Fertility Calendar 3 Months


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Fertility Calendar 3 Months

  1. 1. Fertility Calendar 3 MonthsUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgMaria asks…Question about using CBE fertility monitor AND charting?I have been using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor for the last 3 months, and I just alsostarting charting last month online at fertilityfriend.com. I have a question for those who use boththe monitor and charting – the monitor says if you start your period after the ‘test window’, thatyou should set day 1 as the next calendar day. If I note a period today on fertilityfriend.com, itwill count it as day 1, regardless of what time of day I actually started.Example: I started my period at 3pm in the afternoon on Saturday – my fertility monitor wouldcount day 1 on Sunday, but my online chart will show Saturday as day 1.Should I just make day 1 as Saturday on the CBE monitor?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I would count Sunday as day 1. I have gotten pregnant with the CBE monitor but miscarriaged. Iam currently using it again in hopes to oon be pregnant.Baby Dust to you!!! 1/9
  2. 2. Nancy asks…Spotting and cramps 3-4 days after estimated ovulation date….?Just as background info… My husband and I have been TTC for 4 months now. This month wehad sex 3 days before, on, and one day after the EOD. I also took Robitussin, (guaifenesin) toimprove the quality of my CM.Three days after my estimated ovulation date, (using a fertility calendar), I noticed spottingtwice during the day after wiping, the first time with a “flake” of blood in the toilet, (sorry if that’stmi but I want to be accurate). Later that night and into today, (4 dpo), I’ve noticed lightcramping in my lower abdomen. My period isn’t due for another week and a half and I’ve neverhad such early spotting before. I’ve read up on implantation, and I’ve heard mixed reviews asto whether or not it can happen this soon, (I’m also wondering if my estimated ovulation datemay not be correct).I know I ultimately have to play the waiting game and can’t know anything until I have a missedperiod, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I had the mucus stuff on fri and sat got implantation cramps the sunday after and a week latertested positive it could be ur month hun sounds good so far i know its hard but do try not to thinkabout itall the best =) 2/9
  3. 3. Laura asks…ttc and first response fertility test?Ok we’ve been trying to concieve for 2 months now, I used an online ovulation calendar topredict my most fertile days, but am wondering if it was off a bit.I did get the depo shot one time, so I was covered for 3 months, I was officially off of it inoctober. My periods wereoctober 2nd, lasted 3-5 daysnovember 1st lasted 3-5 daysdecember 1st, just got it today.My question is have you take the fertility test? I was thinking about it, because I heard being ondepo can cause you to not be able to get pregnant. I did ask my dr. and she reassured me thatit’s only if you’ve been on it for a few years. I’m wondering why I’m not getting pregnant. Withmy 1st baby, we got pregnant right away, we weren’t even trying. We were even using thecondom and the bc pill.Any advice, info is much appreciated. ThanksPregnancy Advisor’s answers:First I will address the question about birth control and not being able to get pregnant. Twoyears of birth control (any type) has a documented effect of decreasing female fertility. All birthcontrol has the potential to decrease fertility for a few months after you come off of it (thestandard time frame cited is 6 months). 3/9
  4. 4. Reproduction is controlled by hormones, birth control works by interfering with your hormones.Your body’s ability to rebound from the interference determines how long your fertility isdecreased. Having regular periods though is a great sign that you are doing fine.Now on to fertility the fertility test. If you are older, it may be a good idea to buy the test and takeit. This is one of the first blood test an RE would do, and it won’t hurt to take it. But with regularperiods, FSH is probably not a problem for you.It is most likely just a number of attempts issue. You have only been TTC for 2 months. Anycycle where you attempt conception has a statistical chance of pregnancy of 25-30%. And oddsof conception do not drop drastically until 6 months has passed.While you might have conceived quickly and easily with baby #1, that does not mean allconceptions will be as easy, especially since time is fertility’s most formidable opponent. Andnot just for you, time is not your husband’s friend either. Sperm counts, motility, andmorphology all decrease with age, especially after age 35.I would not be concerned about 2 failed cycles so soon after coming off of the depo shot.However, you know your body and your situation, if you feel something is not right, then by allmeans buy the tests, they cannot hurt and if they allow you to discover an issue sooner, thenthat is a good thing. If they come back normal then that gives you piece of mind. There is nodrawback. However, I suggest getting the male fertility test too, might as well cover all yourbases.Good Luck!Linda asks…Pain and pressure in uterus? 4/9
  5. 5. Judging from what little I know about ovulation and when to tell if you are in fact ovulating. Mycycle came on the 4th it’s came on the 4th for the last 3 months. For some reason I am havingslight cramping like my cycle is about to come back on and some pressure around my uterus.No weird color discharge or anything. This pressure more intense when I have to pee. I’venever had this before.Based on a fertility calendar I am ovulating. Is this normal during ovulation or should I look intothis deeper? Thanks for the input.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I’ve heard some women do have some cramping when they are ovulating. I personally do nothave cramping except on the first and second days of my cycles. Good luck to you. I hope thishelped, even a little. =)Betty asks…Questions about fertility…?How does fertility work? Logic and “amorous” feelings would indicate that I’m “in heat” aboutthe week before I begin bleeding.I say logic, cause that’d be good time for a healthy supply of blood to build up, and ifimpregnation doesn’t happen that week, then *bing* it expires, and purges, and the whole thingrepeats.Is your first day of menstruation the day where blood starts becoming shed (ie, spotting), or is it 5/9
  6. 6. considered the first day you’re heavily bleeding?If I have a 26-28 day cycle, when can I (roundabouts) safely have sex?What does being a “little fertile” mean, what does being fertile mean, and what does ovulationmean / what is ovulation day? Likewise, do days of infertility mean you’re just not fertile thatday, or does it mean that you can have sex those days, *sperm lives for however long*, and youwon’t get pregnant?Can I have sex up until (or even ON) the first day that I’m “a little” fertile, or do I need to nothave sex 3-5 days before that first “little fertile” day? Can I have sex into the “nearing fertility”days up until his sperm would totally be dead and gone before my fertile day/ovulation day?According to Pink Pad and the Standard Days calendar, the 3 days I had sex with my boyfriend(the day [day 4] I stopped bleeding, and the two following days), were safe. However, lets sayhe has super sperm and they lived the whole maximum 5 days inside me after Day 6 (the lasttime we had sex). That’d put me a few days into my “almost fertile” time. Is this safe, or playingchicken?The standard days calendar says that the whole first 7 days of menstruation are infertile- doesthis still apply if you only bleed for 3-4 days, or do you become “fertile” as soon as you stop?Which calendar should I listen to? Why?-StandardDays says that no matter what, I’m fertile between days 8-19 (conveniently thismonth, the 8th through the 19th).-PinkPad (and other fertility-calculating online calendars) say that I’m fertile between the 9thand 15th of this month.Can I resume having sex on/after the 15th? Cause…5 extra days of bonding would be mightynice.Can the Plan B pill be used for short term birth-control?The different hormones and reduced side effects (in severity and number), is very appealing,but would it be safe to use once or even twice a week for three weeks?FOR THE RECORD:I’m fully aware that the calendar-method on it’s own isn’t entirely reliable. However, I’m alsomonitoring my basal temperature, will be using a (all natural; yet certified in Canada andEurope) spermicide, and possibly, the Plan B pill (ultimately gonna ask my gyno about that). I’maware all of these methods are only 80-95% successful, but I figure that success is greaterwhen stacked. And, if it’s not evident by my questions, I’d like to have sex as often as possiblebecause I have a limited amount of time with my boyfriend (as we’re long distance and onlyvisit on school breaks) and have no intention of having sex on the days where I could getpregnant. It’s not gonna be like “oops, I can probably get pregnant today so lets just usespermicide” because that’s stupid. These are legitimate methods of birth control (atleast I’mnot asking how much Mountain Dew to drink so I don’t get pregnant >.<) and atleast Im notgoing to have sex *whenever* just because I can always get an abortion.I hope everyone can respect that Im doing what I am as my options are limited, and just help 6/9
  7. 7. me by answering my questions and spare me any lectures. If you disagree with me, then saveit. If you help me, then thank you <3Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:HI there!DON’T use the Calendar method, that’s not a method.DO use Fertility awareness. Fertility awareness is a combination of taking your temperatureevery morning and checking your cervical fluid every morning. These two methods combinedwill give you a very clear idea of when you are ovulating. The book “Taking Charge of YourFertility” will teach you how to do this. You can see the website at www.tcoyf.comNone of those calendars will work for you. You have to listen to your own body. But once youlearn how, it’s very simple.If you are using this method, DO NOT take Plan B unless a condom breaks. It will mess up yourmethod for up to three months from the time you it. It also can cause infertility if used frequentlyand it is in general terrible for your body. Worse than taking birth control pills, which I assumeyou have reasons for not wanting to take.You can be fertile even while you are bleeding if you ovulate on day 8, something that iscompletely possible. It’s not very likely that you do, though. As soon as your period ends, youmay be fertile, the only way to know is to check your cervical fluid by using two fingers to pinch itoff your cervix.The general rule with fertility awareness is don’t push it on the front side of ovulation. The timeafter your period before ovulation is a risky time. If you miscalculate by even 24 hours, you canbecome pregnant. The time after you ovulate is completely safe. The only risk is being wrongabout when you’ve ovulated. “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” will teach you how to not bewrong.Best of luck. 7/9
  8. 8. Donna asks…we’ve been trying for 9 months..why?i’ve been following my ovulation calendar, and made sure i wasn’t stressed out or over thinkingit. we stopped actually “Trying” 3 months ago since i thought it was because i was thinking toomch about it, and we just went with it to see what happened. but still, NOTHING!i am so afraid to get a fertility tested because i’m scared that i might not be able to have kids,and i’m trying to keep my hopes up.anyone out there that can help me?something i can do to increse my chances?or someone who has had the same experience but ended up being pregnant after such a longperiod of time.i’m just scared of the idea of not being able to ever have a baby. :’(Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You should use the clearblue/clearplan easy fertility monitor. Calenders just predict when youovulate along with opks. The monitor actually pinpoints when you are fertile and the EXACT dayyou ovulate. I ttc for 2 1/2 years and used that and it worked first cycle for me! I recommend it toeveryone! I should be their spokesperson I swear! They run $150-$200 new but you can buythem on ebay for $60-$80 used! That’s what I did! Hope I helped!If you ttc past 1 year I would say you should go see a doctor. I know it’s scary, but what ifsomething is wrong that’s easily fixable? It’s better to know then to keep getting yourheartbroken every month! Good luck and God bless! 8/9
  9. 9. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Fertility Calendar 3 Months 9/9Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)