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How to Packet


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to Packet

  1. 1. This packet is due on:__________________________________Name: _________________ Date: _______________ CORE: ____________Many of Darth Tater’s field agents use gadgets to get their jobs done. Otherspossess useful skills and amazing abilities. The Tater Agency works closely withShirley Swirley and Gumby. One of Shirley’s agents, Buster Barker uses an in-credible gadget called the “Bone Phone.” A Tater detective asked DetectiveBarker, “Hey, can you explain to me how you use that Bone Phone? I tried touse it one day, and I couldn’t figure it out!” Buster Barker wrote out the instruc-tions for him. See anything wrong? How to Use the Famous Detective Bone Phone By Buster BarkerHow to use the bone phone. First, turn it on. Oh yeah, be sure to pick it uptoo. Thurd, talk into the mouth piece. Fourth, talk slow. Be shure to switchit off. And that’s how to use the bone phone.Why do you think Mr. Tater was not please with Buster’s writing? Make a listhere. Can you match any on Mr. Tater’s list?:1. _________________________ 6. _________________________2. _________________________ 7. _________________________3. _________________________ 8. _________________________4. _________________________ 9. _________________________5. _________________________ 10. _________________________* Look at Mr. Taters answers, next. Add them to yours!
  2. 2. How to Use the Incredible, Amazing Bone Phone By Buster Barker Although using my amazing Bone Phone might seem difficult at first,you can use it with ease by following my simple instructions. First, locate theBone Phone by loudly shouting the phrase, “Here little phone,” while standingin the center of any building. Once you hear a slightly irritating beepingnoise, you’ll know you’ve found it. Because the phone is shaped like a dogbone, you’ll have no trouble finding the little red button on one end which reads“Speak!” Lightly press the button, and bark the name of any dog or personinto the green end of the phone. Within seconds, this incredible device willsend a signal to that individuals brain, letting them know you’re wishing toconverse. You will quickly receive an answer to your call. After you hear thatfamiliar “”Ruh, roh,...Rello?” in your ear, be sure to speak slowly into the bonephone so that the recipient can process your complex message. And last, butnot least, when you’ve begun to fall asleep, you’ll know it’s time to end yourcall. At that time, close your eyes, politely say “Barkbye” and the phone willautomatically disconnect. Later on, be sure to store the Bone Phone away in asafe place, otherwise you might mistake it for a light snack.See the difference a little effort on Buster’s part made? How can youmake the same incredible improvement? Follow these steps:#1: Begin with a “How To” topic written in 1st person by your detective.Choose something you know your detective will know. Examples: 1. How to Sing like a…. 2. How to Carefully eat… 3. How to Fool your Master 4. How to Catch a ________ Thief 5. How to Rid Yourself of ___________ 6. How to Use the Famous ___________ Gadget 7. How to Drive the ______________ Mobile ***Or feel free to think of one yourself!!!Topic: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. #2. Next, Prewrite: Visualize your paragraph. You have probably used an outline, to prewrite. But thereare other strategies. One strategy you can use is drawing pic-tures. Pictures can help you to see or visualize the process.Below is an 8-step sequence. Do the following:1. Select your topic and write it on the lines.2. Roughly sketch pictures which would show the steps youd take to show how to complete your “topic.” 1.Topic =______________________________________ 2. 5. 4. 3. 6. 7. 8. Finished Product
  4. 4. #3: Using your topic and sequence pictures, write an introduction that introducesyour topic, without saying “How to” in the sentence. You will need to writeyour introduction or topic sentence on your own sheet of paper. Here aresome words to start your writing (many of them are verbs!):Although If When WheneverUsing Catching Fooling RiddingDriving Riding Singing SingingCool detectives Cookie Thieves Masters FleasExamples:1. Although using my amazing Bone Phone might seem difficult at first, you canuse it with ease by following my simple instructions2. If you’re trying to catch a cookie thief, you need the best method possible3. Ridding yourself of fleas is easy when you follow the Buster Barker way!4. Driving the Buster Barker Mobile involves my eight-step process.5. Whenever my master is causing problems for me, I always use these eightsteps to keep him off my tail6. Singing like a dog takes skill, practice, a great bark and several more impor-tant steps.7. Even though cookie thieves are masters of deception, we detectives can stillcatch them with their hands in the cookie jar.#4: Next, write a sentence for each of the pictures (8) you created in Step #2.These are the supporting sentences that tell everything in order. ADD ATRANSITION WORD from below or another you can think of.First To begin First of all One InitiallyTo Start One important A good One way As soon asSecond Another Also The secondAs a result At the same time Once you’ve The next bestAfter that Next Third Equally importantLater on Along with At that timeLast Finally Last, but not least In the endThe final step One final step When you’ve finished
  5. 5. #5: Next, write a CONCLUDING SENTENCE that leaves the audience withsomething to think about, not just “And that’s how to…”. In fact, you may notuse the words “how to” in this sentence, and your sentence must not sound likeyour first sentence in any wayExamples:1. Last, but not least, be sure to pat yourself on the back for unmasking the cookie thief, which happens to be your dad!2. When you’ve finished your song, you might just be elected the next American Dog Idol3. Finally, when you’ve rid yourself of fleas, be sure to roll in the dirt outside so you can repeat the entire process!4. One final recommendation is to make sure you hide the empty can of dog food under your master’s bed before he comes home!#6: Look at your rough draft. Check over all words. Are they spelled correctly,circle the ones you think might be misspelled or spell check them. Miss B willonly help you with words you request to have her spell.#7: Read aloud your rough draft copy to yourself and then to a friend. Does it: A. Sound smooth? B. Include transition words? C. Have no missing words? D. Sound interesting, with voice, emotion, and opinion? E. Have the voice of your detective? F. Is it written in the 1st person? (I, me, we)#8: Type your final draft in the library. Remember to give it a TITLE!#9: Read aloud your FINAL copy to yourself Does it: A. Sound smooth? B. Include transition words? C. Have no missing words? D. Sound interesting, with voice, emotion, and opinion? E. Have the voice of your detective? F. Is it written in the 1st person? (I, me, we) G. Have a proper heading? H. Have a title?#10. Raise your hand. Miss Bryant will give you final instructions.