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YEi - Young Entrepreneurs Iniative


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This program, created end 2005 by the French Embassy in the US, aims at helping US based entrepreneurs to launch their innovative activity in France

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YEi - Young Entrepreneurs Iniative

  1. 1. Start your technology venture between the US and France Leverage transatlantic resources and partnerships
  2. 2. Why France ? Some facts : get rid of clichés Number of international ventures per Number of days required to set up destination in Europe (in 2005) a new company (in 2005) Data source: AFII - Doing Business Report 2006 (SFI, World Bank Group) Data source: AFII - Ernst and Young, 2006 % population (aged 20 to 29) with a university degree in science & technology (2004 or last publication) - quality of transportation network -support of ventures and innovation support and... -leading tourist destination in the world g Data source: AFII - Eurostat, 2005
  3. 3. Why France ? An increasingly favorable environment gy  The French startup support system p pp y  100 spin-offs/year  Strong public and private research with spin-off facilities  Montpellier Business and Innovation Center : Outstanding Incubator of the Year (NBIA – 2007)
  4. 4. Why France ? An increasingly favorable environment gy OSEO Competitiveness Clusters TEPA law Venture funds (private + CDC) tax i incentives i new Business- Angels “Pépinière / CEEI” Tax exemptions = incubator Start-up Competition -low cost facilities SME pact -free coaching free “Incubateur” - network = pre-incubator - loan TTO - facilities -financing - network -support - free coaching Startup cycle Feasibility & Prototyping incorporation & launching Maturity & development
  5. 5. Why France ? An increasingly favorable environment gy
  6. 6. Our focus • The starting up of technology ventures between the US and France/Europe F /E What ? • US based top scientists, engineers or managers... Who ? • Eager to internationalize at an early stage their vision and activities • Need for connections Why ?
  7. 7. Our mission Free and confidential mentoring, coaching and networking services coaching, • St 1 : W select the best projects (max 10 per year) tep We l t th b t j t ( ) • Step 2 : We coach them (from the US) on the feasibility of their project in France • Step 3 : We work to entrepreneurs requirements and project outline in France • Step 4 : We invite them to France and help them connect with strategic partners and resources  Building value, team and IP  Identify market strategy, partners & pilot customers in France/Europe  Funding partners (French & European public funding, Angels & VCs)  Work on personal/relocation issues
  8. 8. Chat with the Consulate Series – French Residence October 21,2008
  9. 9. Our key partners in France Technology Transfer and scientific expertise (IP building, scientific expertise- advice & partnerships,...) Institutional support and Entrepreneurship (coaching and access to business clusters, incubators, local network l t i b t l l t k et resources...) Funding Networks (VCs, Angels, public Funding, incubators...)
  10. 10. Our results A startup with qualitative and q antitati e results quantitative res lts A « young » and successful program - 2005 : 1st call - 2007 : housing in Campus MIT - 2008/09 : 5th call for p p / proposal 2010 : transfer of the program Projects Laureates Total candidates 140 • 48% LS, 39% IT , Laureates 36 • 38% MA, 28% CA, 10% NY success 11 • 62% feasibility, 38% development in progress 13 • 53% French natives Marketing and Communication Partners French/US 24 US Relays / associated 100+ Presse releases P l 20+ Mentors 12 Associated services providers 15
  11. 11. Testimonials “Our company was able to identify an engage with technology firms and R&D centers in France with expertise that can further accelerate our product development. We would not have been able to move so quickly without this active support” François Silvain/ Herve Pluche Founders StoreExperience - Laureates Yei2008 quot;The Young Entrepreneur Initiative is an amazing catalyst for businesses wanting to The create or expand their operations in France. The program brought us support in three different ways. (1) It provided us with an easy channel to connect with France and the right networks. (2) It helped us organizing a trip to France to identify the implantation region and partners. Finally (3) it helped us understanding the entrepreneurship environment i F t hi i t in France and i d improving our application to the i li ti t th Creation-Development French competition.quot; Thibaut Scolash/ Sebastien Payen Founders Fruition Sciences - Laureates Yei2008
  12. 12. Usefull Links • RETIS - network for innovation • AFIC – French Venture Capital Association • CURIE - network of TT offices • Competitivity Clusters • APCE - agency for business creation www apce com • AFII - Invest in France Agency • YEi -
  13. 13. Contact : Géraldine Quetin Project manager YEi Ph: 617 401 24 50 - yei mst@consulfrance-boston org Antoine Mynard Attaché for Science and Technology (Boston)