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Accordion Book


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Accordion Book

  1. 1. Elements of Design Accordion Book You’ll be glad to know them!
  2. 2. Instructions: 1) Grab two 6” x 18” pieces of SAME COLOR construction paper strips 2) Grab two pieces of ANOTHER COLOR 4.5” x 6” construction paper sheets
  3. 3. Instructions: 1) Fold BOTH 6” x 18” pieces of paper into four separate rectangles (4.5” wide) 2) Glue two pieces of folded 6” x 18” papers together to make one long piece of paper
  4. 4. Instructions: 1) Fold the long piece of accordion paper into book form 2) Glue the 4.5” x 6” pieces of other color construction paper onto the front and back of the book
  5. 5. Instructions: 1. Grab two more sheets of DIFFERENT COLOR construction paper scraps. These should be different than the two colors you used for your book and the cover/back. We will be using these scraps to cut out lines, shapes, make texture, and create a sense of space.
  6. 6. Instructions: There will be a new powerpoint EVERY DAY of this project to introduce in detail every Element of Design: (Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Space, and Form) It is important that students are present to receive the base-knowledge they need to complete this project.
  7. 7. Criteria: Everything here MUST be included in your Accordion Book and all notes must be done to receive full credit. 1. THREE (out of the five) types of lines cut from scrap construction paper 4. ONE form of texture with construction paper (cut, curl, bend, layer, tear, etc.) 2. TWO geometric shapes and THREE organic shapes cut from scrap paper 5. TWO (out of the six) ways of showing space with construction paper 3. A purposeful color scheme 6. ALL definitions included on the back of the book (either written or typed)
  8. 8. Criteria: 7. A COMPLETED note-taking packet (passed out at the beginning of the project) 8. Careful and precise cutting and gluing techniques