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Quest overview with quick tour


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Quest learning & assessment is a web-based tool for instructors and students of math & science.

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Quest overview with quick tour

  1. 2. What is Quest?
  2. 4. Quest at UT
  3. 5. Quest at UT Introduced Spring semester, 2008
  4. 6. Quest at UT Being used by Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Sciences, Astronomy & Stats
  5. 7. Quest at UT Winner of UT’s: “Most innovative instructional tool”
  6. 8. Quest Usage beyond UT
  7. 9. Quest Usage beyond UT
  8. 10. Quest Usage beyond UT
  9. 11. 30 million Student responses graded
  10. 12. For high school AP to university level students
  11. 13. Quick tour
  12. 14. <ul><li>My Courses view </li></ul>Course unique # is unique to your institution.
  13. 15. Set Grading Scheme Choose how assignments will be weighted and set your grading scale
  14. 16. Course assignments see how well the class understands concepts
  15. 17. Assignments contain questions that you choose from the knowledge base. Each assignment has a start date, due date and an optional date when solutions are viewable by students. Viewing an assignment
  16. 18. Publishing assignments
  17. 19. Step 1: Create an assignment
  18. 20. When setting due dates please keep in mind that Sunday morning (8am-12 CST) is reserved for system maintenance. Sharing assignments within a department is easy – choose any existing assignment to act as a template. Step 1: Create an assignment (cont.)
  19. 21. Preview each question before adding to your assignment. Step 2: Select questions
  20. 22. Preview the assignment before publishing. Step 3: Preview the assignment
  21. 23. Choose Publish to class to generate assignments for each student. Once you publish, you cannot add more questions to the assignment. Step 4: Publish
  22. 24. It may take several minutes to generate assignments for each student – check the status to see when its complete. Step 4: Publish status
  23. 25. New features Grades by subject area
  24. 26. New features Custom reviews
  25. 27. New features Grade analysis charts
  26. 28. For more info: