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Query Home Press Deck


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QueryHome is a Knowledge Mangagement Solution with social networking features.

QueryHome has two models -
Public: StackOverflow beyond programming.
Enterprise: Your own in-house Quora/StackOverflow

Public: Queryhome provides Q&A/Blogging solution in a social mode and make knowledge sell-able. It provides rich analytics, clubs blog based on context to increase circulation, provides a platform to appreciate others work and provides self/user moderation community depending on the participation.

Enterprise: The and are half baked solutions for enterprises but is the only solution that fits in an enterprise of every industry vertical to manage and build in-house knowledge. helps reduce support for enterprises by engaging customers, re-sellers and support teams together in one platform to post problems, learn resolutions and share searchable knowledge.

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Query Home Press Deck

  1. 1. • StackOverflow beyond Programming • Quora for Enterprises
  2. 2. Overview We provide... We are valuable... We are different...
  3. 3. Team & Snapshot Founded in May 2013, Location: Bangalore, India Founding Team Salil Agarwal - MCA(BHU), MBA (IIM Bangalore) - Movik Networks, Newnet Tech, CCPU Network - 14 years industry experience - Founder, Product Management and Strategist Indra Maseed u - B. Tech, Bangalore, - Oracle, EMC2 , HCL - Founder GreenyTails (An Ecom Market Place) - 15 years industry experience - CoFounder and Sales Sanat Rao - M.S. Virginia, - Partner, M&A Advisor at iSPIRIT, Ex-Director at Intel Capital - Corporate development for Indian tech startups - Adivsor Advising Team
  4. 4. Statistics - Registered userson public domain. - Serving 3 verticalsi.e. Tech, Puzzlesand GK. - Visitsper month - Global web siterank - src ( - Growth rateper month 5000+ 0.3 Mn 10-15% < 100K - 5 Enterprisecustomer evaluationsCustomers
  5. 5. Technology
  7. 7. Product Overview (Public Version)
  8. 8. Product Overview (Ask)
  9. 9. Product Overview (Share-1)
  10. 10. Product Overview (Share-2)
  11. 11. Product Overview (Post Jobs)
  12. 12. Product Overview (Tags)
  13. 13. Product Overview (Tag Search)
  14. 14. Product Overview (Stackoverflow)
  15. 15. Product Overview (Similar Questions)
  16. 16. Product Overview (Top Scorers)
  17. 17. Product Overview (Recommends)
  19. 19. Market Potential - 1 For Public Domain: Source: Google Public Model Revenue Source Target Advertising Google Adwords Talent Hunt Paid Service Job posts Freemium T AM – USD 1 Bn
  20. 20. Market Potential - 2 Enterprise Model Revenue Source B2B and B2C SaaS or Binary Solution For Enterprise: T A M – USD 1 Bn
  21. 21. Financials Investment & Financials Business Model Raised Family & Friends Initial Fund of USD $25K - Public Domain * Ads * Talent Hunt - Enterprise Version Sales
  22. 22. Fund Requirements Raise Fund USD - $300K
  23. 23. Our Customers Knowledge communities for our customers - Powered by QUERYHOME software YTD YTD