Cuti-cuti Malaysia Kuching Airport


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Cuti-cuti Malaysia Kuching Airport

  1. 1. Cuti-cuti Malaysia Kuching AirportHotels near Kuala Lumpur Sentral Train Station.David asks…Kuching to Melaka – Quickest route?Melaka have airport but no MAS or Air Asia fly there. Why? Have to take coach or taxi or train.From Johor or KL – which is better?Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:Take a flight from Kuching to LCCT ( presumably you take an AirAsia flight ) and then take acab to Melaka ( 1 hour journey ) 1/6
  2. 2. Steven asks…Do Malaysia Airlines supply in flight internet and laptop charging?I will be flying from melbourne airport to kuala lumpar and then from kuala lumpar to kuchingon a connecting flight. does malaysia airlines supply in flight intrnet and laptop charging! thanksKaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:Usually there is no internet on international flights. As for the charging, check, enter your flight and seat number and it will tell you if you will have a powerport and what type.Sharon asks…Budget hotel in Nilai town?I’m from Kuching, Sarawak and plan to visit my sister in INTI International University NilaiCampus this coming 1 May. I will arriving LCCT Airport from Kuching early morning. May iknown any budget hotel around LCCT that close to Nilai town? 2/6
  3. 3. How much is the taxi fares from LCCT to Nilai town?Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:For the budget hotels around LCCT that near to Nilai, i would suggest New Wave Budget Hoteland Nilai Hotel. Both are located in Nilai town and it is around 15 – 20 mins drive from LCCTairport.The rate per room per night started from RM60.00 depends on room type.Taxi fares to Nilai from LCCT is around RM30.00 per way, you can get a taxi coupon at LCCTtaxi counter. You also can take the Airport Liner or stage bus from Nilai town to / from LCCT, thefares is RM4.00 only.Michael asks…Kuchingites, I need you help?I will be travelling from Kuching to Sibu in November, by BUS. Due to some reasons I can’tbook a flight to SBW.So, I need to know how much taxi will cost me from the airport to terminal bus??And where is the terminal bus that houses buses to Sibu? 3/6
  4. 4. Do I have to purchase coupons for the taxi from airport to the bus terminal?Thanks. =)@bean, i dont want to use express boat. =)Thanx everyone. You guys are so helpful. =)Thanx everyone. You guys are so helpful. =)Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:I’ve never taken the bus from Kch to Sibu , but …1) taxi from Kch airport to bus terminal might be in the region of RM20 – 30 (its more expensiveif you take taxi past midnite). Yes, you will be able to purchase coupons at the airport.2) The Kch terminal in at 3.5 miles, not too far from the airport – say about 20 mins. This is whatthe terminal looks like:- asks…what to do in malaysia?so i’m going to malaysia next week nd im rly excitedbut i wanna know if there is a lot to do there becoz i dnt wanna ever be bored 4/6
  5. 5. im going to kota kinablu, sandakan, kuching nd kuala lumpur but only for a daythnksnd is there anythin to do at kuala lumpur airport the budget airport one becoz im gonna bestuck there for 3 hours :SKaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:Okay, so if it’s Kota Kinabalu you’re going, you must try the seafood there. They even havesoft-shelled crab, ones that you can eat the entire crab, including its shell. It’s locatedsomewhere near Asia City, I think. It’s a huge area with lots of seafood restaurants all around it,and brightly lit too.In Sandakan, well, go back to nature! Go visit Sepilok, home to our closest relatives, theorangutan. You can also go to RDC(Rainforest Discovery Centre). There, you can enjoy a briskwalk through a rainforest filled with all sorts of trees. There’re even these tall towers where youcan view the rainforest at a different angle. It only takes the most 1 to 2 hours.In Kuching, well, I’m not a Sarawakian so I don’t know much about Kuching. But I’ve beenthere. I only know that you can find lots of souvenirs there that you can bring back.In Kuala Lumpur, the airport is really quite huge. There are lots of shops and cafe’s there whereyou can have a drink. Maybe you can bring your laptop or notebook to some of the many freeWiFi (wireless) service available the cafe’s and food shops.Hmm, Kuala Lumpur, where should I start? Maybe you can visit the famous twin towers and KLtower or you can just go in malls and shopping complexes and just walk around.I’m not sure what else you want to know about Malaysia but I can definitely tell you thatMalaysia is great!Hope this helps, though.Powered by Yahoo! AnswersDownload Hotel Discount Coupon for Hotels in KualaLumpur 5/6
  6. 6. Cuti-cuti Malaysia Vacation Cuti-cuti Malaysia Kuching Airport 6/6Powered by TCPDF (