test. This is a saliva microscope thatcosts about $30 and you can use it continuosly. Also it’s 98% effective and I’ve known acouple of women to get pregnant while using it within 2 months. Another brand is Maybe Mom..But I think that’s closer to $50. 1/6
  2. 2. Nancy asks…We intend to introduce Home Fertility Test kits in India. Pl tell howdo you feel about these kits?The kit contains 10 LH Test, 2 FSH (Menopause Test) and 4 Pregnancy Test Midstream. Alsothe Charts and period calender with comprehensive instructions.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It is a very good idea.Women are becoming more aware of reproductive and fertilityproblems,so this would help a lot of women.Maria asks… 2/6
  3. 3. Where can i find Male fertility test kit been to my doc says mysperm count is ok but been trying for 8 years?I have been to my doctor and done a test. Test came back everything is ok. I have trying for achild now for more than 8 years, I think I should see another doctor. Wher can I get a kit I canuse in the comfort of my homePregnancy Advisor’s answers:What makes you think some shoddy home test kit will give you more information than yourdoctor?You BOTH need to get tested, not just you. About a third of infertility is caused by a problemwith the male, a third is problems with the female, and a third the combination of the twosomehow not working out. If your sperm count and quality checked out okay, it is time to look atthe other two thirds of possible causes.Sandy asks…can any one recommend a male fertility test kit which is availablein local drug stores in manila.? 3/6
  4. 4. I am scouting a male fertility test kit which is available in metro manila drug stores. I want tohave this test on my own….. at the privacy of my home… Thank youPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I don’t know where they are avaliable in your area but I wanted to let you know that we boughton here in the US at a drug store called Walgreens and my husband took it at home. It read thathe had a low sperm count so we have a real test done at the lab and it came out just fine. Hehad a completely normal count! The test was really expensive ($35 american dollars) and was atotal waste. I dont want you to have to waste your money for an inaccurate result! Good Luck!!Sandra asks…Can I get some sort of fertility test even though I have been tryingfor less than 6 months?Me and my fiance are going to start trying for a baby, I’m going to get ovulation testing kits andhave sex every other day but I just have a feeling that i may not be fertile, there is a history ofendimetriosis in my family. Is there a fertility test they can do for me? and where would I go forthis? 4/6
  5. 5. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Talk to your doctor – it never hurts for the both of you to get a basic check up, make sure thatyou are both healthy and discuss that you are trying to conceive. Your doctor will probably askyou about your cycles, history of endo etc . . . And figure out what is the best recommendationfor you.If your cycles are normal then they will probably recommend that you take pre-natal vitamins(you should take them now if you are trying) and keep trying for another 6 months . . . Thenreturn to the doctor to discuss it further. If your periods are irregular, severe cramping, veryheavy etc . . . Then they may do some testing now.Good luck and loads of baby dust to you!Sharon asks…has anyone tried the clear blue easy fertility test kit?did you like it?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The digital ovulation predictor kit? If that’s what you mean, yes, I’ve used it twice and works 5/6
  6. 6. great…..I love the cute little smiley face when you get your positive. If your talking about the fertility monitor, I haven’t tried that. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Fertility Test Kits 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)