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6th grade cultural motif color wheel (2)


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6th grade cultural motif color wheel (2)

  1. 1. Cultural Motif Color Wheel Taking a Look at Our Heritage!
  2. 2. Culture/Ancestral Culture: 4 a : a particular stage, form, or kind of civilization <ancient Greek culture> b : the beliefs, social practices, and characteristics of a racial, religious, or social group c : the characteristic features of everyday life shared by people in a particular place or time. Ancestral: Of, relating to, or evolved from an ancestor or ancestors What is your background? Irish? German? Native American? Arabic? French? Portuguese? Japanese? Chinese? Scandinavian?
  3. 3. Motifs and Cultural Designs Research your Ancestral background. Choctaw (Native American) •  Choctaw symbol of happiness through all stages of life. Portuguese •  The Portuguese Cross of Christ is one of the most important Portuguese symbols.
  4. 4. Using your Motif in a Color Wheel
  5. 5. Objectives: 1.  Artist has created a complete color wheel with 12 colors. 2.  Artist has colors in correct order. 3.  Artist has correctly painted each color. 4.  Artist has accurately measured each section so their motif is in the circular pattern (radial balance). 5.  Artist has created a motif that represents one’s cultural background.
  6. 6. Setting up the final paper...
  7. 7. Starting the Motif... Using the “Practice Motif Design” worksheet, create at least 2 different designs based on your culture/ ancestral background.
  8. 8. Repeating Design Once you have established your design, you will repeat it 12 times around the center point (radial balance). Draw in pencil first!
  9. 9. Outlining design with Sharpie Using a Black Ultra Fine Point Sharpie, outline your designs. Erase ALL pencil marks before painting!
  10. 10. Final Step - Painting Making sure you know the correct order of the colors, paint each design on your color wheel.
  11. 11. Final Project!