History of Canada REVIEW


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Review for 6th grade SS class

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History of Canada REVIEW

  1. 1. Canadian HistoryThe French and the British
  2. 2. The French and the British• 1713 France and Britain sign peace treaty ▫ GB gets Hudson Bay Newfoundland, and part of Acadia ▫ French controlled lowlands south of Hudson Bay• Both countries wanted the Ohio River valley ▫ The French for the beavers (fur trading) ▫ The British for the land (settlement)
  3. 3. The French and the British• The Treaty of Paris ▫ Gave GB complete control over Canada• The Quebec Act ▫ Gave French people in Quebec the right to speak their own language, practice their own religion and follow their own customs
  4. 4. The French and the British• Loyalists ▫ American that did not want independence from GB ▫ After the war many moved to Canada• 2 colonies ▫ Quebec = French = Lower Canada ▫ Ontario = Loyalists/GB = Upper Canada
  5. 5. Canadian HistoryCanada Seeks Independence
  6. 6. British Rule• Both French and British Canadians, hated British rule ▫ Felt Britain was too far away• Louis Papineau ▫ French Canadian ▫ Organized a revolt, wanted to make Lower Canada a separate country• William McKenzie ▫ Organized a revolt in Upper Canada• British won both times, revolts were unsuccessful
  7. 7. A Peaceful Revolution• July 1, 1867 ▫ Britain accepts British North America Act ▫ Made Canada a dominion  Dominion = self governing area  Could elect own leaders in Canada  Control their own government  Britain still had some control (little, but some)
  8. 8. Yukon Territory• 1890s ▫ Gold & other minerals discovered ▫ Brought miners to the far NW ▫ Canada becoming rich and important
  9. 9. Canadian HistoryCanada Postwar to Present
  10. 10. The Growth of Industry• Industrialization strengthens Canada’s economy• 1969 ▫ Law passed making Canada a bilingual country ▫ Official languages = French & English• 1976 ▫ Some French Canadians do not want to be part of Canada  Argued independence for Quebec
  11. 11. A New Constitution• The British North American Act of 1867 ▫ Required GB to approve amendments to the Canadian Constitution• Canadians adopt new Constitution in 1982 ▫ No longer need GB to approve ▫ Canada becomes completely independent
  12. 12. Parliamentary System• Canada’s government is modeled on the British system• Constitutional Monarchy ▫ Constitution & British monarch• Parliamentary Democracy ▫ Two chambers: House of Commons and Senate
  13. 13. Commonwealth of Nations• Voluntary organization• Members are former British colonies• Purpose = cooperation ▫ Especially with trade and economics