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Shrinking the Custom Application Development Cycle with Low-Code Platforms

Enterprises are constantly seeking to raise speed and agility through software. This requires IT to address complex business requirements with an eye for customer experience and mobility. Until now, these builds meant long and expensive development cycles, on-site maintenance and updates. In short, these builds lack the flexibility required for today’s business environment.

Not anymore.

With the advent of low-code platforms, the time, skills, and resources required for building custom applications that meet complex business requirements have been dramatically reduced.

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Shrinking the Custom Application Development Cycle with Low-Code Platforms

  1. 1. Shrinking the Custom Application Development Cycle with Low-Code Platforms Wednesday,19 October 1PM EST
  2. 2. Traditional app. development challenges Highly centralized Responding to market demands Slow to develop Multitude of technologies
  3. 3. Managing IT infrastructure not easy Infrastructure Setup Server Maintenance Security Scalability
  4. 4. While information expected on the go Mobility Fragmented device landscape Tech-savvy users Real-time information
  5. 5. Business users left waiting Leading to rising demands on IT Running enterprise applications Scarce and costly resources Consumerization of ITNew application backlog
  6. 6. Solving Business User Challenge Go back to IT DIY Wait in line e.g. Access, Excel
  7. 7. DIY: Stopgap approaches Local sharing of data Cloud-based sharing of data
  8. 8. DIY have their limitations No single point of truth Difficult to administer Challenging to collaborate Tough to integrate
  9. 9. Cloud-based sharing can be complex Access Controls Security Challenges Managing User Base Spiraling Data Volume
  10. 10. Align scarce skilled IT resources on mission critical apps Quickly build solutions through increased collaboration with business Improve speed of delivery & cost of app development & maintenance Why should you consider a low-code platform?
  11. 11. Equal Partnership otherwise it will be Shadow IT Going mainstream with low-code Governance Low-code Developers Professional Developers Citizen Developers
  12. 12. Scenarios Managing Shareholder Communications Coordinating Store Tasks Nationwide Organization M&A Player Large retailer Need Tracking communications Assigning tasks to 100s of stores nationwide Previous Solution Excel spreadsheets to track shareholder actions Excel spreadsheets used to send task lists Low-Code Solution Real-time workflow application Global task manager application Result Visibility, efficiency, in real- time Visibility, efficiency, transparency
  13. 13. About Marlabs Marlabs, Inc. One Corporate Place South Piscataway, NJ 08854 Voice 732.694.1000 Fax 732.465.1000 Marlabs provides innovative technology services that improve operational efficiency and help customers gain competitive advantage. As a trusted partner, Marlabs has consistently delivered winning results for clients, which has led to exponential growth and multiple accolades. The company has been repeatedly recognized by Deloitte & Touche in their Fast 50 and Fast 500 programs. After being named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list for five consecutive years, Marlabs was the sole inductee into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame in 2006. Marlabs has been featured as one of the “best places to work in NJ” among large firms. For more information, visit Thank You!
  14. 14. • Help customers align & unify their IT & Business • 12 years in Tech – FinTech, CMS, & Low-code • Worked @ Stock-Trak, Percussion, Acquia, & Intuit • Engineering, Professional Services, Product Management Ankit Shah
  15. 15. “By 2020, 60% of all fast-mode application delivery projects will be done outside of formal IT teams.”
  16. 16. QuickBase Digital Transformation Survey in Feb-Mar 2016 captured the sentiments of 301 senior IT & Ops professionals about digital transformation within their org Digital Transformation Survey
  17. 17. (F) = Forrester forecast Note: The figure for 2015 is estimated. Sources: 1. Forrester’s Q4 2015 Global Low-Code Platforms Vendor Landscape Online Survey. $1.73 $2.55 $3.88 $6.13 $10.30 $15.45 2015 2016 (F) 2017 (F) 2018 (F) 2019 (F) 2020 (F) Low-code platforms forecast, 2015-2020 (US$ billions)1 Low-code market
  18. 18. IT Busines s Identify Pain Define Governanc e Design App Develop App Test App Drive App Adoption Verify App Standards Iterate App Gather Requirements Publish App Identify Pain Manage App Drive App Adoption Verify App Standards Iterate App Gather Requirements Publish App Define Governance Design App Manage App Develop App Test App High Control App Development High Productivity App Development Low-code application development
  19. 19. Tier 1 Apps: “Run the Business" Tier 3+ Apps: “Get Work Done” Tier 2 Apps: “Delight the Customer” Tiers of applications Mission Critical/ Pro Developer/ $$$ 1 Semi-Mission Critical/Low-code developer/ $$ 2 Revenue Independent/ LOB developer/ $ 3
  20. 20. Spectrum of Developers No-code LoB Developer (Citizen Developer) Closest to Business Basic to Advanced Spreadsheet (eg. macros) Low-code Developer (BU IT or Central IT) Closer to Business Web Scripting Back-end Scripting (Javascript, Node JS, Ruby, etc.) Pro-developer (Central IT) Farthest from Business Object-oriented frameworks Compiled languages (C#, Java, .NET, etc.)
  21. 21. A low-code application development platform that unifies IT & Business to quickly & easily build, iterate, and maintain business productivity applications with right-sized governance & control Right-sized Governance Low-code Ease & Speed User Productivity & Insights Integration & Automation Enterprise-class Scale & Performance QuickBase Overview
  22. 22. 500,000+ USERS 5.6M APPS CREATED 6,000+ ORGANIZATIONS 20 apps ACTIVE PER CUSTOMER QuickBase delivers tremendous value for the money. We estimate that our cost savings are in the $100,000-200,000 range.” ERIK JONTE Technical Program Manager QuickBase has increased productivity and capacity in the individual service lines substantially—due to visibility, collaboration and customizability. FILIPPO PASSERINI President, Global Business Services I have invested in platforms that allow me to go from idea to live in just days. QuickBase is a master at that. FRANCOIS TRICOT CIO More than half the Fortune 100 use QuickBase
  23. 23. Collaboration models using low-code platforms Business-Led No-code LoB Developer Low-code, Developer Build, deploy, maintain Provide best practices Hybrid No-code LoB Developer Low-code Developer & Work together to prototype, build, deploy and maintain IT-Led Low-code Developer No-code LoB Developer Build & deploy Maintain
  24. 24. “QuickBase has removed technology as an obstacle to moving our business forward.” MICHAEL WACHT Vice President of Operations
  25. 25. BRUCE SQUIBB Senior Director of Program Development “We don’t have to interrupt our IT department to build an application. We just need a good idea, collaboration from the end users and some productive quiet time.”
  26. 26. “Our ability to develop and customize apps quickly makes it easier for our users to do their jobs, which ultimately leads to higher quality service for our customers.” JOE LICHTEFELD Vice President of Application Delivery
  27. 27. $612K Total reduction in developer costs 96% Reduction in cost to update an app The average reduction in time to develop an app -8WEEKS QuickBase by the Numbers Summary of Benefits ROI 260% PAYBACK 6months Total Economic Impact of QuickBase
  28. 28. • Align scarce skilled IT resources on mission-critical apps • Leverage existing business resources that are closest to the problem • Create a culture of citizen development with a governance framework • Deliver solutions to your customers at increasing speed & cost • Reimagine your digital strategy with a low-code development platform Key Takeaways
  29. 29. Thank You!
  30. 30. Shrinking Custom App Development Through low-code platforms • Solving business problems • Quick prototyping • Building tier 2 and 3 applications • Increased collaboration between IT & Business • Raising speed of Dev at lower TCO
  31. 31. RESULT: equal partners working together IT Business = Value +